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Tech Tips On Silver Hoard Hunting

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Recovery speed 1, seriously?  How could anyone swing their coil that fast and why would you have to at recovery speed 1?  I don't get it.  But then again, I am not going to lose sleep over a demonstration of something I will probably never encounter.  LOL.  Not a fan of air tests even if it is a ML sponsored air test.  Thanks for sharing, though, David.

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When I first got my 800 I went slow on recovery speed a couple of times down to 3 for a night test on the beach.  I consider those adjustments filters so if you turn them off then what will it do was my thinking at the time.  I stopped doing it when I learned the target sounds but the machine does have a range so I'll have to look at what they are doing with it.


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    • By Danny Atherton
      Hey guys, 
      My first time posting here, hopefully I'm not breaking any rules! 
      My mother recently took some of her old gold jewelry to be melted down into a bracelet. While she was there the jeweler pulled out one of her bracelets saying it was too valuable and shouldn't be melted down. So that's got me trying to find out more about it and what type of chain it is.
      So far no luck! I thought you guys might know something and have some suggestions whether she should sell it or not! 

    • By leon
      Neighbor lost a 3/4 carat diamond earing w/small white gold post.
      I tried my old Eagle ll sl  & Bounty hunter 101 but they don't seem to be sensitive enough.
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      Saw some neato rocks in the Cajon Pass Area by the train tracks. I suspect this is a byproduct of the railroad somehow but wasn’t sure what they could be so I figured I’d share and someone smart would recognize it!
      As you can see, the first rock is chocolate-glazed. The third pic is of a clear sugar-glazed rock  - much harder to see the glaze because it’s clear, just take my word for it. 
      What could’ve caused this? I suspect heat was involved but past that I’m clueless. 😁 Thanks in advance!

    • By 1911Colt
      Hey, I'm new here, but I come here time to time to read, you all are a knowledgeable bunch it seems.  I have for a couple years been on the search for an alleged cache of gold coins, in a jar or something similar. It's a solid story, I've done my research, etc.  I am currently looking into a GPX 4500 for the hunt. I had bought a CTX 3030 and learned it for a few months, but I buried some test targets (using bottles of nickels, or pennies), and the damned thing was nearly worthless past 12" deep, a $2500 toy in my opinion.  Most caches are said to be found at 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep, and I'd say 3 feet wouldn't be out of the question here.  Any informed opinions welcome, thank you!
    • By auBurkey
      I consider myself freshwater gold jewelry hunter with a focus on gold chains. I have used Tesoro Stingray II models for the past 20 something years and have decided to purchase either an Equinox 800, a Makro Gold Kruzer, or maybe one of the Multi's. I prefer the first 2 models because of their high frequencies but not having used either, I don't know if 40 or 61 khz. offer any significant advantages over a machine running in the 12-20 khz. range. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter. I tend to keep my detectors for a while so reliability/durability is somewhat of a consideration. If you have any other waterproof detector considerations you'd like to suggest feel free.
      Thank you,
    • By bamajoe
      I doubt that we have much gold here in Alabama, we're too far from the beach, and not much civil war fought here, so, that leaves coin shooting . However, we do have lots of iron in the ground (bad soil) and rusty nails. Will the GPX's, SD2200's or 2300's actually discriminate  iron good enough to be able to go a little deeper than my CTX3030? My CTX is good for about 4" in worst soil and 7" at best. I need something to get a little deeper. The only PI's that I've owned is the original TDI several years back and presently have a TDI SL. The original TDI was deeper than the SL and I was thinking that I could tell small iron nails while adjusting GB would lose nails at "5" on GB then continuing to hear hi conductors on down to "3" on GB. I can in no way tell a rusty nail from a high conductor with the TDL SL. Will any PI discriminate good enough to detect only high conductors? IF no, then I'm waiting on the Fisher Manta. Thanks, Joe
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