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1906 Barber Beauty With My 800

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Wow, that barber's in great shape.  I just found my first one about week ago and it's not nearly as nice as yours.  Congrats!

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Fantastic find.  I get a lot of enjoyment, when I see a Barber.  Over the years I've found several Barber dimes and only one quarter.  I'm very happy for you, it must have brought you much happiness.


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I think the Barbers are one of the prettiest designs minted. Nice work! I still have yet to find a Barber quarter. found lots of dimes and one half dollar barber that was in rough shape. 


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That is one beautiful Barber. Congrats!!!!

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Nice coin.

Myself,  I can’t seem to find anything lately but RAIN!!

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relicmeister --

Yep, a VERY nice Barber, indeed!



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  • Similar Content

    • By Mountain Mike
      We have all had the dream of huge silver appearing in the hole. In my dreams it was always a Morgan. Today it actually happened!!  I love my eTrac but left it in the Jeep. I wanted to get some more hours on the Nox 800. This was actually a backup location as there were to many people at my intended location. I got a sketchy high tone with the depth gauge pegged. I dug down about 9 inches and realized I had missed the target. After a scoop into the sidewall a huge silver lay in the bottom of the hole. The coin must have been on edge or very close. I stared at it saying "No Way!". I Also dug a silver Washington 3 ft. away. I have been over this area before with the eTrac and missed these coins. Truly a day to remember!

    • By George Kinsey
      Seated is fun to find.

    • By GB_Amateur
      Since I keep records of all my hunts I've gotten into the habit of summarizing the years' finds.  First the raw numbers (with 2017 numbers in parentheses):
      Hours in the field:  263.5 (228).
      Number of hunts:  80 (65).
      Common coin (clad, Memorial) face value:  $78.68 ($20.65).
      Different sites searched:  15 (11).  [Note:  6 of this years' sites were permissions compared to just 2 last year.]
      Pulltabs (all types):  382 (524).
      "Old" US coins (see photo):  22 (8).
      Wheat cents:  90 (61).
      By "old US coins" I mean any silver coin, Buffalo nickels or earlier, Indian Head cents or earlier.  About 2/3 of my old coin finds have already been reported on this website.  The photo (below) shows six silver dimes and six silver nickels ("Warnicks") for a total of 12 silvers.  Also shown is one V-nickel (next to the dimes), seven Buffies, and two Indian Heads (bottom row).  Also shown on the bottom row are a 1917 Canadian large cent, my first ever (and only, to date) dollar (modern 😢) and half dollar (clad 😢).

      The nickels are the big surprise since I hadn't found a Warnick since 1972(!) and back in the spring when a thread was begun (paraphrased) "what are you hoping to find first with your Equinox" I responded "my first ever Buffalo nickel".  As you can see I found seven, the first two without dates and then a run of five with dates.  None of the coins shown has any value over metal content (silver) or face (the rest) since they are all common dates.  My best Wheatie find of the year was a 1924-D which I reported on in detail earlier this year.
      Although I don't hunt jewelry as many do, I sometimes find some anyway.  My second photo shows my better jewelry finds and my best relic of the year, a Civil War cartridge box plate size and front face are quite similar to belt buckels but the backside is different.  (I wrote this up earlier in the year -- found on 4th of July!)  Just found the pocket watch on my last hunt of the year (Sunday 30 Dec).  It's in very bad shape as you can see.  I think it's gold plated -- you can see one very shiny spot.  Probably never was a valuable piece....  The only piece of jewerly which has more than a few dollars value is the amethyst crystal in the gold bezel.  Interestingly that is the only jewelry find my wife has ever wanted -- I happily gave it to her after I photo'ed it.  🙂
      So why the change in production (both clad coins and old coins)?  There are several small reasons but I think the big one is the use of an 11 inch coil (on the Equinox).  Another thing I wrote up previously is that I was 'forced' to use a coil larger than my previous habit of 5 inch to 6 inch diameter and I was able to cover a lot more ground as a result.

