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    • By Tugboat
      Hi People when you see other detectorists, how much distance should one give each other?  and 2nd question is, i have the minelab 15 pinpointer  but it really struggles unless its all most on the target, it was a free pinpointer that came with the 600. Do i buy the minelab 35 or another brand? thanks
    • By Joe L
      Being new to these forums, if this is not the place for this, please move. Due to excitement just wanted to sing out here.
      I am adding a Gold detector to my arsenal..  I did research this for quite a bit and realized that gold detecting, nuggets anyway, would only be maybe 1%, well maybe less, use of the machine. It would also be used for general detecting and a unit for friends that want to give it a try (it’s a easy to use detector.) But, I do want a capable detector the will work for gold also. Reading Steve’s review and rating of this detector, I'm pulling the the lever.
      For these reasons I have chosen a     Fisher Gold Bug Pro.
      Thanks for listening.  Joe 
    • By kac
      Found this while scouting out another section of woods along a main trail. It's a Harvard Crimsons pin that was gold plated over brass.
      Also found a 61 silver Canadian quarter. Got excited at first until I whipped the dirt off the rim and saw it wasn't a really old USA coin :( . Also a musket ball and small round.

    • By geof_junk
      A interesting article with some good videos.
    • By old goldy
      I was wondering if anyone on this site can help me setting up a Goldseeker 9000 VLF/TR Metal Detector.The detector was built here in Australia by the creators who are now Minelab [I think].Well, my dad [Deceased] bought the unit in 1983 but never got a chance to use it because he had a stroke, so my Mum just put it away in the shed,Well, about 6 months before my Mum passed away last year, she gave it to me after she found it cleaning out her shed.There are a few instructions with it but not very clear, so if anyone out there can help me out, it would be very much appreciated.I know it is a good machine, and I would like to use it and try it out.Thanking everyone in advance.
    • By Steve (UT)
      I found this button in a early 1900’s park in Utah County. I has a 3 point crown in the middle. No luck on the “google machine” so hopefully someone on here may have some insight as to a date and or manufacturer.
      The Nox read brass area but it was found about 8” with a square nail next to it.
      thanks for any help with this!

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