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calabash digger

Seated Dime Kinda Day..

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In 1970 I was hunting a Fair Grounds that had stop having a Fair about 1945 . Here was this big bush and all I could do was just push the coil under it . After making a trip around that bush I came out with 5 seated dimes in great condition.

 Oh thanks for another great video.


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I always enjoy looking at your Civil War era finds, we do get some over here in Australia due to the influx of gold miners from the US - have found just a single Indian Head and an early 1800's Eagle buckle to date (with the Deus of course).

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    • By 2Valen
      On Thursday I went to search for more coins in a local park and in just 15 minutes I came across this Indian Head penny.
      I would like to know the best way to clean this coin so I may have it placed in a frame and hang it on a wall.
      This is the oldest coin that I have found to date, and it even beat out a 1924 dime that I found within 15 feet of where I found this penny.
      It had a lot of mud on it when I dug it up so I ran some water on it and found the date.
      This penny was wedged between 2 roots standing on edge and about 8 inches down. I had a ID number of 19 in one direction and a 20 in another direction so I decided to dig it up.
      I used the settings that another member showed me a week earlier when we met in Casey, IL. and I am sorry for not knowing the settings off the top of my head to put them in here.
      Please if someone knows a way to clean this up I would greatly appreciate your knowledge.
      I guess I am starting to get the hang of this Equinox 800 and I can only hope that this is just the beginning of a long and wonderful relationship of metal detecting.

    • By rod-pa
      in the nasty clay prevalent in so much of the ground around where I detect....copper coins don't usually come out looking too great.  Sunday I got out to a new permission very near my house that  I have been trying to locate the owner for almost 2 years and just made contact 2 weeks ago.  The grass is crazy high (2-3 ft), so detecting was limited to areas under the trees and bushes.  Still managed what is probably my best grade Indian Head.  It still needs some more dirt picked out, but taking my time with this one.
      Going to ask permission to take my mower over there if I get time to go again.
      Happy Hunting!

    • By GKman
      Hello Folks Today I went back to the spot I had dug the 1857 Seated Half Dime at lunchtime yesterday. I wasn't expecting much but decided to further test drive the different Equinox settings to see if I could get anything else from the site. At this site I frequently walk away with nothing in my pouch and so I didn't have very high expectations for today either, especially after yesterdays find. Eventually I came upon a decent deep signal and out popped a wheat cent. A wheat cent is nothing to write home about for me and I frequently joke about reburying them and Indians Head cents until they grow up in to Large Cents. Sort of Catch and Release for Detecting. But, anyhow I was impressed with the depth of the coin. I worked my way back to the Seated site, but there was a Looky Loo nearby, so I didn't recheck that exact area as much as I would have liked. I then started working my way back to my vehicle and got a decent signal. Now this signal, at this site, is almost always a bottle cap, but something about it, partially curiosity and the proximity to the Seated coin made me decide to dig it up. One barely shovelful and  out popped a holed 1779 One Reale. Amazing. I have only dug one other 1/2 Reale at this site so I don't know who is looking down at me these past couple of days, but Thank You! Video just as I recovered the Reale https://youtu.be/aBf0pLbxpzs   HH

    • By GKman
      Hello Folks
      I got out at lunchtime today and recovered a nice 1857 Half Dime. It was deep but was still giving a decent enough signal to dig it...
      I was testing different settings today. Park 1 ,50 Tone, Recovery Speed 3 and, Iron bias of 2. 
      Here is the thing. I hunt this large site a lot. Like five days a week, about fifty minutes each session(lunchtime) and sometimes on the weekends for longer. I have never dug a half dime at this site and silver hasn't appeared in a long, long time but I find a lot of Indians so I keep going since it's so conveniently located. That's the facts. Was it just chance, or better optimized settings... If I find another silver, or even a couple good other targets in one hunt in the near future I will be more of a believer in these settings..
      Oh, this is also a very trashy site. But I still find myself able to pick through it all very well with the fifteen incher...

      Here is a quick Youtube video I recorded just as I was recovering it... https://youtu.be/S1UmHKLydfQ


    • By Cal_Cobra
      I haven't been getting out nearly as much as I'd like to, but I did get to hit an old hammered spot in Alameda when I had some business there and managed to dig these.  I was happy with it considering last few times with other machines I was lucky to get a single wheat cent.  For some odd reason silver war nickles from this site always have a crust over them, it comes off with a toothpick, it's odd never had that occurrence elsewhere:

      These next pictures are the better coins I dug from a little scrape project.  Some really nice finds have come from it, including gold rush era buckles and seateds, but it's been mostly mercs for me - lol

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Most of us have seen gold coins and a lucky few have even unearthed one.  But have you seen a US gold coin that was found with a detector, like this one?
      Only 34,500 minted.  Yes it is a really great condition 1856-S Indian Princess $3 US Gold Piece.
      Jared T. in WY can now proudly join the Gold Coin Club.  And he is certainly happy with his choice of the Equinox 800 fitted with the small 6" coil for trashy sites.

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