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Finally Getting More Detecting Time....

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3 hours ago, deathray said:

Tell him Dayray 😂 says hi! He used to detect with a guy named Rob, was why I asked. Nightray is a beast when it comes to detecting.

I've hunted with Rob before when Ray lived in the east bay.  Ray moved down near Santa Barbara a few years ago.  Yeah he's always been a top tier detectorist.  We meet up in Tonopah a couple of times a year, you should join us, it's always a good time.

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Update.....hit this same park yesterday for two hours and found a 1919 mercury dime and five wheat cents. There's more ground to detect in this "hunted out" park. It's still giving up many high tones like clad quarters, dimes and copper pennies which means there might still be more silver lurking under the turf. I'll keep hitting the local parks until the snow melts in the Sierra's, then it's back to the mother load for gold nuggets.

Happy Hunting to All!





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10 hours ago, Rob said:

It's still giving up many high tones like clad quarters, dimes and copper pennies which means there might still be more silver lurking under the turf.

I can see that from the photo.  I counted 27 clad dimes alone and might have missed a one or two and that's in two hours.  Clearly you're a fast recoverer.  Are you just focussing on the nickel and copper/silver signals and ignoring foil, pulltab, and zinc?

Nice Merc.  Even worn ones are classy looking.  Did it have a mintmark?

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I dig it all. Eroded zinc pennies go in the garbage with the pull tabs, foil and can slaw. I'm always happy to dig nickels.....you never know, it could be a gold ring. The merc had no mint mark.




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Nice stuff, too bad that modern half cent isn't worth anything hehe

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  • Similar Content

    • By GKman
      I have been hitting the fields, woods and parks pretty hard since the ground has thawed. I detect pretty much every day covering lots of ground. The Equinox continues to prove itself a worthy detector. Typically I hunt in field two, but I try experimenting with the other modes. In the end though I always seem to end up back at field two..

    • By phrunt
      I've been stuck at home the past few days, my car decided to break down for the first time in it's life, the starter motor died and it seems I also have a fuel pump problem which is getting repaired soon, the starter motor is fixed so I'm mobile again as of late today.
      Seeing I've been stuck at home time has been spent doing work around the house rather than anything exciting however today something unusual happened.  The big power lines that come from the windmills behind my house that power the surrounding area were shut down for about 2 hours with them diverting power from another area I guess as we didn't lose power but the lines were disconnected.  The reason for this is the old wooden power lines they have passing over the river are no longer suitable and they've upgraded to lines that span over the river rather than having a pole in the water.  I had a couple of hours around my property with no interference from the power lines nearby and I was stuck at home bored, a win win situation.  It's a pain in the rear in some ways as my outlook from the house now has big power lines in it that didn't exist before but these things happen.

      This is a photo of my back fence with a helicopter dragging the lines across the river which is behind the willow trees you see just below the helicopter.  All action down there at the moment with cranes and helicopters buzzing around all day long.  It was amazing to watch the helicopter flying along unwinding the wire between the poles.  The old power lines are to the left of the photo and there are about 15 windmills up on the hills you see in the background that power the area.  The little fence in the middle is to stop my dog getting in the back area as it used to have some pet sheep in there like all kiwi's have, they're now in the freezer.  🙂
      This is a photo of the river, unfortunately according to history, and my attempt with my sluice there is no gold in it 😞