    • By The Seeker
      This particular find happened on July of this year. 
      I went out today for few hours just to kill time. I wasn’t expecting much so I was just taking my time digging targets. I was digging lots of thrash as usual along with some pennies. I was using the Equinox 800 and since I wasn’t finding much I started just jumping between park 1 and field 1. After a few hours I came across this iffy target that would jump all over the place with negative numbers and hit 20-21 once in a while. I’m like another penny, I guess I will dig it since it’s my last target. I dug it and I see this weird coin staring back at me. I grab it and I’m a little confused now cause it sure doesn’t look like a Penny at all. After a few seconds go by it finally clicks, OMG this a fracken gold coin. Now I’m shaking And trying to figure out what to do next. After a minute or two I figured I should put it on top of the detector to let it breath and take a picture. Well, here it is and I hope this isn’t a dream. Thank you for looking and remember to dig everything because you just never know.  I wish you all a Happy New Year.
      The last two pictures are after I finished cleaning it with water without any rubbing. The coin looks better in person but my camera phone can’t capture it good.
       I found the coin in a public place where construction was being done. A lot of old dirt was pulled and spread out, about the size of a football field and 12”+ in depth.  A few of us hunted this site for a couple of weeks till they took most of the dirt back and cover the rest with clean dirt. I will make another post later with my othe finds from there.  Happy New Year to all.

    • By mn90403
      It has been a few weeks since I went out on a gold trip.  Today was the day and the weather was ideal.  I went to a location I've been to many times before and people are still getting little pickers out of the area, but not me!
      My tool of choice was the 6" Equinox set on Gold 1 or Gold 2. It was set up for the hunt.  I'm always amazed by the size of stuff this combination will find.  None of it was very deep.  I know GB2s, Monsters, 7000s, 2300s and others have been over these slopes but there is still trash.  There are pellets, half pellets, split, shavings, etc, etc.

      Do you see any gold there? (The dime was found with my eyes at a parking area!)  I don't either.  I tried 3 different places with a combination of open and raked slopes and tailing piles.  Nada, so it was time to do something else after 5 hours.
      On the way back to Los Angeles there was an old train stop.  We've been there before and gotten coins.  The coins I got were buffalo nickels and wheat pennies.  The last 3 times I stopped there I didn't find any but I had more time today.  Let me see.
      I put the 6" coin into Park 1 and Park 2 and began the search.  I've been here with the 6" coil before.  I'd also been there with the 3030 6" coil.  I think I have 10 coins from the area.  I went back over the areas where I had found the most and about 20 minutes into the search I got a coin signal among all the can slaw.  Out pops the wheat.  It's a 1945, I can read that even without my glasses.  Now I expand my search area a bit but still on the little slop that has held the coins in greatest quantity.
      I have enough confidence in this coil/detector combo now to not use all metal.  That is just too noisy in some places like this.  I'm about 20 on sensitivity and everything else is factory on Park 2.  I'm hearing another penny sound so I scrape away at the surface and the signal is still there so I take the little hand pick and loosen the area and pull it out of the hole.  It's only about 4 inches deep but I get the target.
      I see the shape is a coin ... the numbers aren't a dime but I think maybe ... then I look and I can't see the wheat ... wait ... I've gotten these from coin hunt tokens ... IT'S AN INDIAN!  This is my first Indian from the field.  It is a 1905.  It's not in very good shape but I think I'll keep it.  The 6" coil didn't get me any gold but did get an old Indian.  What a detector.

