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Fisher Impulse AQ (formerly Aqua Manta) Pulse Induction Metal Detector

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Thanks for the explanation , Steve.  The only pulse I ever owned was a few decades ago, the Garrett XL200.  

It ignored all bad ground, but then it was not a deep machine.  I did find a bunch of gold rings with it though.

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Hi, it's the war of marks, lol but it's not a problem the level of performance and separation gold / iron reaches such a level, that it is worth all the bulletproof vests  :)

The Aqua Manta has finally arrived in the form of the new Fisher Impulse AQ. The Manta has been officially named the Fisher Impulse AQ, a development that happened later in this very thread. It has al

Hi I see that there is a lot of questions I will not answer all / confidentiality clause oblige .. some precision all the same the cable outlet on the coil is not an aesthetic fantasy ..

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On 2/1/2019 at 2:42 AM, Steve Herschbach said:

The GP Extreme timings are not set up for salt though an anti-interference coil (salt coil) can help. The GPX series added Salt Mode. See Minelab GPX Timings

I used to run a GP extreme on the beach. If I was away from powerlines I'd use a DD in Mono and Sensitive, and if that moaned a bit I'd go to Salt mode. Worked well. When near power lines or other interference, just run in Cancel. The GPX4500 was better, and I could run a Mono coil due to having other goodies like adjustable motion speed and Rx Gain, but you could never actually ground balance on the wet sand. The GPX5000 in Salt Gold is the first PI that will work perfectly with a mono coil on the wet sand. Just wish it was waterproof ?

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Good news, sounds like we will see it before the end of the year. It’s the only detector I have much interest in at the moment but if it is a beach only detector I may pass. I just need something to replace my now departed Garrett ATX. Loved that machine, but manufacturers either get the ergonomics right or I am passing from now on. Surely Fisher can offer me something better than a TDI Beachunter? Fingers crossed!

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Steve did you see the new MDT-8000 hybrid detector Dankowski was involved with that was just released?

I was on the sign up list to get one of the first ones, but I talked myself out of it because I just don't beach hunt that often and I don't think I need anything like it for relic hunting sites.  Still, seems to be slaying it at the beach.

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Here’s the text from the Russian website = via Google translate  - One note = his point 3. Below - the adjustment he is referring to is with the “Iron Mask” contort.  This sets the level of the iron ID/silence function.

Fisher Impulse AQ - a new pulse metal detector with metal discrimination! (New 2019, first photos!) BY DETECTORIST · 03/12/2019 

Yes, friends, it happened! Fisher Lab has announced its new product - the Fisher Impulse AQ metal detector! A fundamentally new development and, it seems, a revolutionary device in the world of metal detectors.  It was not possible to test much of the novelty, it was hidden at the Fisher Lab stand at IWA Outdoors 2019. Fishers do not like to shout much, but this is what I found out: 

1. The novelty is a pulse device, but with discrimination of ferrous metal and gold. Designed specifically to find gold jewelry and small gold chains and earrings. Since this is a pulse device, it will work without problems on any beaches. 

2. So far, the metal detector is at the final tests stage, the appearance and some characteristics may change. 

3. The metal detector has several search modes - you can shift the detection of the conductivity of metals, for example: you can move the detection towards poorly conducted metals (fine gold) and at the same time eliminate highly conductive targets (large coins of silver and copper), and vice versa - look for large targets and cut off weakly conductive.  

4. Tonality: in the “all metals” mode - one tone, then there is the “2 tones” mode and the “mute” mode.  

5. The device is assembled from high-strength components, it can be seen through the cable thickness, and through a capacious battery, along the coil connector (the largest connector of all seen!) The metal detector is waterproof up to 1 meter - work up to your neck and lift gold just right. 

6. Unusual and mounting the coil to the rod, also a novelty, not seen before. 

7. Battery life up to 10 hours. You can connect a larger battery and increase the operating time up to 20 hours. 

8. Yes, there is no screen on the device. And why is the screen needed? All the necessary settings are there - volume, threshold tone, iron mask, saturation mode. You can change modes, check the battery level, cut off the noise. 

9. Pulse devices have always had a problem - no discrimination. Now the problem is solved and this means that you can walk in all places as if not knocked out. 

