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What Name Would You Like For White’s New Detector Coming In 2019

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Do I know of anything coming out the doors of White’s Electronic for 2019 ? Well let’s just say that I know about as much as you do and at this point that’s nothing.

 It’s a fun thing to dream and I’ve long been a dreamer.

We have seen MX this and MX that but is this a good enough name for what’s on the way?

 Just maybe White’s will like one of the names we post here and it will be attached to this unknown detector.

 Even I got to put my thinking cap on for this .


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Ok I’m back !

 The name I pick is drum roll please 


Here is why I picked this 

MX Sport was 1

MX7 was 2

 This the third detector in line so that’s why the 3

D just stands for detector  

This detector has to offer something above anything before it . That’s why I pick INVADER .


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Only one problem - copyright/trademark violation?


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 I’m sure if White’s has a new detector coming out anytime soon they would already have a name picked.

 Here I am doing my best to keep your forum afloat and you just shot my dream down.

 So much for the bull. You have a great forum and that’s why I never sign off.


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I would go with anything that makes me think it will be truly MODERN.

Just don't  do what XP did and call it God (Deus) or ORX (makes me think of the Orcs in Lord of the Rings)!


Jeff (means touched and freed by God = Geoffrey!  hasn't worked for me.....)

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 I go by Chuck but my mother says she named me CHARLES .

 My wife told me one time what CHARLES means and it was not good. She said it means touch in the head .haha

  Best to you Jeff 


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Actually a fun topic Chuck. And I do appreciate your efforts! 👍 

I have a literal sort of mind. When my partner and I started selling mining and diving equipment in Alaska we called it Alaska Mining & Diving Supply. Creative, right? But simply saying the name was advertising, and we liked that. Nobody ever asked "what do you guys sell"?

Well, my first detector was a White's Coinmaster. I like that. Says what the game is. And my second detector was a Goldmaster. I like that name for the same reason. Then somehow some mix of three letters or numbers became sort of a standard.

White's already makes an Eclipse coil. I think it is time for an Eclipse detector, as in "Eclipses the competition"!

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From what it’s worth department after what was said about the word Invader I done a search. I came up with that word is used more than I got kids and grandkids. So with that said I don’t see a problem using it.

 I really don’t care what they name it . I just want it to smoke anything on the market now.


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