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    • By phrunt
      Retiree 'overcome with emotion' after 2kg gold nugget find in Australia
      A prospector has dug up a massive gold nugget near Ballarat in central Victoria. A pensioner was overcome with emotion after unearthing a two-kilogram golden nugget in Australia.
      The massive nugget was dug up on the outskirts of Ballarat, a former gold rush town in Victoria.
      A local prospector store which sells gold mining equipment said the finder was "overcome with emotion" when he present the nugget to store workers.
      The explorer who found the big bounty was a retiree who wished to remain anonymous.
        Gold Ballarat/ Screenshot from Facebook What a find. A pensioner was overcome with emotion after uncovering this large lump of gold. Gold Ballarat posted on Facebook saying that for the explorer, "his lifetime dream had come true".
      "The retired Pensioner was overcome wth emotion! when he presented the "Nugget" to us in store," the Facebook post read.
      The nugget weighed in at just under 2kg, and had an estimated value of $140,000.
      Mark Day of Gold Ballarat told Nine News that the finder had already received offers of $160,000 for the nugget.
      "I've been in this business for 25 years and this is the biggest find we have seen by one of our customers – that they've told me about anyway," he said.
      Gold Ballarat/ Screenshot from Facebook   One Australian pensioner has hit the jackpot after finding a gold nugget worth more than $140,000. Day said the man's detector went off when he had been searching in old pastureland.
      At first he unearthed a lead bullet, but his detector kept "insisting" there was something further down.
      About a metre deep, he found his golden treasure.
      Collectors were reportedly lining up to buy the nugget, which was set to fetch a premium because of its size and shape, Day told Nine News.
      ps... you missed that one Mitchel
    • By GB_Amateur
      ...valuable treasure found, and certainly appropriate for today's date!
    • By snakejim
      This story is of a friend of mine, "Bob Ellithorpe" an equipment operator in Colorado. The rock is on display in the Denver Museum of Natural History and I have personally seen it on display!
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      I like their success stories page.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
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