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Garrett ATX Coil Mount Modification

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After using a GPX 4500 for a few years I was reading and watching videos of the new Garrett ATX. I was most impressed by how quiet it was dealing with hot rocks. I ordered one from Arizona Outback and received it in a couple of days. I always get excellent service from them. Through the holidays practicing in the yard and a quick trip to a gold location I noticed something didn't feel right. Thoughts came to me like maybe i should have kept my 4500. The ATX handled the hot basalt cobbles and boulders a lot better than my 4500, but the coil was awkward getting around and in between them. After getting home reading some posts on here about using a garrett 5"x 10" infinium DD coil on the ATX, I ordered one. Next came how to mount it. I wanted to use the same rod so i had to come up with a way to have a quick release so i could use both coils. After some engineering problems, I have modified my ATX. So if i want to go back to the stock coil all i have to do is undo the coil quick disconnect then connect the other coil. The last thing that i did was sew a control box cover to protect it. The weight is another issue I'll work out before i head up to Randsburg area next weekend.


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Guest Paul (Ca)

Nice work Dain,

You're going to enjoy this DD, you may never go back to the stock coil for land hunting.

Good job, thanks for sharing.

Paul (CA)

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Dain ditches a GPX 4500 for an ATX --

If Garrett would stuff the guts of the ATX in a light land only shell and sell it for $1500 with the Infinium coil - they would have the US PI gold detector market at their feet. Who REALLY can justify a $5000 detector for hobby gold hunting?

I'm sure there are some folks whose expertise, experience and dedication can land them multi-ounces of gold and need the world's best gold detector to do it with. For the rest however, something else makes more sense.

Steve has said that a VLF detector is probably the answer for most of the non-pro crowd. That arguement has logic and merit. However, there has never been a really simple to use PI detector which offers "turn on and go" capability for North America. The Whites TDI machines were one attempt, but I suspect that too many knobs got in the way for many folks.

Garret could turn out this machine by summer if they got their ****s in gear but their failure to make a land version of the Infinium for all these years makes me doubt that they will catch this wave.

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That is a gutsy move replacing a GPX with an ATX. I could not do it. That said there is not much my GPX will find that my ATX will not also find.

There was not much need for a land version of the Infinium because it can be chest or hip mounted. The number of people attempting to mod the ATX is proof a different design is a must. People want it to be lighter and they want the ability to easily swap coils. The ATX is in its own way is the best PI circuit I have ever run. It deserves a dry land version and I agree such a detector would serve many people very well.

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