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Nice Story About A Wedding Ring Recovered Scuba Diving

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Here is a nice story I stumbled across today about some volunteers finding a guys lost wedding ring out in the ocean near an Island off the coastline of NZ.

A team of metal detectorists have described the "absolute buzz" of managing the near-impossible task of finding a lost ring in the middle of Auckland's Hauraki Gulf.

Auckland man Eddie Hayman was on a boat celebrating a friend's wedding off Waiheke Island on February 16, when he went for a swim and his wedding band came off in the water.

Unable to find it himself, he searched online in a desperate attempt to find a way to retrieve it.


Looks like a CTX 3030 and Excalibur II were used for the task judging by the photos on the little video clip on the article.


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Awesome story phrunt, thanks!

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      Link deleted since Findmall Forum update broke all old links
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