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Steve Herschbach

XP Orx For Gold Nugget Detecting?

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The iron volume thing in gold mode on the ORX is interesting AND opens up some possibilities with the ORX that I hadn't considered before.  Deus does not have a gold field mode iron volume setting.  It is pure vco pitch audio with visual TID with selectable Iron Audio Reject which tends to break up the pitch signal.  IAR is pretty much useless to me in highly mineralized ground because at depths beyond 4 inches or so, everything looks ferrous or mixed ferrous so the IAR just breaks up the pitch signal.  If IAR as implemented on the ORX simply breaks up the iron audio grunt somewhat, that makes it very useful as a "two-tone" pitch mode like I have used on the regular discrimination modes on Deus.  Going to have to give this a run on my next relic hunt.  Thanks for pointing that out.

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      Since early August, XP have started selling the ORX with the 9" and 11" X35 coils as a stock option for less than $700. The package deal comes with the wired back headphones. Some online dealers that have these in stock are selling this bundle for substantially less than the lowest advertised price or adding in incentives if you ask. Personally, I never enjoyed using the ORX wireless back phones. I have a really big head and those headphones hurt enough to distract me after about 45 minutes no matter what I did. If you are looking at an ORX and the great all purpose frequencies provided on the X35 coils now would be a good time to investigate these deals.
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      Gary Blackwell done another great video on the ORX In wet beach sand . The video is posted on the Skill School with all the others.
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      Like to hear from anyone who may have used it for coin hunting..
       Thanks ahead of time.
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