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Steve Herschbach

Fisher Impulse AQ (formerly Aqua Manta) Pulse Induction Metal Detector

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Thanks for the explanation , Steve.  The only pulse I ever owned was a few decades ago, the Garrett XL200.  

It ignored all bad ground, but then it was not a deep machine.  I did find a bunch of gold rings with it though.

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On 2/1/2019 at 2:42 AM, Steve Herschbach said:

The GP Extreme timings are not set up for salt though an anti-interference coil (salt coil) can help. The GPX series added Salt Mode. See Minelab GPX Timings

I used to run a GP extreme on the beach. If I was away from powerlines I'd use a DD in Mono and Sensitive, and if that moaned a bit I'd go to Salt mode. Worked well. When near power lines or other interference, just run in Cancel. The GPX4500 was better, and I could run a Mono coil due to having other goodies like adjustable motion speed and Rx Gain, but you could never actually ground balance on the wet sand. The GPX5000 in Salt Gold is the first PI that will work perfectly with a mono coil on the wet sand. Just wish it was waterproof ?

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Good news, sounds like we will see it before the end of the year. It’s the only detector I have much interest in at the moment but if it is a beach only detector I may pass. I just need something to replace my now departed Garrett ATX. Loved that machine, but manufacturers either get the ergonomics right or I am passing from now on. Surely Fisher can offer me something better than a TDI Beachunter? Fingers crossed!

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Steve did you see the new MDT-8000 hybrid detector Dankowski was involved with that was just released?

I was on the sign up list to get one of the first ones, but I talked myself out of it because I just don't beach hunt that often and I don't think I need anything like it for relic hunting sites.  Still, seems to be slaying it at the beach.

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Here’s the text from the Russian website = via Google translate  - One note = his point 3. Below - the adjustment he is referring to is with the “Iron Mask” contort.  This sets the level of the iron ID/silence function.

Fisher Impulse AQ - a new pulse metal detector with metal discrimination! (New 2019, first photos!) BY DETECTORIST · 03/12/2019 

Yes, friends, it happened! Fisher Lab has announced its new product - the Fisher Impulse AQ metal detector! A fundamentally new development and, it seems, a revolutionary device in the world of metal detectors.  It was not possible to test much of the novelty, it was hidden at the Fisher Lab stand at IWA Outdoors 2019. Fishers do not like to shout much, but this is what I found out: 

1. The novelty is a pulse device, but with discrimination of ferrous metal and gold. Designed specifically to find gold jewelry and small gold chains and earrings. Since this is a pulse device, it will work without problems on any beaches. 

2. So far, the metal detector is at the final tests stage, the appearance and some characteristics may change. 

3. The metal detector has several search modes - you can shift the detection of the conductivity of metals, for example: you can move the detection towards poorly conducted metals (fine gold) and at the same time eliminate highly conductive targets (large coins of silver and copper), and vice versa - look for large targets and cut off weakly conductive.  

4. Tonality: in the “all metals” mode - one tone, then there is the “2 tones” mode and the “mute” mode.  

5. The device is assembled from high-strength components, it can be seen through the cable thickness, and through a capacious battery, along the coil connector (the largest connector of all seen!) The metal detector is waterproof up to 1 meter - work up to your neck and lift gold just right. 

6. Unusual and mounting the coil to the rod, also a novelty, not seen before. 

7. Battery life up to 10 hours. You can connect a larger battery and increase the operating time up to 20 hours. 

8. Yes, there is no screen on the device. And why is the screen needed? All the necessary settings are there - volume, threshold tone, iron mask, saturation mode. You can change modes, check the battery level, cut off the noise. 

9. Pulse devices have always had a problem - no discrimination. Now the problem is solved and this means that you can walk in all places as if not knocked out. 

10. Price. In the region of 2100-2500 US dollars. New technologies cost money, yes, but they also bring an advantage over all other metal detectors.

11. Soon there will be models for searching for gold nuggets, as well as for searching for coins and relics.  

12. To the touch the weight is about 1.6-1.8 kg, the balancing is not bad, the device does not pull towards the coil.  My first testing showed that the trash and other targets cut off the sound with a bang, and the gold ring on the finger is very beautiful and pleasant in all positions of the ring! Such a signal is not to be confused with anything.  Well, the first tests will show, the first impression is very pleasant and interesting, waiting for more news!  Video on the metal detector will be very soon, wait! 


