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Hi everyone, I'm TY from united states. I have been surfing the net lately and from what I have looked at here this will be a great place to hang out, I hope to learn from others here and also contribute if need arises. Thank you all!! 

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Welcome, TY!  Could you tell us a bit more about yourself, what your experiences are, what fields(s) of detecting interests you, what state you live in, etc?

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Welcome to the forum TY from SoCal!

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    • By Lacky
      Just wanted to thank you guys. I have learned SO much the last couple weeks from this site! My equinox 800 is arriving Thursday. It will be my first detector since I bought a lobo supertraq about 20 years ago.
    • By Hobo6228
      Hello everyone, I am basically new to metal detecting besides messing around with a family members detector.  I found some interesting items but their detector is super old and cheap.  So now I am looking to buy my own detector.  I live in the foothills of NC which is basically all red clay soil.  I am looking for coins and relics mostly because this is what I've found on the property.  I honestly cant spend a lot on the detector (around $200-300).  Due to the soil here being red clay it is super thick/dense and figured I would want a detector suitable to this if possible in my price range.
      So from what I've researched i have a few I'm looking at but i am completely open to other brands and models i may have overlooked.  So far though, I'm looking at:  BH disc 3300 (cheapest with ground balance), BH ranger pro, and the minelab 305.  Any suggestions and input will be appreciated.  thanks everyone
    • By yammy
      Greetings from West Sussex, UK.
      Great forum you have here 🙂
      Have been away from detecting for 25 years but was detecting for 20 years before that so all that old knowledge is slowly coming to the surface. 
      Back then I had quite a few machines, the last being the Tesoro Gold Sabre, Silver Sabre and Laser B1. 
      Anyway, more time on my hands now and having moved to the coast we have miles of wonderful beaches on the doorstep to search. 
      Current detectors are a DFX300 and Quest X5.
      I very much look forward to being a part of this community 🙂
    • By Deep1
      Been artifact hunting for over 50 years.
      Aboriginal American artifacts, fossils, bottles, and metal detecting.
      Mainly detect Civil War sites, when not there I'm usually on the beach, but I'll swing my detector anywhere there's something to be found.
      Look forward being a member of this great forum and maybe contributing every now and then.
    • By garikfox
      Hello everyone :) I'm just starting out in this hobby and i will be receiving my very first detector today. I bought the Equinox 800 a few days ago. I also joined the RRPC today as well.
      Thank you Steve Herschbach, Your information is very helpful thank you :)
    • By PimentoUK
      Hi to you all. I'm from the south of England, I mainly detect farmland, woodland, and a bit of park hunting for something different.
      No prospecting, and I've yet to beach hunt, but one day I must try....

      I mainly post on a UK Forum, but sometimes contribute to Dankowski's Forum, as user Pimento. I'm an engineer, who likes the technical aspects of the hobby, so that's where my contributions are likely to be. But it's always good to read what others in the hobby get up to, and Steve seems to have created a nice Forum here. So I'll be checking in regularly, even if my posting is infrequent.

      Thanks for reading.
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