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Steve Herschbach

Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt Deadline Approaching

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The Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt is rapidly approaching, March 29 at Jefferson, Texas. Details here. February 1st is the deadline to receive a free hunt T-shirt in your hunt package.

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    • By LuckyLundy
      We had a great club outing at Rye Patch, NV. I tell you the heat was on, fighting lite hangovers, extra full stomachs from the great foods and the open vastness of Rye Patch to find a nugget. Robin & I, finally got to meet "Doc" after years of phone conversations and many other new friends. Well enough of the mushy stuff...the hunt was fun and we all found some color. I've said it before and I will say it again! The SDC 2300 will put up a fantastic fight against his bigger brother the GPZ 7000. But my choice is the GPZ and my Wife Robin's is the SDC, the best of both worlds. I did a couple of test with both detectors. One of my tones with the GPZ is a guaranteed sound of a nugget. This was a hardly audible one but good enough to call Robin over with her SDC for a listen. Well she couldn't hear it, I had to kick the dirt down a couple of inches before she heard it and on the GPZ it was now a solid nugget tone. Now, I didn't reverse this test with the detectors. But in one tight spot, another partner pulled 5 nuggets out with his SDC and swiping it very slow with my GPZ, I could hear little nugget tones but could not get them in my hand...got tired of chasing them around. I told another fellow to hit that spot with his GoldBug 2 and he ended up with a smile on his face! Bottom line is, learn your detector they all will find what your looking for...I hunt for gold and here is our hunting parties pokes. Until the next hunt

    • By nvchris
      Ill keep sending out apps, but its likely the few spots are taken and this will be reserving your spot in the wait list Que..
      We have a few Western States Prospecting Association openings available.
      PM me with your email address and Ill send you information and an application.
      Were a limited membership capped at 100 paid members.
      Dues are a family membership for $135 a year, seniors pay $100 after the first year.
      The claims are proven to hold detectable gold with locations in 3 western states CA, NV and AZ.
      Like big gold?
      This one came from one of our NorCal claims!

      Chris Porter
      WSPA President 
    • By Sourdough Scott
      On Monday June 22nd. We have Ray Mills (TRINITYAU) Speaking at 6pm . He will be selling his new book. Thanks Ray.
    • By deathray
      If so, anyone going to the outing July16-20 at Frenchmans lake? If your not a member, its only $40, pay up and come join us. Theres usually a group of us adventurers that group together, yall probably know some of them (Don Robinson, couple others)and hike into some canyons or diggins. Ive actually found some of my biggest pieces on these trips. Hope to see/meet some of ya!Ray
    • By Sourdough Scott
      Next weekend on the Yuba River between Downieville and Sierra City. We are having a outing for Veterans to teach the basics of prospecting for gold. So an open invite to all Vets. Or if you know of anyone who would like to attend. Contact me.

    • By deathray
      Coulterville, CA 95311 Directions to this claim are as follows.....
      From Coulterville, drive up the mountain towards Yosemite on Hwy 132 to Greeley Hill 7 miles. Turn right on Holtzel Road, between the grocery store and hardware store. Follow Holtzel Road for 2.1 miles to Dog town Road, turn LEFT on Dog town Road and follow Dog town Road for two miles to the claim. Huge claim sign at the campground. The claim is where Dog town Road crosses the creek, about 1/2 mile from where the pavement ends.
      I look forward to seeing everyone there...Lets all have some fun!!!!
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