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    • By phoenix
      Most of my finds pale into insignificance compared to some of the great gold that is displayed on this forum, but it is what it is.         I got out for a couple of hours yesterday and got this piece about 10 mins after I got there, then nothing.  The good thing about this spot is there is not a great deal in the way of rubbish, so I`m going to spend a bit more time there and hope a few more pieces pop up.     Dave

    • By phrunt
      KiwiJW, Mrs JW and I went on a bit of an unusual mission over the weekend. The NZ Minelab dealer contacted me last week saying he has a mission should I choose to accept it,  He knew someone who bought a nice house with a gold mine as it's backyard, she wanted to know if there was still gold to be found on it as she would buy a detector for a bit of fun.  She wasn't overly serious about making anything out of it, just liked the idea of knowing if gold was there as it would be a novelty to send visitors out with a detector.   She said we could keep anything we find if we managed to find anything, I was hoping for an old Chinese coin.
      JW had been to the area before although I don't think he had great success but with this being a private property gold mine that was quite well hidden perhaps nobody had hit it before.  Not to mention it was completely covered in scrub, over the past two years since buying it she had been clearing it only leaving the good stuff, amazing job for one very determined woman. 
      The Chinese miners planted out a range of plum trees, tobacco plants, briar rose for their tea and who knows what else.  They also planted these cool little plants they used for toilet paper, it's a shame I didn't get a photo of one.  Nice big soft thick cushy furry leaves, probably better than real toilet paper.  It was tempting to test some out.
      John brought his Caravan along, all the comforts of home

      We were able to park it up right next to the Gold mine. Coffees ready to roll.
      The mine was huge, daunting to work out where to start so I relied more on JW as he has much more of an idea about this sort of thing, so we jumped on our VLF's, JW on his Monster and me on the Nox.  I left the 11" coil on to give me more ground coverage in such a massive area.  JW manned up and used the 5" GM coil, not daunted at all 🙂

      It just keep going and going and going, imagine having that as your backyard.  I'd love it.
      We tried and tried to find gold, but nothing.... JW found an old penny, but promptly lost it again
      It was old sluiced workings and there was still a lot of the old equipment laying around, pipes and bits of the sluice gun.  The main part of the gun looked to be a feature in her town now.
      We went for dinner at the local pub that night with the lady that owns the mine and her neighbours who were very interested in trying to find gold.  Mrs JW fired up the Jukebox, in turn JW shook his booty to the tunes which the entire pub couldn't help but notice much to my and Mr's JW's amusement.

      When it was time to leave we went up and paid the bill and the publican asked where we were from and turns out he lived near me for 30 or so years and moved up to that area to run a trommel and a couple of diggers.  He did quite well but messed up with paperwork so had to end the mining so he bought the pub instead.  He informed us the area only had tiny flour gold so our detectors were useless.  JW already suspected this.

      I really thought we'd get something so armed with our new information JW decided it's time to go back to basics to avoid a skunk.

      She had a pond with a cool little hut in the gold mine too, turns out the hut also came from my town, she got it delivered. Very weird set of circumstances.
      JW tried a few pans, no luck, then he tried out some of the dirt rabbits left after digging their holes, and what do you know, he got gold!

      He got 1 tiny little flake 🙂

      The water was near freezing! He tackled another pan of rabbit hole soil and got another couple of bits then handed over the pan to me, I got 5 bits on my first pan of rabbit dirt, then another few bits on my second pan, including a big one.......... for this location.
      We called it quits and did a tour of the local area and it's mining history and found this old mini bucket dredge.

      Then a snow storm started to kick in so we made our way home, weekend over.... an enjoyable experience and I learnt quite a bit.
    • By phoenix
      That speci I got a couple of weeks ago, I dropped it in Ali Brite about 5 days ago and it came up pretty good.   After it was cleaned the SG came down a fraction, it now sg`s at 2.082 grams gold 🙂

    • By phoenix
      About 3 or 4 years ago I ran a post about a specimen I got at Tarnagulla at about 6" with pretty well no visible gold, and the sg for quartz said there was maybe 1½ ozs of gold in it, but because there was rock other than quartz, I really don`t know how much gold there actually is.      At the time, I dropped it in acid and then promptly forgot about it till I came across it today.  😲               The main body of it is about half the size it started and there is now gold and gravel in the bottom of the jar.       I`ve taken this photo of the biggest bit remaining, renewed the acid and dropped it back in.         I wont forget it again (I hope).
      Sorry Mitchel, back to the dime   🙂

    • By geof_junk
      I have been scanning 35 mm Slides and came across a guy now resting closer to the gold. He was a real gentle man.   He put a stop to my dredging when he let my wife wear his smaller 16 oz necklace. If I remember right that is a 30 plus oz in his hand. The third photo is my collection of coarse gold I dredged that year.

    • By AllenJ
      Finally got the skunk of the Gold Monster!  All small stuff but I've been in such a drought this year I'm happy to detect any gold at all at this point.  The stuff on the right side of the pan is my oldest son's, he was using his Gold Bug II.  He turned over a boulder and found 19 pieces under it.

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