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Very nice, it's one of my dreams to find a nice hunk of quartz like that.  Persistence does pay off.

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At least you have something to show for your efforts.  Try the SDC-2300 on it just to get an idea for those who have an SDC and keep dreaming GPZ.  Thanks for sharing.

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hey Gerry.   We tested it yesterday against a 2300 and the 7000 could get it a tad deeper but there wasn`t a lot in it.    Dave

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Yeah, will be interesting to see if the Coiltek extremes give the SDC that boost, doubt any PI will match the Z overall but that is a personal opinion and will be debated for many more years. Top debate because through it we are getting aftermarket coils for both PIs and Zs.

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2 hours ago, Norvic said:

doubt any PI will match the Z overall

I absolutely agree with that comment.👍 There will be no debate from me on that matter.

Lovely speci Dave.

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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nice looking set of specimens.

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Perhaps if you spent less time solving your rubix cube you would spend more time prospecting. There just has to be more rich quartz nearby.

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Dave, nice finds, and nice pictures too!

Way to stick to it and pay attentions to those tiny threshold breaks, great lesson learned.

All the best,


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On 3/13/2019 at 8:08 AM, phoenix said:

vehicle trouble and well,

I am in the same boat.My "trusty"  Hilux  has a head cracked in 4 places, a cracked manifold, pretty stuffed turbo, & a leaking rear axle oil seal.:rolleyes:🤬 The head was courtesy of towing a caravan before xmas. I am on the lookout now for a Land Cruiser. $$$$$$:rolleyes:

Good luck out there


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    • By Goldseeker5000
      One Guy and myself went on the first detecting trip of the year this past Thursday and we were gone til Sunday. I got to the location and headed up the road only to find the road was snowed in for the last 2 miles and was unpassable. I turned around and drove back to the highway to wait for One Guy to show up. When he did, I told him we were out of luck and too early so we decided to go in thru the lower road. We got close to the placer working and knocked on a door of a house closeby to ask who owns the property the tailings were on and low and behold this was the lucky house. We got permission to hunt and camp on 130 acres of dry land dredged ground on a hillside and the next day the  nice gentleman got us permission on another landowners property bordering his. So now we had 1030 acres of gold placer ground to hunt on. It was tuff ground to find any nuggets on as I believed it was too far down the drainage to find many nuggets but on Saturday at 1:00 I found the first one of the year and it was the second one with my new 5000. I was using the Sadie  coil. I love that little coil. I got plenty of shots for the cover of my book. I did not find any more nuggets the rest of the trip and One Guy got skunked. We even had to detect thru a couple snow squalls and the night time temps got down to 19 and 20 degrees which made for cold sleeping conditions in the back of our trucks. All in all it was a good trip that started out bad but turned out good for the first trip of the year.

    • By phoenix
      goldEn is back in town for a couple of weeks and managed to get out my place for a couple of days.  Today we went to a Ironbark forest where there was a little bit of surfacing so goldEn could use the 2300 and I detected in the forrest with the 7000.  I got one of those really iffy signals that I thought was ground noise and when I approached it at 90º I couldn`t hear it at all.I scraped a bit of dirt and same thing, could hear it one way but not the other.  As the hole got deeper the signal seemed to move in the hole. First it was in one spot, then in another spot and it never sounded like a real target.  When I finally got it out of the hole I couldn`t hear it at all, but I move a bit a bit of dirt and I can hear something, move a bit more dirt and I couldn`t hear it again.   From when I first detected it to holding it in my fingers was about 15 minutes and it goes a whopping 0.12 gram and is about ¼" long.
      Good to see you again goldEn 🙂

    • By Smithsgold
      Recirculating Sluice
      Testing a Recirculating Sluice and the  April Update on what we have going on . Sneak peek at our next video !!!!
      Hope you enjoy the video,
    • By kiwijw
      Simon did a good report on his afternoons hunt at this paticular spot. It was an area I took him to after I had taken him to a creek where I put him onto some spots where he got his first ever detected gold with his GM 1000. On getting up to this 2nd spot, back then, he got some more gold with his GM 1000. I had actually never got any gold here myself with either my GP 3000 or 4500 or on that first day with Simon, with my GB2. So he got 2 bits I think with his GM & I was skunked. Simon had tried a couple of times to go to this spot by himself but just couldn't find it. On his last attempt he was very close but just went up too high & totally missed seeing the old workings. They are impossible to see from any where. You just have to know they are there. I am one of these people that will always go off the beaten track to "discover" areas & that is how I stumbled on these old workings. 
       As Simon has said it was bed rock detecting & on quite steep slopes so I didn't think it would be easy detecting with the Zed so I was going to take my Nox 800 & little 6" coil. On seeing Simon grab his Nox & 6" coil I opted to take the GM 1000 & 5" coil. Was easier to carry up the creek & through the bush. The old timers moved mountains of rock to get to their pay. Very high up from the creek wayyyy down below. I dont know if these are old high terrace workings or glacial deposits. I favor more glacial as there were some huge quartz boulders that were extremely smooth & "water" worn looking. But a lot of the rock was still quite rough & not of a stream worn appearance. The rocks were stacked to high levels & would have been all done by hand.

