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calabash digger

2 Confederate Button Kindsa Day...

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Very nice!

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    • By Bash
      Definitely copper, and in pretty good shape.  About 5 inches down, showed strong 24 -26 in all sweep directions. Nox 800.  Pretty stoked!

    • By kac
      Was over a lower section that is all fields and first find was the large cent, looks like a drape and of course rough shape being old copper. Musket ball was a pretty cool find and the skeleton key which are my favorites.
      I included my trash so you guys don't thing I'm some sort of elitist and only find good stuff hehe.

    • By calabash digger
      Killed it at the camp. 2 FATTIES , 2 FLYING EAGLE, AND 2 SEATED DIMES. 

    • By Bash
      Did a quick stint at the park this morning and found a Battle of Verdun coin/medallion dated 1916.  As you can see from the pics I nicked it with the digging tool. 🤮
      I'd like some advice on how to avoid this in the future.  I know part of it is just experience, but there must be some techniques or mechanics that will help to mitigate this.  I've included an image of a better conditioned coin too.  Found a bunch of clad coins along with this.  The Vanquish is a sweet little detector.  Won't replace my Nox 800, but it is really fun to use!  I think I will get the bigger coil for it...

    • By Bash
      Thought I’d give a quick update and some photos of the (good) stuff I’ve found so far.  I have a little over 40 hours of metal detecting on the Equinox 800. This is the entirety of my metal detecting experience!  Thanks to everyone on the forum who has helped guide me.
      I haven’t included the junk in these photos, but trust me, there is a fair amount!  There seems to be less junk dug the more hours I put in though.
      So far I have found:
      Two clad quarters
      Five silver dimes (A Barber, three Mercs, and a Roosevelt)
      Seven clad dimes
      Seven Nickels (A V!, two Buffalos, and four Jeffersons)
      Fifteen Wheat Pennies (Ranging from 1919 to 1957)
      An old Chinese Coin
      Two enameled pieces (Either broaches or buttons)
      A Catholic medallion depicting Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and The Sacred Heart of Jesus
      A token from an old pool hall
      A creepy cool stamped metal doll head!  Just found this morning at a local park not three blocks from the house! Found the face first, and the back of the head a little deeper.
      Most of this was found in parking strips in a Helena, MT neighborhood, Except for the doll head…
      Still looking for that $5 gold piece!

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