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Hi everyone, I'm TY from united states. I have been surfing the net lately and from what I have looked at here this will be a great place to hang out, I hope to learn from others here and also contribute if need arises. Thank you all!! 

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Welcome, TY!  Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, what your experiences are, what fields(s) of detecting interests you, what state you live in, etc?

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Welcome to the forum TY from SoCal!

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    • By mh9162013
      I got a Fisher F2 metal detector for my birthday several years ago, but only now am I able to make use of it. I'm looking forward to finding some cool stuff.
      Right now, I'm figuring out when and how to get a new pinpointer.
    • By Filmalaska
      I just realized I hadn't made an introduction although I've been following the forums daily for a few months. I'm Morgan and I've been in Alaska since 1980. I get a lot of enjoyment out of detecting as well as the advancing technology. A lot of the work I do is in ultrasonics so the concepts of eddy current, frequencies and penetration are very familiar. I've got a few detectors (well, 5) and other equipment. I'm trying to extricate myself from Alaska. The winters are long, cold and dark and make for a very short prospecting season. So, I've got one foot in Arizona and one still in AK. The forum's are a great resource and there's a bunch of great people here. Happy to be a part of the worldwide community. Thanks.
    • By Idrzr
      Hello to all.
      New to the forum from Idaho.
      I have been active as possible detecting since retirement three years ago.
      I own three machines, the AT Pro, AT Max and a new acquisition, the Equinox 800.
      I am looking to understand the EQ-800 and look for some gold if possible.
    • By RobNC
      This is my first post. I've been lurking around reading this forum a while now and decided it was time to register so I could speak to you.
      Look forward to meeting you, and learning from others here.
      Best of Wishes!
    • By Poul1959
      My name is Paul. I live in Perm. It is east of Moscow in 1000 km. My device  (1) Garrett AT PRO ... American version. My device  (2) Whites Spectra V3i Vision.

      I have a lot of interesting finds. I'll be glad to new acquaintances.
    • By Flowdog
      1949er that is. Wish I had my new Nox 800 in 1849, but then again I probably would be recycled by now. Pleased to have found this awesome forum. A wealth of information and friendly people. A great place to start a new hobby in my 70th year.
      I just received my detector from Gerry’s Detectors. I ended up finding Gerry based on advice to buy from an outfit that will be there when you need some help. Amazon, eBay, and many other places did not fit that description. Gerry talked at length with me regarding my and a lifelong friend’s detector needs. Two days later I had my Equinox in hand. I highly recommend any other newbies save a lot of time and energy and consider using Gerry’s - he’s THE guy.
      I am excited yet sober about this endeavor. Learning new skills is not quite as easy as it once was. I spent most of my life destroying my hearing on turbine decks operating various power plants until I promoted to the quiet of a control room. I ended up in Northern California 15 years ago giving up my Chief Hydro Operator position and taking a promotion as Water Services Supervisor supervising operations of Frenchman, Davis and Antelope dams, and administering water rights over roughly 2500 miles of watershed. I am now in my 49th year a fly fisherman and wonder how many nuggets I have waded over, kicked, and otherwise nearly drowned on. Perhaps a method to my madness is emerging - hydroelectricity - fly fishing - fox in charge of the henhouse. 🙂 As I type this intro, it is still raining. I think it started in February on a big snowpack. The Middle Fork Feather is still rising (more water). I anticipate Spring 2019 to be a monumental hydraulic mining season. Looking to tap my technical power generation, water, and river reading backgrounds to help me learn to find nuggets with Nox. I KNOW - a long row to hoe, but my friend and I are as pumped as the rivers are.
      Looking forward to the ride with you all.
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