      Here is a pathway going up the stacked piles.

      Just to the right of that tree is a tailings race between the stacked rocks.

      Looking down into the tailing race. It just amazes me to see the depth of these stacked rock piles, all moved by hand. Notice the lichen growing over the rocks.

      Above the rock piles is the bedrock slopes we detected. Notice left of center a hole that someone has been throwing the rocks out of to get deeper down. Notice too the clean appearance of the thrown out rocks. I pointed that out to Simon & he was totally oblivious to it. I said to him, Observation & imagination are your key assets in gold prospecting. In other words always be aware of where you are & whats around you, what looks out of place. Even in a rock strewn area like this.

      After taking the above pic I snapped one of Simon detecting the bedrock slope.

      I went straight down into that hole.  Going by the gravels down in it the old timers may not have gone that far down. The spot I ended up in was top right. Simon disappeared further to the right.

      Those cracks & crevices looked damn good. But l came up empty.

      I got a faint hit with the GM 1000 in some gingery coloured gravels. Lovely looking ground. Not even on bedrock & the signal had moved.

      My first little piece of sassy gold.

      This was followed by a second signal just a bit lower

      Another small piece of the good stuff.

      Because of the nature of the steep slope & the difficulty in the changing ground surface I couldn't stay in full max sensitivity with the bump falsing. I just couldn't keep the control of the coil good enough without bumping the ground so I was forced to back off to about manual 8 sensitivity. So I was sacrificing depth & sensitivity from what I would normally run. So any really tiny bits were going to escape me. Always detecting in all metal mode, as you cant get hotter than that outside of full max sensitivity. So most of the signals were just a crackle in the headphones. Yes I was wearing head phones. Mostly no reading on the Gold Chance Indicator & if there was it often was into the iron side & occasionally flicking between iron & gold. On getting the signal closer to the coil it would favour the gold side. Because the ground looked so juicy & horny I just did a bit of scraping & detecting & that paid off as it brought more signals to light.

      And it was gold

      I went up to the top edge of this slope where it dropped awaaaayyyyy..... down to the river below. The kind of place that Simon fares to tread. I have forgotten to say that I was getting quite a few cold rocks, non magnetic. They sort of had their own sound but I always investigate all signals. If not just to get rid of them in case they are masking a faint gold signal. At the top of this slope I was getting quite a few of these cold rocks.
      One signal, after removing a few of these cold rocks, sounded a bit different.

      My biggest bit of the day. I was up to five when Simon wandered over. How you doing, he asked. 5, I replied. Me to he said. He was determined to get a 6th & did. I went off looking for more bedrock. Crashing through the bush, but the growth was driving me nuts. Came across an old shovel head that I had found years back with my GP 3000. Simon had seen it too.

      After Simon finding his 6th piece & then losing it again, thinking he might never re find it. But he did about 15 minutes later. We called it quits, quite happy to have beaten the skunk & get what we did. I think Simon was chuffed to have found more than me. 👍 Shows just how good the Nox 800 & 6" coil is. His gold was all way smaller than mine. Like Simon said, It is very hard to pick between the GM 1000 & the Nox 800. They both trade off between each other very evenly.
      My result was 5 for .44 of a gram.