    • By strick
      It's been well over 4 months since I have picked up a metal detector. A house remodel and some landscaping has kept me away from the treasure fields unfortunately.  When my buddy Merton called and said he wanted to go on a hunt all I could think of was that I needed to get the house finished before I went goofing around with a metal detector.   Reluctantly I told myself that I probably could  use a break and so I invited him to come on down. Merton, being the thoughtful guy he is called a couple days before our designated date and gave me the option of cancelling but I told him to come down and lets go for a hunt!  I was starting to look forward to it as we always have fun treasure hunting together. 
      I had already decided we were going to the spot where I found the old antique gold ring this past May. I had yet to revisit this spot.  https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/6528-needle-in-a-haystack/  
      This area is on private property and has a small  area of mining activity. It's not on any map.  It's a tough area for the nugget hunter,  the dozen or so pieces of gold that I have found here are small and few and far between. To make matters worse the area is loaded with lead from #9 bird shot to old 50 Cal plus round balls.  For now I've pretty much written it off for gold hunting and would rather be a lazy relic hunter there instead. Up till now I had never found a old silver US coin there despite having made 7-8 visits to the area.  A few old Chinese coins, a couple powder flasks, some gun parts and the surprise gold ring form the last hunt were enough to lure me back. 
      As the saying goes "if you don't use it you loose it"  And I  had forgotten how to operate the equinox 800. The night before our hunt I broke out the owners manual that I had printed out (my wife made a nice binder for me) and brushed up on how to work the machine. I went outside and played around in the yard a bit with the detector. I'd even forgot how to noise cancel and was beginning to have doubts thinking I was wasting my time.  Saturday found us in the foot hills on a bright sunny morning  surrounded by herd of 75 very hungry cattle. I told Merton I was going to go on a walk about starting where I had found the gold ring and I'd catch up with him later. Merton with his XP Deus headed for whats left of some old chimneys down in a  flat close to some tailing piles.  I decided to keep things simple with the equinox so I put it in park 1, 5 tones, ground tracking, recovery speed 5 and Fe 1. The ground here is very noisy  and it took me a while before I got back into the hang of things knowing which targets to dig and which to ignore. After about an hour of detecting I had it down and was building confidence. 
      About two or three hours had gone by when I caught up with Merton. Neither of us had found anything really good. The place is not a very target rich environment for the relic hunter. We went back to the truck for a beer and some lunch. After lunch I told Merton that I was going to go up on the hill above the main camp and workings since neither of us had hunted it very hard before. This is where things start to get interesting. I had been gridding the hillside for about an hour or two when I came across a rare high tone. Kinda scratchy...but repeatable. A couple swings of the pick and out pops a seated silver dime in excellent condition. Immediately I call for Merton who is about a hundred yards below me and show him the coin still in the hole. I tell him to start working this area with me. Merton is a very polite detectorist  and  using good etiquette he heads up hill a little ways from me as to not encroach upon my new spot. Maybe another 20 minutes or so goes by and I'm about 20 yards or less from where I found the seated dime and I get a mid tone on the Equinox..14-15 and repeatable. Thinking it's just another shot gun cap or lead ball I dig a little dirt out with the pick....my Garret carrot says the target is an inch or two behind and to the right of where I originally thought it was. Using the Lesche I start digging out the area and out pops this little gold shiny thing. I could only see part of it but it had a serrated edge and I immediately knew what it was even though I had never dug one before!  Gasping and jumping backwards all I could do was call out for Merton to get over here! he could tell by my excitement  that It was something good....he's smiling as he walks down..... "What did you get a half dollar?" I shake my head no...."Silver dollar?" again I shake my head no....."A GOLD COIN?"  all I was capable of was looking up and smiling as I was still speechless. As I went down to reach for it and Merton says "CAREFUL DON'T RUB IT!"  There was  a lot of congratulatory  back slapping,  high fives  etc... then without touching the coin I said I got to go to the truck and get my phone so I can take some pictures.      
      The coin is in excellent condition (1853 2.5 dollar) which is hard to believe since it's been in the ground for well over a hundred years. Here are the pictures so you can see what we seen.  We went back the day after and then hit another spot a couple days after that. We managed another Seated and a few other trinkets. I'm back to working on my house again and Merton is out at sea. But I'm looking forward to our next hunt together. What a great hobby.