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I Hit A Homerun With The Nox

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1 hour ago, Cal_Cobra said:

I've been pretty impressed with it.  Obviously it's not the best option for heavy iron, but I was able to pluck two seated dimes and a barber dime out of a hard worked sea of nails and bullet shell area, which impressed the heck out of me 😁

That's exactly what I wanted to hear. My hunting buddy and I were wondering how it would do in the iron that's at this place, thanks for the info!!

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The large coil is great for coverage at a relatively small weight penalty and will detect even small targets at depth but I have found in highly mineralized soils and especially in thick iron situations, it underperforms the stock coil.  I like the 15" at the beach, but the 11" in the water.  I own the 6" and the 15" and seem to keep coming back to that 11" coil for relic hunting as the 15" tends to get overloaded in thick target situations.  I really think 11" is the optimal coil of the offerings, though I long for smallish elliptical.  Just my experience with them so far FWIW.  All I am saying is temper expectations in thick iron with the 15" as my experience was a little different then Cal's but I also had the complicating factor of high mineralization.

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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Pulled a few dodads & a dime. Also something similar to a buckle but has the word REEDS stamped over a bee. Says "Buy Reed Craft Bags", I think? If anyone can tell more about this find I sure would appreciate it, so share to your fellow beepers & history buffs.

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      Between work and projects I've managed to get out on a few hunts. I bought my buddy an equinox 800 since he has been kind enough to let me run all around his ranches as if I own them myself. He has showed some interest in detecting...he thinks he's going to find a 1 pound gold nugget . After spending some time showing him how it works...I'd mark a target and then have him go over it and then dig it...he started to get the hang of it. So on our second outing he goes and finds a 1955 seated quarter (like Deathrays) but not in nearly as good condition. He was stoked and I wish i had brought my camera with me so I could get a pic of him smiling and holding the coin. 
      Been hitting some other locations near where I live. Old homesites and street tear outs. Day before yesterday was a quick but pleasant hunt. Dug the standing liberty and put it in my pocket so it would not get banged up in the pouch. I never look at items much in the field but wait till I get home. I was glad I put this coin in my pocket. I'm going to have to get it looked at just to make sure but I think it's the real deal.
      If anyone knows what the sun god thing was? kinda cool digging it and have that smiling back.
      HH to you all 

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      Here is a photo of the finds that I had mentioned in a previous post.  Nearly all of these finds were found on one small ridge that we had come to think of as being hunted out (using a variety of non-minelab detectors).
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