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This looks like a very innovated detector for a pulse unit when you examine the feature set. 

  • Pulse delay starts at 7 and runs up to 12.    (A pulse delay of 7 is a feat right there)
  • Iron Mask   
  • Noise cancel
  • SAT settings
  • Sensitivity (Coil Voltage)
  • All Metal mode
  • Tone ID mode
  • Mute mode (silence a tone )

Looks like something to pursue to me.   

What would you add for inland use?   

  • A progressive mute mode tied to the iron mask setting to give a mineral vs metal break point?    
  • Choice of mute mode selection.  Tie it to the pulse delay selection.  7 -10 mute high conductors.  11, mute hole (medium conductors) 11 - 12 mute low conductors.

Any ideas????





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Mike, you correctly identified the issues.

On the AQ, the combination of Iron Mask and SAT, govern where the iron silence/ID kick in.  It has been announced previously that the AQ has no wide range GB control to eliminate the kind of extreme mineralization found in many gold nugget hunting enviornments.

How an eventual inland version would handle more extremes ferrous mineralization is not known outside the development team.

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19 hours ago, Cal_Cobra said:

Steve did you see the new MDT-8000 hybrid detector Dankowski was involved with that was just released?

I was on the sign up list to get one of the first ones, but I talked myself out of it because I just don't beach hunt that often and I don't think I need anything like it for relic hunting sites.  Still, seems to be slaying it at the beach.

Yeah, I have followed it closely. I set up a reviews page about it back in December...

There are multiple threads about the Tarsacci on the Metal Detector Advice & Comparisons Forum including this one. Goldbrick also reported here.



Impulse AQ - I like it. Referential to the old Fisher Impulse. If the machine is even remotely as pictured I will probably get one. It may not be designed for dry land use in extreme ground but there is plenty of ground in Nevada that is relatively mild but which does have a lot of alkali salt in the ground, maybe a few hot rocks. If nothing else it looks like a killer Lake Tahoe detector.

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  • Similar Content

    • By Steve Herschbach
      I will be using my Impulse with the battery end well out of the water while shallow wading or on the beach, etc. I wanted to get away from wired phones and save the waterproof phones for when I actually need to submerge the machine. No sense putting any more wear and tear on the cable than I need to.
      So I found a source of relatively inexpensive M8 pigtails and cables, AutomationDirect. Never ordered from them before, but it was easy and cables arrived in two days. I got two pigtails for the headphone 5-pin connector, one straight, and one 90 degree. And I ordered a couple longer 4-pin cables for the power connection, to work with a high capacity power pack I have on order. More on that later when it arrives.
      I decided to use the 90 degree cable to make an adapter for my new TaoTronics transmitter/receiver box so I can use my Minelab phones, which I like, with all my detectors. There is also a less expensive transmitter only version.
      M8 5 pin 90 degree pigtail

      I dug through my pile of adapters and found a spare mono 1/8" extension cable and cut it off, saving the female end for this project. The TaoTronics comes with a RCA to 1/8” female cable that would also probably work for this. I hooked up the 90 degree cable and powered up the Impulse. I randomly hooked up the two wires from the 1/8" socket to the five while having some stereo earbuds plugged in, and found that the brown and gray wires gave me audio in both ears. According to the chart below brown is #1 and gray is #5. I wanted to make very sure there was audio in both ears using the mono socket but with stereo phones plugged in, so good to go there.
      I cut the cable down short, spliced and covered with shrink tube, and wrapped a little electrical tape on to add some beef. Not pretty but it will work - a typical Herschbach job. I bent the cable under the armrest, and added a stick on square of Velcro to back of the TaoTronics transmitter and the leg stand. I'll add more squares to my other detectors so I can move this transmitter around to whatever I am using. A little tie wrap secures things.
      Fired it up, paired easily with my Equinox 800 headphones, better audio than the Fisher phones, and frankly the Equinox phones are not the best in that regard. Cheap, super easy... I'm quite pleased with this. I can of course use 1/8" type wired phones or ear buds if I want. I'll make another adapter with the straight connector but go to 1/4" with it, so I can use my Sun Ray Pro Gold headphones without an extra adapter. I'll probably make that cable a little longer than this one, which I wanted as short as possible.
      If you got the TaoTronics transmitter only box for $20 and this cable for $8.50... well, this is pretty cheap and easy, and will work with a huge number of headphone options.
      Ironically my new Tarsacci MDT 8000 comes with am M8 to 1/8" adapter with one little problem. Fisher uses a 4-pin connector for the power/headphone combo cable, but then for some reason they use a 5-pin M8 for the headphone only connector. The MDT 8000 headphone adapter is of course 4-pin. I swear they must all have secret meetings to make sure nothing from one detector ever works with another. 
      Click or double click photo for high res version.