10. Price. In the region of 2100-2500 US dollars. New technologies cost money, yes, but they also bring an advantage over all other metal detectors.

11. Soon there will be models for searching for gold nuggets, as well as for searching for coins and relics.  

12. To the touch the weight is about 1.6-1.8 kg, the balancing is not bad, the device does not pull towards the coil.  My first testing showed that the trash and other targets cut off the sound with a bang, and the gold ring on the finger is very beautiful and pleasant in all positions of the ring! Such a signal is not to be confused with anything.  Well, the first tests will show, the first impression is very pleasant and interesting, waiting for more news!  Video on the metal detector will be very soon, wait! 


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This looks like a very innovated detector for a pulse unit when you examine the feature set. 

  • Pulse delay starts at 7 and runs up to 12.    (A pulse delay of 7 is a feat right there)
  • Iron Mask   
  • Noise cancel
  • SAT settings
  • Sensitivity (Coil Voltage)
  • All Metal mode
  • Tone ID mode
  • Mute mode (silence a tone )

Looks like something to pursue to me.   

What would you add for inland use?   

  • A progressive mute mode tied to the iron mask setting to give a mineral vs metal break point?    
  • Choice of mute mode selection.  Tie it to the pulse delay selection.  7 -10 mute high conductors.  11, mute hole (medium conductors) 11 - 12 mute low conductors.

Any ideas????





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Mike, you correctly identified the issues.

On the AQ, the combination of Iron Mask and SAT, govern where the iron silence/ID kick in.  It has been announced previously that the AQ has no wide range GB control to eliminate the kind of extreme mineralization found in many gold nugget hunting enviornments.

How an eventual inland version would handle more extremes ferrous mineralization is not known outside the development team.

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19 hours ago, Cal_Cobra said:

Steve did you see the new MDT-8000 hybrid detector Dankowski was involved with that was just released?

I was on the sign up list to get one of the first ones, but I talked myself out of it because I just don't beach hunt that often and I don't think I need anything like it for relic hunting sites.  Still, seems to be slaying it at the beach.

Yeah, I have followed it closely. I set up a reviews page about it back in December...

There are multiple threads about the Tarsacci on the Metal Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum including this one. Goldbrick also reported here.



Impulse AQ - I like it. Referential to the old Fisher Impulse. If the machine is even remotely as pictured I will probably get one. It may not be designed for dry land use in extreme ground but there is plenty of ground in Nevada that is relatively mild but which does have a lot of alkali salt in the ground, maybe a few hot rocks. If nothing else it looks like a killer Lake Tahoe detector.

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  • Similar Content

    • By cdv
      Approximately  3 hour hunt (one battery), about 2 hours in the water in the Gulf. Water was almost flat with a slight current, bottom was rippled. This particular beach doesn't get many tourists and is somewhat out of the way, I didn't expect a lot of targets.
      Since I still have loads to learn on the machine, I didn't spend a whole lot of time with any specific setting as I was trying to see what adjustments did what. Hunted in all metal the entire hunt.  I found you really need to hunt slow to avoid any rising threshold due to swinging into deeper water. Sensitivity adjustments and delay adjustments helped. The machine was more than useable in the water with the exception of the coil connector when it enters/exits the water. Odd thing on that was I thought I was shallow enough but the connector sticks out a good ways.....
      The tent stakes, sinker, and bottle caps were from the wet sand. The few other targets were from the water waist to chest deep. The dime seemed to be the deepest target at about 3 scoops deep give or take. There was no mistaking the ring as a target, it wasn't a whisper at all.....got it with the second scoop.
      Pinpointing the target prior to digging was easier with the 12" coil then I had thought it would be.
      Balance on this machine is really good for wet/dry hunting, however, it did take a few adjustments to my typical hunting style to have good coil control in the water, it does show you how "bad" your normal coil control may be....
      You sure don't have to worry about when the battery is getting low, it lets you know when it is time to change batteries or go home!
      All in all, I'm liking this machine so far....