      Good luck out there
    • By phrunt
      KiwiJW and I had a busy weekend, he'd just flown to Christchurch (The South Islands biggest city) to pick up his new Toyota Landcruiser or as I call it the monster truck and he had to drive it back down to Queenstown to pick up his caravan to tow it up to Christchurch to swap it over for his new Caravan.   I went on the journey up to swap it over, it's about a 6 hour drive each way through some stunning countryside and a very nice drive.  We were going to spend the night up there but decided it's best to take the drive up and back in one day so then we had the next day free for some gold detecting! Great idea!  John now has two big new toys to enjoy, the Monster truck tows a caravan like it's not even there 🙂
      The spot we decided to detect is a place John had taken me on my first ever successful day detecting for Gold, I had tried to go back there a couple of times and got lost trying to find it.  I was sure there was more gold there but it's in a difficult to find place in wild bush.  My last attempt at finding the place I only just got out of the bush before dark and I had no light with me, I almost had to stay the night.
      John found the spot with ease and off we went detecting.
      He was using his Gold Monster 1000 and I used the Equinox 800 with 6" coil.  There is a lesson in this post for Equinox users on finding tiny gold.
      The thing I like about this location is being as remote as it is there is no junk except that left behind by the old gold miners, and that junk doesn't bother me at all. Shotgun pellets are my enemy and fortunately these aren't a problem in this spot. 
      If you get a good target in this spot, it's more than likely going to be gold, although my first target was mostly reading VDI 1, 2 on the Nox but jumping regularly down to -7, -8 then back up to 1, 2,  a bit of an all over the place reading.  It was down in a crack in the bedrock and I spent about half an hour smashing away at the bedrock to get it out, I wasn't sure what to do so asked JW who said just keep smashing away and he came over to help, we eventually got it out, much faster with JW's help and it turned out to be a tiny little bit of metal, possibly lead or zinc or something, but tiny.  How it got so far down in the bedrock I don't know.    This was my only junk find of the day.
      Next up was another target, this one was constantly in the -5 , -6 range but I knew this spot had small gold and I also knew there was virtually no junk here, the only targets in this location I ignore is ones that go a solid -8, -9 on the VDI's which is what the hot rocks in the area do, rocks bigger than a car or even a house can show a -8, -9 over the entire rock surface in this area, anything else could possibly and likely is gold. 

      This little scraped out area to the left of my coil is where this target was located, in this photo I'd done a scrape to get to the bedrock to improve the signal before recovering the target.  You'll see we are high up on a creek side, probably about 50 meters (164 feet) above the creek.  Gold can be in the most unlikely places.  That edge there has a big drop down to the creek and it's just rock with a thin later of soil and some grass growth of it.  Now that I'd done my scrape with about 5cm of soil the target ID had improved drastically from the -5, -6 it was getting to a very repeatable 1, 2, I knew this was unlikely to be a shot gun pellet here so I was confident I had my first bit of gold.  I scraped the leftover soil into my scoop and narrowed it down and here is the little sucker.

      You'll see the little spec in the middle of the scoop.

      and here it is next to the EQX06 on the coil.

      All 0.011 grams of it.
      John was digging away with his GM1000 beeping like mad and he was digging for quite a while in one spot so I knew he was on the gold.  I figured I'd go explore further away and leave this area for him and passed a number of old rock piles and an old shovel head.

      The new location paid off and I quickly got another signal bouncing between -6 and -3 and knew it was going to be gold again

      If you look closely once I'd cleared the leaf litter away there was a crack in the bedrock, still detecting as -5 or so but I knew it was gold

      It's almost identical to the last piece and the same weight

      I next walked up to the cliff edge again where it drops off to the creek and started detecting the rock along the drop off, It wasn't even 10 minutes and I had another hit, again in the -6 to -3 range never once flicking into the positive numbers but my confidence was high it was also gold until there appeared to be two targets.  It was in a crevice in the rock again but seeing there seemed to be two targets right near each other I was worried it was a hot rock spot.

      I cleared away the leaf litter and recovered the targets from the crevice, still never once reporting positive Target ID numbers

      Out popped this nugget, my biggest so far.  Next to the EQX06 again as usual

      And now to recover the second target.  Still stuck in the negative numbers on VDI due to the crevice not letting me get the coil close enough to get accurate ID's

      Another little tiddler 🙂

      The consistent thing happening was all nuggets were coming up in the negative VDI numbers until I was able to get the coil very close to them, you can't rely on positive numbers like the usual 1 and 2 VDI's on this tiny gold.  Anything -7 or higher can be small gold.  I experimented and checked out -8 and -9 targets but they always ended up just being rock, even small portions of a large rock were coming up as hot rock at -8 and -9 but the -7 and up numbers were consistently gold.
      For those wondering my settings were Gold 1, sensitivity 25 (max), Horse shoe pressed for all metal mode,  I had manually ground balanced although in this location there was extremely mild soils.  The other thing I had changed was the iron bias, I'd set that at 0.
      Detecting around more I got another hit, this one was on more flat ground and was coming up the usual 1 and 2 on the VDIs

