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Steve Herschbach

How Nokta/Makro Is Winning Over Customers

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Good business strategy to cultivate that kind of reputation. I'm feeling friendly toward Makro,¬† even though I didn't do that well with the Racer 2 ūüôā

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      White's Electronics full line color catalog for 2018
      Download Here

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I am adding various documents to the Downloads Area of the website including various Keene catalogs and soon parts diagrams, etc. I just added the 2018 catalog and July 2018 price list. Note that materials prices have been going up a lot, and so there may be a price increase in 2019. But for now this is the official retail pricing.
      Keene 2018 full color catalog
      Keene July 2018 price list

    • By Glenn in CO
      Interesting and how is Tesoro involved?
      Quote from T. Dankowski Forum
      Hi this is Bill Gallagher, a writer of lost treasure articles under 6 or 7 different names since 2013, I had many cover shots, 8 or 10, and sometimes 3 different articles in a magazine at once....I had no notice by Lee Harris or Carla concerning the closure of the magazine and they stiffed me for four or five of my articles at the end and will not answer my emails....I think they are involved in identity theft where certain people were subbed for me when it came time for sponsorship, and it is and insider deal. They will be getting paperwork for small claims from me, and maybe a lawsuit if I can get a few of the others involved to talk about this. The Tesoro closure is all a part of this. You can read 75 or so of my past asrticles reprinted by permission here :


      I will be adding another 50 or so, and the use of multiple names is detailed at that blog.
      Link to thread:
    • By Steve Herschbach
      White's Electronics is having their fall Garage Sale that features some deep discounts on select products. There is one deal in particular that nugget hunters may want to be aware of.
      The White's Sierra Gold Trac was a Jimmy Sierra limited edition product not carried by regular White's dealers. They were only sold by a few west coast dealers and White's themselves never really promoted the machine. That makes them a rare item, and with Jimmy now having left the scene it looks like White's wants to liquidate the remaining units.
      I only bring this all up because the SGT is basically a stripped down White's GMT with only two control knobs - on/off/gain and threshold. That's it. the detector runs at 48 khz and is locked full time into ground tracking mode. There is no discrimination. Just a hot on tiny gold all metal detector. Nothing to get too excited about normally but at $289 brand new with a 2 year warranty this might make a decent inexpensive nugget detector for somebody.
      I will have to do up a product page on these for historical purposes since there is so little information on them.
      On Sale at White's Website
      Review by Mike Hillis

      White's Electronics Sierra Gold Trac Metal Detector
      All Metal Operation: Hear all metal targets.
      Auto Trac: Iron mineral interference from soil and rocks is tuned out automatically.
      Only Two Controls; Gain & Threshold: Threshold adjusts the background hum. The Gain control adjusts for maximum sensitivity in your conditions.
      48 kHz Frequency.
      Waterproof 6x10" inch Elliptical DD Search coil.
      Slide-In 12 Volt AA Battery Holder: 25-40 hours of hunting. (varies depending if you're using headphones or the external speaker)
      Approximately 3.5 lbs with batteries: The SGT is light weight and well balanced for all-day hunting.
      Can be used with any Goldmaster Series (48 kHz - 50 kHz) Search Coils.
      Optional Accessories (Sold Separately): NiCad Rechargeable Battery System
      Two Year Transferable Warranty
      MSRP 599.95 normally discounted to $499.95.
      White's Sierra Gold Trac Owner's Guide
    • By Steve Herschbach
      International Sportsman Show
      Date: 16 Jan 2019. - 20 Jan 2019  Venue: CalExpo, 1600 Exposition, Sacramento, California 95815 Venue Website: https://www.sportsexpos.com/ Come visit Minelab, in partnership with American Mining Supply, at the International Sportsman Show to see the full Minelab product range.
      1600 Exposition
      Sacramento, CA 95815
      Thu... 11:00 AM -  8:00 PM
      Fri..... 11:00 AM -  8:00 PM
      Sat.... 10:00 AM -  7:00 PM
      Sun... 10:00 AM -  5:00 PM
      Adult Admission - $16.00
      Active Military & Youth 15 & under - FREE!
      Veterans: Visit Vettix.org for a pass (limited quantity)
      No Pets
      No Weapons, Firearms or Ammunition
      Cal Expo Parking: $10 per vehicle
      About International Sportsman Show
      A generation old, California's largest outdoor  expo keeps growing! 600+ exhibiting companies fill five buildings plus outside space with gear, local and worldwide destinations, plus a dozen free theaters and demo areas. Fishing, hunting, offroading, boating, RVing, camping, kayaking--it's all here to see, try and, if you want, buy, too! Don't miss this giant, once-a-year opportunity to expand Your Life Outdoors !
    • By Brian Berkhahn
      Just an FYI, Keene will have another price increase the end of this month.. 3-5% across everything.