      AutomationDirect M8 Cable Specs pdf

    • By The Seeker
      I have no idea where to start since most of the things I saw have been said already. I have done only two hunts so far.  My first hunt was 2.5 hrs and my second one (today) was about 3.5hrs.

      Every new detector I get I start from scratch like a new detectorist and just learn it as I go. My first hunt was not good at all since I dug a lot of iron and less than a dollar in coinage. My settings were all metal, ats 0 , sensitivity 8-9, volume/threshold 4. With these settings I was digging anything I heard in the wet and the holes I was making were just too deep so when the 1st battery died I followed suit and called it quits. While swinging I noticed I was getting quite a bit of noise/falsing and I don’t know if it was because I was running it hot.
      My hunt today was a little better and I managed to pull some decent targets. Setting this time were all metal, ats 2, sensitivity 7, volume/threshold 4. The AQ ran way better, no falsing unless I was running parallel to the water on a slope. Even with the falsing running parallel I managed to hear the small yellow ring and the big gray tungsten.  The yellow ring was quite deep too. 
      Today’s hunt I wasn’t 100% into it due to the beach closures going on in Socal.  I read online that the beach I went to was supposed to be open today but when I got there it said it was closed. I drove a long way to get there so I wasn’t going to drive back without giving it a try. Luckily during my time there nobody came by to kick me out.  There were a handful of people at the beach so that helped some I guess. I am very pleased with the performance/outcome and I’m sure with a little practice things will only get better. 
      The pictures below are from all the targets I recovered today. The fishing lure was an eyeball find. HH

    • By Steve Herschbach
      We know you have an AQ Clive... you posted that you did on Facebook.  Any early thoughts or observations? Likes or dislikes? Inquiring minds want to know! And yes, we are hoping for a book ASAP.

      I received my AQ 1-1/2 weeks ago and have been out with it twice so far, my first hunt was last week Sunday for a combined 5.5 hours between 2 batteries (I purchased an extra battery).  I hunted at a beach where I detected the previous weekend with my TDI BH so didn't expect much as far as finds but just wanted to get a feel for the new detector, I hunted in the water from shoreline to chest deep with the AQ in all metal mode and presets on the rest of the knobs except for the pulse delay which I tried out from 7 - 11.5.  Running with the pulse delay at 7 was a bit noisy especially when swinging the coil away from the shoreline into deeper water but was actually quite stable with minimal falsing on the return swing toward shore, increasing the pulse delay resulted in as expected less falsing/chatter, I ended up at 10 microseconds.  I was able to find a bit of change, fishing lead, tent spikes and a stainless steel ring I estimate was dug in the 10" range.
      My second hunt was yesterday in Waikiki in the bigger of the 2 ponds for those familiar with Waikiki, again strictly in the water and in all metal mode but was able to run the pulse delay at the marked preset 8 with minimal falsing, found some change, pull tabs and a titanium ring.  My battery lasted 2 hours 40 minutes which was 10 minutes longer than its first run last weekend, I opted not to swap batteries to hunt longer as the tide was really coming up and ended up calling it a day.  As mentioned I also detect with a TDI BH and find the AQ to be very similar so far in performance and audio but again have only 8 hours of detecting time with the AQ water hunting, I have yet to try any dry/wet sand hunting and modes other than all metal.  In the pic are the SS and titanium rings, hopefully some precious metals are right around the corner.:)       
      Physical observations - The AQ seems well built quality wise and feels well balanced, I find it easy to swing in the water even with its 12" coil.  I'm 6'1"  tall and am okay so far with the stock rod length fully extended - I can see where hunting the wet/dry sand a longer rod would give a wider swath while hunting.  Others have mentioned the arm strap being short, the strap that came with my AQ seems fine too me.  I also secured the headphone cable to the top of the detector shaft with a small Velcro strap as a strain relief as suggested by OBN and others.               

