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    • By kac
      Found this in what was a farm then turned into an estate then taken over by Nuns then turned into a city park. Coin is older than the town and older than the estate that was there. Good sign for older stuff but as you can see the farm land really beats these old coins up so back to the maps, wait for warmer weather and start hitting the wooded areas around some more. Looks like 1790's and only give away it was a large cent is the diameter. Might be a draped or flowing hair, hard to tell.

    • By Cabin Fever
      I hunted an early 1900s Park this week that I had not been to before. 
      I had a solid two hours in to the hunt with only a few clad to show and I was loosing confidence in the location. Working my way back to the truck I pick up a couple of wheats, so I start gridding the area. Pretty soon I get a quarter signal at 5" and start getting my hopes up. I figure it's deep enough to be silver and sure enough my First Barber Quarter, a 1911 is staring back at me! Well that got the blood flowing and a renewed confidence in the park. 
      For the next hour I dig a few more wheats, a pocket watch, and an old shotgun Shell. I get a mess of tones from a spot and am able to isolate another quarter signal out of the confusion of sounds and VIDs. I knew I might have a coin spill, and I was right! My first silver coin spill. I dug the 1896 Barber Quarter, shocked that I pulled not only my first, but second Barber quarter in the same day. Off a few inches to the left, I widen the hole and get a worn no date Canadian Victoria silver quarter (minted 1870-1901) and just next to it a 1906 V Nickel!
      To top the day off, after cleaning up my coins at home I find that one of my wheats, a 1912 S is a key date! Definitely a hunt I will remember for quite some time. 

    • By 1515Art
      Well here I am in good ol Santa Clara, my first hunt with my new Deus... And what pops up as my first coin ever with my new detector?????????  In my front yard????? LOL... A 1916 French coin!!! Figures, hope this is a great sign of things to come.

    • By Steve Herschbach
    • By Ron (CA)
      On relic hunts we find gold nuggets and on nugget hunts we find old coins!!  Go figure!!  I love this hobby!


    • By devilsrenegade
      1903 indians pocket spill from the old transient camps along the river with my mxt and 10 x 5 detech coil. They must been very close together because vdi came up 74, l was expecting modern firearm brass and was very surprised when the first indian popped out, a quick check of the hole and still a signal , another one emerged from the semi frozen ground. I had the mxt in relic mode, discrimination at 3.  Also recovered some clad and cheap jewelry  and the usual .22 brass and bullets and junk. The last image is of remnants of RR track that used to run through the area.

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