      This photo was taken around my neck of the woods and KiwiJW lives up in among those snow capped peaks up that way.  The other direction further south is the bottom of the country and has a cloud that never seems to leave and rains all the time, next stop, Antartica 🙂
      I covered my entire back area with the Nox 800 and 11" coil in Park 1 with sensitivity 25 and all defaults and popped up two old 5 cent coins, pretty happy with that as I've hammered my yard over the past year with my detectors practicing how to use them but I've never been able to crank it up to 25 due to the power lines, usually sitting on about 21 sensitivity.  One is from 1998 and the other 1999 but they're very different colours from corrosion which is a bit odd.
      I gave up on the Nox after finding no more and was going to go get the Gold Bug Pro as I'm enjoying using it lately with the Detech Ultimate coil, it is a really good combination on coins but as my last good find was the silver coin in my backyard using the Garrett Euroace I picked it up, that and the fact it still had batteries in it where the Gold Bug didn't.
      The Gold Bug doesn't care about the power lines at all and I can run it in maximum sensitivity in my yard anyway so perhaps it was a good idea to use the Euroace as I usually have to run it 2 bars off maximum when near the power lines.
      The power was still not running through the lines so the Euroace ran at maximum sensitivity with no false signals so I went over the area again, the area between the two fences you see in the photo but it extends 50 meters by 25 meters (164x82 feet). 
      I got a signal I'd never noticed before with any other detector including the Nox I'd just used in this area.  It was repeatable and giving a pretty solid target identifiaction on the Euroace, only moving between 2 notches.
      I dug and recovered a coin, about 35 cm's deep (13.7 inches) and thought wow, what's a semi modern 10 cent doing down that deep and threw it in my pocket and kept detecting.  Nothing else exciting turned up so I went to get the T2 to give it a turn but by the time I moved the batteries over from the Euroace to the T2 the power was back on so I didn't get to give it a chance.
      When I came inside and cleaned up the coins I noticed the 10 cent coin wasn't all it appeared, it's an old 1967 One Shilling also having 10 written on it as it was produced in the year that NZ transitioned to decimal currency.  I've never seen one before, well before my time....

      This is the normal older style 10 cent I'd find, note it no longer has One Shilling written on it

      Here is a short video the reserve bank of NZ did in the year this coin was produced to inform people of the change over, it has my One Shilling/10 cent in it
      Also a news story about the change-over
      Sure, it's probably not the most valuable find but I'd never seen one before and it's the fact I was able to find it in a completely hunted out area because of a power outage, It's worth using power outages to your advantage if you ever encounter one.  Some research on the coin says this about it, " Over the years a few things have happened in this coin series. The coin catalog reports that many of the 1967-dated coins were melted in 2006, and this sends their price up a little bit over other dates. "  It's still of little value to them, but to me it's priceless, afterall I found it. 🙂
      The Garrett Euroace with Nel Tornado coil proved again it's a deep detecting combination.  It's the second time now it's found a coin my other detectors have missed.  I don't know enough about the technical side of it but I think the low 8.25khz frequency and 12x13" Nel Tornado coil size is the secret to it's depth.  This is a review of the Nel Tornado on the Euroace which I tend to agree with pretty much everything he says, it's a great coil
    • By groundscanner
      It finally stopped raining for a couple of days and I was able to get to the farm and try out the new ORX on a couple of old tenant house sites.  These old sites date from around the 1930's or so based on the coin dates.  They also sit on or near older sites so you are never sure what you will find.
      Coin deep was too sparky for me on these sites due to the massive amounts of iron and nails.  I switched back and forth between Coin Fast at 15.2 and 28.8k, standard settings with iron tone "on".  I found the 28.8 frequency to be my favorite.  Once while running in 15.2k I noticed a small aluminum brad on top of the ground (about the size of a match head).  In 15.2 I didn't get even a peep out of it.  I then switched to 28.8 and got a nice loud tone.  The separation in the extreme trash was excellent!
      My better finds for the day was 3 Wheaties, 1 War nickel, 2 Mississippi tax tokens, 1 Louisiana tax token, part of a broken spur, a broken tent tensioner, and one D Buckle.
      Thanks for viewing,

    • By calabash digger
      Day 2 on a hunt with good friends...

    • By calabash digger
      Day 1 of a 2 day hunt..h

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Hunted an old house that burned down a few months ago.  Hunted in rain actually using wireless module tucked in my zippered jacket pocket with an elcheapo pair of headphones.  Didn’t hunt very long.  Plan to go back tomorrow hopefully.  An English half penny likely lost by a WW2 vet and a few more.  Tough hunting in quicksand mud.  Nox worked well considering.  Owner has plans to bulldozer soon.  So gotta get in there and get what I can.

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