    • By cudamark
      Tried a dry sand hunt today with the Impulse AQ. Being the 4th of July, the beaches were PACKED! Started with plan A, went to plan B, but, ultimately ended up with plan F. Ended up on a bay beach where in the past, I've found a little jewelry, a few older (40's up) coins, and LOTS of trash. This is definitely one of the trashiest beaches in my area. I'm not sure the name of this beach, or it it even has one, but, I call it "Nail and Nugget Beach" for the slew of nails and melted aluminum can "nuggets" that are all over the place. Probably not a great place to try out a new PI machine, but, one of the few places I could get to today and actually find parking. I tried hunting in all metal, but, that lasted maybe two minutes when the realization of the site hit my ears. In all metal, I wouldn't leave a 10 foot square area. Ok, tone then. Not much better, but, a little. Time for some testing. I brought with me some of the iron junk I had found on my first adventure with the AQ. On the surface, I could actually get the discrimination to work pretty good on rusty nails if I put the reject control to at least 8. It would sometimes work at 7, but, 8 seemed pretty consistent. That was with the ATS at the preset. I also tried the ATS at both ends of it's range, but, it didn't seem to make any difference, so, I kept it at 8 for the first hour or so. Well, it did I.D. some iron, but, not all for sure. It seemed the wetter the sand, the better the discriminator worked, but, it wasn't anywhere near 100% accurate. 50% at best, and that was just real rusty nails. No way could I find a setting that would keep me from digging bottle caps or hair pins. I ran ATS and Reject from one extreme to the other and everywhere in between and couldn't find anywhere it would give any hint of a low tone. Both those items rang loud and clear with a high tone regardless of depth.....and some were very deep. I then settled on putting the reject knob on 10 to maybe help with them and the iron. Hunting around the fire rings was impossible. Just too many targets ringing in your ears. I dug a lot of low tone and mixed tone targets just to get a feel for what the machine was telling me. Most of the time it was telling me there was a good target there, but, alas, most of the time, it lied. Lots of false positives, but, I didn't get any false negatives. If it said it was bad, (or at least had a low tone in there somewhere), nothing good came out of the sand. Good targets, if you can call them that, sounded good, with no iron low tone mixed in. These were the 4 nickels I found, along with the butter knife and other "normal" items in that range. This includes the foil, slaw, and pull tabs too, unfortunately. Too many times the iron sounded just as good though. I also ran the sensitivity up and down in my testing, and found it affected the depth quite a bit, but, not the discrimination, which I expected. So far, this machine IMO is a great beep and dig machine if you need depth. If you're looking for good discrimination, forget it. It's not nearly reliable enough in my book, at least, not yet. I'll give it many more outings at various beaches before I come to any firm conclusions. I plan on hitting another beach at a minus tide early tomorrow morning at a beach that's a whole lot cleaner, so, we'll see. This outing lasted 2 hours and 45 minutes before the battery died. At least that's headed in the right direction from the 2 1/2 hour episode the first time out. Here's the take for the day.

    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      Out with the AQ Thursday 3 hours....... Skipping shallows and digging faints only at this location seems to be the best way to control the amount of trash. The one big piece of iron I did dig was shallow... The Buffalo, (191?) was as deep as I've dug in the place for anything, I would say in the 20 inch range.... It sure likes Nickels...And remember I hunt in All metal only..never switched over to mute this time..straight PI hunt only........... Gold ring is small, just under 2 grams 14k , 3 scoops deep..maybe in the 13 /14 inch range.. Ring never really gave a good solid hit so maybe it was on it's side? 10 gold with the AQ,  9 rings and 1 misc..Can't wait till fall hits and the NW winds kick in...☠️
      Side note, This is the beach I'm so confident about the AQ being the best I had invited anyone that want to meet, over on the other forum. So far no local takers but did get a few from a distant that wanted to give it a go. Anyone is welcome.......... A very tough spot, Been hammered for years by just about ever machine made. Been dredged, mined, and Has High Power lines about 100 yards away. And if you noticed in the video I'm wearing a drysuit with dry gloves, during the summer. Water quality is not the best either so playing it safe. Merritt Park in Baltimore Maryland..Still waiting for the Cygnus invite challenge also...nothing yet. Let me know, the door is open..
      Second set of pictures are from the batteries I'm working on..should have something working mid July, still waiting on a few detail things. The main thing is battery life and fix the connector issues.
      I really could do a much better battery setup if I were to change the shaft to a carbon fiber then mold a carbon fiber battery pack into the rear like the MDT...

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