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    • By majindi
      Goodaye im new from WA been outback exploration 40 years and now prospecting, still lots to learn here 🙃
    • By Dan(NM)
      I just moved back to my home state of Texas, Lago Vista, to be exact. I'm  20 minutes from Leander, 40 from Georgetown, 30 from Marble Falls. I've been hunting on and off for 30 years now. My interests are old coin, relics, shallow water hunting. I'd drive 2 hours one way to hunt if need be, thanks.
    • By geoffswansea
      just to say  a big hello my name is Geoff I live in Swansea south wales uk  I own a minelab 3030 and a minelab equinox  also own a garrett 400i (trying to sell!!)  hope to have a simplex plus very soon (end of October) my detecting buddy(ben davies) and my self have a channel on you tube  called GoG's go detecting (gogs stands for grumpy old gits )
      regards to you all 
    • By cntrydncr1
      Hi everyone!  Just met our admin guy...Steve while on a detecting trip in the UK so I thought I'd join in here.  Been hunting about 12 years now.  Living in Fl I mostly do beach hunting these days but I"m a dirt digger at heart.  I use an excal in the water and the Nox in wet sand and dirt.  I travel lots and my machines always go with me.  I'm obsessed!  Happy hunting to all!
    • By microsniper
      Hey everyone, Iv been following stuff on here for years and finally got around to branching out on the forums...       I know some of you already, some from other forums, shows, outings etc, and hope to meet more great folks as I put a little more time into circulating, and socializing a bit more.      Well Id better get posting and loose my lurker status!   Cheers!   Mike
    • By Dogjello
      Hi all,just got my Equinox 600,looking forward to upgrading from my Bounty Hunter LRP.
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