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Mike Hillis

For Sale Gold Bug Dp For Sale, Also Some Accessory Coils

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Hi All,

Selling my Fisher Gold Bug DP. The Gold Bug DP is the Gold Bug Pro with the 11" GoldBug DD coil instead of the normal 5" coil.
Excellent condition with original manual and box.

I'll take $335 shipped.


I also have three used DD accessory coils I can add to make a package deal for $535 

If I sold the coils by themselves I'd ask....

12x13" DD NEL Tornado - very good condition. $99
5x10" DD NEL Sharpshooter - well used with some marks on the cable. $75 
5" DD Fisher seldom used. $99


You can can choose an extra coil or two to go with it and we can talk price.

I'll hold the package option open for a while before listing the coils separately.

Sorry, no trades. 

USPS Money Order or Paypal.







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That's a good buy for someone, a great selection of coils too, Got it all covered there. 

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