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Follow The Paystreak! Auburn 1986

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Interesting History ? Great Engineering! Enjoy! Ig


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    • By idahogold
      Cheers! IG , Pssssst.... I won't Tell if You Don't  
      Amazing amount of Dirt Moved 
    • By TAZMAN1972
      Went up to the Plumas National Forest yesterday.  My buddy has a very cool Ford military jeep.  The thing goes anywhere and we needed it to get where we went.  We found 2 small hardrock mines.  Both were collapsed.  One must have been large enough for rail and mine carts because I found a narrow gauge rail spike.  Also found some rock drills/chisels and the sledge hammer head that was used with them hidden under a ledge of a very large boulder.  There was so much ferrous trash that I didn't even turn on the 7000 all day.  I used my Whites GMT and just looked for large ferrous targets and small non-ferrous.  Not sure what the loop is for but it looks hand forges along with what looks like a hand forged door handle?  The curved parts are SQ like a sq nail and they are bent over in opposite directions.  I thought is was a door handle because it has shoulders that look like they were meant to only allow it to be hammered in part way.  Then the two "nails" were bent over like a door nail.  "As dead as a doornail"?  That's my guess.  It was an awesome day, 72 degrees F and sunny, no breakdowns with the jeep and some cool finds!
      Any one else have a guess about the doorhandle or the "loop"? 

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