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    • By AussieDigs
      Hi Guys n Gals.
      I’ve never ran a detector but very much looking forward to it. I live in the Nth East of Victoria Australia with access to what was some of the richest gold fields. I have no idea as to what the ground is like but it would be a fair guess that it would be at least reasonably mineralised.
      I know i will be a beginner but i dont want to spend my limited budget on a beginners detector. I’m willing to do the hard yards with the likes of an intermediate detector. The areas that i would be concentrating on is Beechworth and the Buckland Valley etc, so the ground will have plenty of iron and the likes and mineralised. I will be working mostly around the mines on hillsides etc. 
      I noticed a used Nokta Fors Core for sale so did a little research. Nice detector. VLF struggling in the mineralised ground or does the Nokta fair not too badly? A good used GP3000 is going to be twice the price and above my budget but i could work on that. Lack of descrimination would probably be an issue at these workings? Whites SPP? I’m finding it hard to get too much info on these but from what i have read they seem like a good detector.
      Because of the likes of the trash and mineralised ground, i’m finding it difficult to choose between the VLF and a PI. I could start with the likes of the Nokta and purchase the likes of the GP or SPP further down the road.
      Does the SPP come under another name or as an updated model?
      Thanks all.
    • By nwprospector
      I am kicking myself for not picking one up a few days ago, looks like the prices are creeping up on these and most stores show as sold out. Anyone know where I can pick one up at list in the US (~$179) that will ship in a few days? 
    • By sunnyvalegal
      Contact  problems. The + (positive)  tab for the right side battery bends backwards when changing batteries. Any suggestions on a fix?

    • By Sting Ray
      For the last 3 days I have been taking a friend's grandson detecting along the Atlantic ocean.  He is 11 and was having some difficulty using my Minelab Equinox.  It was my lightest detector.  He seems really excited to hunt but I can tell the swinging and the digging in wet sand is a bit too much for him.  Is there any lighter, cheaper detectors that will still perform well along the surf?  He only goes in ankle deep water and mostly hunts the wet & dry sand.
      Thank you.
    • By Allan
      Does anyone know of any war nickels that don't have silver content except for the 1942.
    • By BeachHunter
      I’m interested in finding a used Tejon. The Tesoro’s remind me of the Sovereign GT in some ways.

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