    • By jimpugh
      Getting ready to ramp up......what’s better than a AQ...... hmmmmm ....Two AQ’s
      Happy Trails

    • By schoolofhardNox
      Got a chance to try the AQ on the wet slopes at one of my beaches. I spent most of the day waiting for a low tide so I could see how the AQ performed for me. This beach is generally protected, so the beach does not get ripped up very often from storms. The first part of the day was using my GPX for the dry sand. Late afternoon I spent 2 ¾ hours on the wet slope with the AQ. I ran mute exclusively with 7.5us. It ran very stable with almost no end of sweep falsing. Really nice and smooth. I am still learning, so I dug everything I heard (and even a couple of nulls) which ended up being a quarter and a toy car. The hair pins and long thin wires all gave a double beep, I will be passing on digging them from now on. I will probably live with digging the bottle caps as there are not as many on the wet slopes as there are on the dry sand. I did find 2 rings and was hoping for gold but stainless 316 and aluminum is all I could muster up. They did come in very strong and were in the 10-12” range. All in all, I am happy with the performance of the AQ and I am sure when I get some hours under my belt, I will be more confident in what to dig. I rarely give up on digging a target once I start, but I had to leave a nice deep small target. The water was filling up the hole and the sides caved in so many times that I gave up on it. This area of the beach has a layer of fine sand followed by a layer or small pebble and shell. The next layer has larger rocks locked together tightly. A small target was located somewhere in that last layer. Using the edge of the coil vertically as a pin pointer on the AQ works excellent. What does not work at all is Garrett's pin pointer in water. Even balancing it to the water does not help. I think if I had a better pin pointer, I would have located that target. Also, I am really liking the ease of using the AQ. It does not take you long to get used to how it works or how it sounds. I think it will work well for my type of beach hunting.

    • By Tmox
      This could happen to you!!
      Long slow romantic walk on the beach this morning. Almost 3 hours in it's time to change the battery. I take the battery off the detector to make the swap and look at it and holy cow the thing is bulbous!
      I suspect this is what happens when you don't practice safe charging.
      I was just thinking about the recent threads on the beautiful batteries OBN is making and thinking I don't need to get one, I've got two perfectly good batteries. I'm going to rethink that. HELP OBN!

    • By Tmox
      This is my "field expedient" really low budget Connector Protector. My original plan was to simple add a piece of 3/4" pvc to the end of the shaft to protect that frail looking little connector in case a fall. That done I thought if I add a 90* elbow and a "tee" them it sorta kinda protects the battery also.
      If you decide to try this, the only little trick is the 3/4" pvc doesn't quite fit over the end of the detector shaft. You need to make sure the black end cap that has the connector is flush (may require a tiny bit of sanding). you need to heat your piece of 3/4" pvc with a heat gun and when it is soft slip it over the end and let it cool. It will be a very tight slip fit. You are good to go.
      Up next my pregnant battery.
    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Got in 4 hours Tuesday AM, started out with rough water but by 11 am things were calming down. Took me about 30 minutes of messing with the controls before I got it to run stable and under control, then I slowly adjusted the setting as the water calmed. Started out with the settings ....delay 11.5 (15) Sensitivity 6, ATS 8, All metal , volume I ran high the whole time with the threshold just audible.. ( The settings that really seem to calm the AQ in rough water is the delay and ATS ) And by end of day I cut the delay down to 11, sensitivity 4, ATS 6, all metal, volume 9, and threshold 4/5 just audible.  It was purring like a kitten. Dug a lot of nickels, no silver coins, one nickel / silver ring (my first marked that) and one 1.5 gram 10k..
      This spot I have passed thru with the excalibur a few times of late, I've yet to find targets the way the AQ does. Shallow targets here are trash so I keep on walking on those..I only dig faints here...and the ring was maybe 12/14 inch's? The AQ loves the small gold rings.  
      First time out this year with the drysuit, It was 60 degrees with winds early am. I hate being cold...Plus on one of the other forums some one posted about some flesh eat bacteria and I had cuts on me from working in the yard Monday so best to be safe. All worked out good and glad I went that route.
      Video of..........cam has been on the blink of late, I think the problem is moisture inside of the Go Pro. As you can tell by the frosty video. I checked to see if i got the gold ring on video, it did, then I stopped the recording..... then it would not restart. Once home I checked and it started to work again. I just dropped it in a bag of rice to see if that will draw some of the moisture out.

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