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Hello, I am new to the forum but not new to prospecting and mining. Have prospected a lot of places around the state.. Has anyone worked with SDC 2300 before??? I'd love to know your experience. Thanks

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Fantastic machine, sniffs out the little ones, turn on and go. Compact, easy to use. Perfect for the smaller places. Shock proof and waterproof. First day I had mine I fell off a small ledge and flung the machine 10 feet on to rocks. ? Picked it up, rebooted and kept on detecting. Love it?

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great machine rugged and dependable .

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There is more information on this forum about the SDC 2300 than any other out there. Here is a quick link to SDC related threads.

Thats what those tags are all about on the forum. Click one and get all related threads.

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The SDC-2300 is one of the most popular PI Units I sell.  Many of my clients enjoy it more than their 4500's and 5000s.  If you want to go into details of Pros/Cons of the machine, contact me direct as I have not the time to type that much info.

Looking forward to seeing you on this fine forum more often too.









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    • By PeterInSa
      My question is not a substitute for the WM08 , what I would like to do its match it with a non ML Transmitter, is anything available?
      Wifes 2300 did not come with Bluetooth Headphones like the Nox or a better, the Z's WM12 speaker with Headphone jack. I have set up an ebay Bluetooth Transmitter on the 2300 and a ebay Bluetooth receiver connected to the dealer supplied amplifier carried in her back pack to drive a speaker on her shoulder. The Transmitter and Receiver are the Bluetooth V2.1 + EDR which I understand is faster with less latency that the Bluetooth V4 or V5 but use more power than the V4 or V5 versions, so am not sure whether a charge on these small units will last a day.
      So am wondering if anybody has come across a transmitter than will drive the WMO8 so can use it on the 2300 ( ie with a longer detecting use)
      My Transmitter and receiver is similar to the item below
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Minelab are excited to release a new enhanced version of the the popular Minelab SDC 2300 metal detector. With availability from mid-June, the new enhanced SDC 2300 will now include re-designed headphones, an armrest protector and a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. A clip-on coil joint protector has been added to the swivel joint for added protection of the coil joint while detecting.
      Minelab SDC 2300 Data & Reviews

      Minelab SDC 2300 metal detector
    • By rumblefish
      The place I've been river prospecting recently is only showing me very small flakes of gold (so far). They are so small in fact that even the SDC can't pick them up. Yesterday my Garret Pro Pointer arrived and that also sees nothing when I pass it across the vials. Even some of the quite big flakes that I found a while ago in Scotland.
      So I got to wondering, what is the minimum flake/nugget size that can be detected?
      Could anyone with an SDC (or even a Pro Pointer) post and tell me their results?
      Thank you!
    • By oneguy
      First time out with my new SDC and the damn thing shorts out every time I set it down or bump it?  Then it starts it's warm up all over again and I continue to hunt until I gently bump it or set it down again?  Seems to have got better towards end of 4 hr hunt where I only dug about 35 targets (no gold).  It might be the batteries not making good connection but I did have the trap door completely shut.  Anyone else ever have this issue before with the SDC????  Hate to have to send it in...…   
    • By Norvic
      Well, my Son did it and turned up with a SDC in exchange for my 5000 for Easter. Went off to try the SDC, left him with Z to compare with 5000 and new age coils, he was fairly impressed with performance of 5000 with the Elite 14" but in using the Z to compare he is now spoilt and talking Z Z Z Z only. Suspect the 5000 is history, regardless that the new age coils have increased the performance of the 5000, the stability of the Z has swung him.
      The SDC, it is super stable and a small piece magnet, good fun and will complement the Z. It is the small coil gold detector for those pieces around boulders the Z just can`t get at, plus for those shallow pieces that recovering is time consuming for the Z.
    • By Walker
      Yesterday I beat my old record. Now it's .023 gram. .35 grain. I don't know if that's a good thing.
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