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calabash digger

Day 1 2cent Kinda Day..

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I would love to find a two or three cents piece!

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    • By Bash
      After a bit of a drought of finding cool coins with the Equinox, I found another V nickel detecting in the neighbors parking strip in between thunderstorms.  It was pretty worn and pitted, and not of any numismatic value, so I cleaned it up a bit.

    • By Againstmywill
      I went to a local rec center today for 1 1/2 hours. The soccer fields were closed due to chemical sprays, so I decide to hunt around the other areas I haven't hit before. On the big field I generally find very little, so I assume it really gets pounded. I still had the 11" coil on the Equinox from beach detecting, so it felt like an Exacto knife rather than the sword-like 15". 
      Right off the bat I started hitting quarters. It seemed like I couldn't take 10 steps without hitting another. My initial goal was to search for signals in the 5-13 range. I couldn't do that due to the overwhelming amount of change in the ground. Not complaining, just amazed at how much was in the ground there. Although 42 quarters came out of the ground, I left a good amount behind so I can take my friend who is just getting into detecting. He will have a blast if his knees can handle it.
      I bet I covered about 10% of the ground so far. I left close to 20 dimes in the ground just because my legs were feeling it, I was being selective, and Florida's state bird was starting to suck my blood. I was using Park 1, ground balanced, 13 sensitivity (lots of interference initially), all metal, and 7 recovery.

    • By GB_Amateur
      I tend not to get too excited, especially before I go out for a hunt.  This morning I was reviewing some of my recent sites with https://www.historicaerials.com when I stumbled upon some magic words on an older USGS topo -- "Drive-in Theater".  If that doesn't get your detecting mouth salivating then you're not a coin hunter.  Stay tuned.
      Update:  Officer Murphy (the one the law was named after) pulled me over as I was getting ready to head down the driveway.  The garage door cable came off the pully and in the process of fixing that I've messed up even more....  Detecting adventure is going to have to wait.  Hopefully I get time tomorrow because they're predicting iffy weather for the next three days after that.
      Update 2:  Garage door fixed, but too late to get in much detecting as I had evening plans.  But I did have time to scout out the spot.  Good news is that it's public property and thus accessible.  However, I think I'm going to need to be discrete as some might object to me hunting this spot, even though I can freely walk into and out of it (not having to climb fences).  I don't know exactly when the Drive-In closed.  I think it opened in 1955 and was closed before turn-of-21st Century, so ballpark 40 years in operation.  Unfortunately where the cars parked has been reworked (with fill) but the projector building location and hopefully concession stand and kiddie playground wasn't, at least it looks overgrown unlike the rest of the area.  Now, have others detected there?  Maybe back in the 90's but I suspect that in the last 20 years it's either been forgotten about or completely unknown to modern detectorists.  Even if it's been hunted, my experience is they usually leave a few crumbs for me!  I haven't decided when I'll go there, as I think it's going to be best for me to pick my spots when I won't be noticed, or at least if noticed, not hassled -- early mornings and late evenings during the long daylight months (I guess that includes now).  I will report what I find, especially if that includes pre-1965 coins.  There appears to have been about 10-15 year window when silver was in circulation there.  I'm optimistic.
    • By Bash
      Did a quick stint at the park this morning and found a Battle of Verdun coin/medallion dated 1916.  As you can see from the pics I nicked it with the digging tool. 🤮
      I'd like some advice on how to avoid this in the future.  I know part of it is just experience, but there must be some techniques or mechanics that will help to mitigate this.  I've included an image of a better conditioned coin too.  Found a bunch of clad coins along with this.  The Vanquish is a sweet little detector.  Won't replace my Nox 800, but it is really fun to use!  I think I will get the bigger coil for it...

    • By phrunt
      I am hoping someone with a First Texas detector like the Gold Bug Pro or any of it's variants, even the T2 or F75 who owns a British 925 silver Florin could give me it's target ID.

      It's the only British silver coin type I've never found that was NZ currency.
      At the moment I know the Equinox ID of it which is 31/32 (Thanks to PimentoUK) and as I've found a British silver 925 Shillings which read as 29/30 on the Equinox and on the Gold Bug Pro and T2 they read as 86 so I estimate it will be 88 based off that.  If anyone could verify this for me that'd be great.  From what I've seen First Texas units with Target ID seem to use the same numbers so any First Texas Target ID may help.
      I like to take a cheat sheet with me into the field with the coils I'm hunting's ID's so I can make dig decisions on solid targets.  I guess I should just dig all those high conductors but I'd like my list to be complete.
      Obviously if anyone has a list of First Texas Target ID's for British coins I'd like it 🙂
    • By Bash
      Thought I’d give a quick update and some photos of the (good) stuff I’ve found so far.  I have a little over 40 hours of metal detecting on the Equinox 800. This is the entirety of my metal detecting experience!  Thanks to everyone on the forum who has helped guide me.
      I haven’t included the junk in these photos, but trust me, there is a fair amount!  There seems to be less junk dug the more hours I put in though.
      So far I have found:
      Two clad quarters
      Five silver dimes (A Barber, three Mercs, and a Roosevelt)
      Seven clad dimes
      Seven Nickels (A V!, two Buffalos, and four Jeffersons)
      Fifteen Wheat Pennies (Ranging from 1919 to 1957)
      An old Chinese Coin
      Two enameled pieces (Either broaches or buttons)
      A Catholic medallion depicting Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and The Sacred Heart of Jesus
      A token from an old pool hall
      A creepy cool stamped metal doll head!  Just found this morning at a local park not three blocks from the house! Found the face first, and the back of the head a little deeper.
      Most of this was found in parking strips in a Helena, MT neighborhood, Except for the doll head…
      Still looking for that $5 gold piece!

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