      Another little tiddler.  I was confident now I had learnt the secret to the Nox and small gold.  Never ignore those negative numbers.  I was lucky in this location there was next to no junk so it made this lesson easy, in other locations this method could lead to digging tonnes of junk.
      I went back to John's area to show him my finds and he was still at this same spot digging away in the same hole he was in when I left.   We were both sitting on 5 nuggets each although his were bigger!  It's extremely rare for me to have as many nuggets as John with his mighty GPZ, near impossible so I had a chance to beat him this time I just had to find one more!!! I was going to walk back to my spot and keep trying in that area but I walked past a nice crevice, I checked it and nothing, no signal at all but I knew the Nox coil can't get down in crevices well which later I learnt isn't exactly correct, it's coil edges just aren't sensitive all the way around like a concentric coil so I started clearing out the crevice, I got a large part of the dirt and leaf litter out of it and checked it again and I had a hit, another -4 to 1 signal bouncing around a lot.  Here's my winner! I knew I had gold.  John hollered out what's all that noise, I said I'm onto something
      I had cleaned out the crevice pretty good and had a signal in there somewhere but It had me stumped, it wasn't in the crevice, it was in the rock itself in the crevice next to it which seemed to come to an end.  I smashed away at the rock and a big chunk broke off and inside it was some really fine plant roots from the little bit of grass that you'll see in the broken off bit of rock below..

      The coil is sitting in the first cleaned out crevice, the gold wasn't in this one, it was in the one below, that big bit of rock with grass on it was the one I broke out.  The grass roots were where the bit of gold was to be found.  This piece of gold was deep, at least 3 inches, I am shocked I was able to detect it, I thought it was going to be pretty big as it was one of my best signals of the day and it was deeper than anything else I'd detected, but no, it was tiny.

      The embarrassing thing about this recovery is I sat the piece on my coil in my usual spot next to the EQX06 branding and stood up to get my phone out of my pocket to take the photo and knocked the detector over, the gold went flying.  John heard me say something, I don't recall what I said but I sure was angry! It took me a good 15 minutes or more to recover the bit again, I was thinking it had fallen down in the crevice deeper than it was before and with the Nox coil not being overly sensitive around the edges I was struggling to find it, I had no target signal at all anywhere, I wasn't even sure it dropped in the crevice.  I now see why people talk favorably about concentric coils with their sensitive edges.  John pointed out I should have tried to use the tip of the coil rather than the sides, that's it's sensitive spot so I wasted a lot of time as it didn't cross my mind to try the tip/tail of the coil and used the sides, silly mistake on my part, the tip of the Equinox coil is indeed very sensitive.  I just gradually cleaned all the soil out of the crevice with my fingers and scoop and eventually found the nugget.
      And my total for the day

      I also found a tiny spec in my gold jar, it must have broken off one of the "bigger" ones so if I was desperate and JW got 6 also I'd have a secret number 7 to win the day   The Equinox can easily find Gold you would only ever expect to find with a gold pan.

      The little spec is on the scales, too small to give a reading, but I'm 100% certain it's gold and it was a new jar, I'd never used it before.  The Equinox is an absolutely crazy sensitive machine to small gold, It's hard to believe how well it can do on the tiny stuff. I'm sure Multi IQ is the secret.
      Next we were off to KFC for dinner and back to JW's for a nap ready for another day prospecting
      We did a lot of exploring new places on this day, had a look around gold areas I'd never been to before and John was giving me a good history lesson of local gold mining. John took me to this old this trommel he knew about so I could see one on our exploring, we weren't detecting here, just having a look around at the old mining history of the area.

      We were thinking of using this to start up our own Kiwi Gold Rush show, John named the trommel Mini Me, and if you look closely you'll see our shiny new digger in the background. 

      Jw next to "mini me"
      We went to a new location I'd never been to before later in the day detecting, I ended up with a skunk using the Equinox at this spot getting just an insane number of shotgun pellets and 22 shells as the gold just seemed to be too deep for a VLF.  JW showed me how it's done with his GPZ, doing extremely well with it of course but that's his story.  All I will say is the GPZ is an amazing machine, in fact it's insane how well it works and the tiny gold it can find at massive depth is just mental, I continue to be amazed how good the GPZ 7000 is, one day I will swing one.... one day.... as long as it doesn't lead to a divorce 🙂
    • By Northeast
      Certainly not my first finds but have been out today and might as well start an album.  Especially with these beauties!!
      Now with a thread name like this you might think it will rival the Reg Wilson album??  Sadly you will be disappointed at present but don't worry as my plan is to start small so the gold in the album can do nothing but get bigger. A cunning stunt if ever I saw one
      Off an old area where the gold has been washed/rockered/something.  Have found quite a few other little bits there but the one to the right of the echidna's nose would have to be the smallest.  To give the non-Aussie's an idea the 5 cent piece is our smallest coin and on another Aussie gold forum really small gold is often measured against the nose of the echidna. 
      Amazing to think the 14 inch coil can pick this stuff up.   High yield, difficult, sensitivity 15, volume 1, B&Z booster working nicely
      Retirement.......a long way off at this rate. 

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