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Detector Decision To Be Made, Would Like Input

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I consider myself freshwater gold jewelry hunter with a focus on gold chains. I have used Tesoro Stingray II models for the past 20 something years and have decided to purchase either an Equinox 800, a Makro Gold Kruzer, or maybe one of the Multi's. I prefer the first 2 models because of their high frequencies but not having used either, I don't know if 40 or 61 khz. offer any significant advantages over a machine running in the 12-20 khz. range. I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter. I tend to keep my detectors for a while so reliability/durability is somewhat of a consideration. If you have any other waterproof detector considerations you'd like to suggest feel free.

Thank you,


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Hello and Welcome to the party! I can tell you from experience that you definitely want the Equinox 800 over the 600. There are more settings available to tweak. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to test my Equinox 600 in water or the beach environment. I hear they are really good in that environment. I can tell you that I had some difficulties with the Equinox 600 and me and the machine simply do not click. I'm trying to sell it now. It's a good machine but where it really shines is on a beach or in water. Please be aware it has a small Target ID Range also. It will hammer gold hard, that I can tell you. And one of the very few detectors I've seen that is really killing it on nickels.

I did try a Kruzer Multi before I returned it for the Equinox. The Kruzer I had showed some issues with the backlight display. It flickered and anytime I lightly tapped the detector it would either go really dim or go back to how it should have been. Only took it out once and did not notice it until I turned the backlight on. It was mighty chatty too. The Equinox is usually a smooth operator if your settings are right.

This is about all I can offer to you  with advice. There are many other people here with FAR more knowledge of different models than myself. Best of Luck! I hope you uncover a cache!

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1 hour ago, auBurkey said:

I prefer the first 2 models because of their high frequencies but not having used either, I don't know if 40 or 61 khz. offer any significant advantages over a machine running in the 12-20 khz. range.

There is a huge difference in sensitivity to small, both gold and foil. It may be more sensitivity than you had in mind even. If you are taking one of these into the water, you will want to modify your scoop to capture small things. The advantage is that it is more sensitive to gold, especially small gold. The disadvantage is that you will dig a lot of foil for a while.

For my part, I went high frequency 3 years ago and will never go back. It takes a while to get used to these hot detectors, and they are certainly not for everyone, but for me it has made all the difference.

I have no experience with either of the detectors you mention, but use the Makro Gold Racer a lot and love it. The Gold Kruzer looks to me like a waterproof version with a little update to boot. If I was going in the water with a high frequency, I would absolutely give it a look. With all the talk about the Nox 800, it just has to be good. People that know these more will be along to help.

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I have been eyeing some waterproof machines to upgrade from my AT Pro and looked at the Equinox 800, AT Max, Anfibio Multi and XP Orx all of which are in the same price range.

Weight wise the Orx looks good but when compared to the Deus and other machines it seems to lack depth which could be just coil size.

AT Max looks good with it's all metal mode but the low 13hz might make finding small gold pieces difficult.

Last it leaves the Equinox vs Anfibio multi and seeing comparisons of the 2 machines the Anfibio looks like the better of the 2 machines on depth and signal stability. 

I have never used any of the machines and others here probably have first hand info that might make the choice better.

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Welcome to the forum auBurkey. There are some very erudite members here that should be able to help you with your questions. Best of Luck!

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Welcome to the forum.  Freshwater gold chain hunting is not an easy sport.  In my environment, three types of machines are used for this.  Garrett AT gold or Pro because it is cheap and waterproof, XP deus, preferably HF round or HF elliptical head.  I think this is where most chains can be found with Deus.  The new machines are the Equinox 800/600, this is also popular, I have been using it for two years but I only found 1 chain with it.  That's not the real thing for me.

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      I’ve spent the last month extending my search underwater.. I’ve been using two small pony bottles which give me about 50 bars of air (the reserve of a 12 litre tank).. This lasts me about 20 minutes at 4-5 metres and to refill the little tanks takes about two hours with a small 12 volts scuba compressor (it overheats quickly even with a large fan on it).. This might sound like a waste of time and in many ways it is.. That’s why I’m saving up for a PotraHookah, which will give me 4 hours at a maximum of 10 metres, with a 4 hour battery recharge time (small lithium battery).. 
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      I got a gold testing kit and tested the gold chain.  It’s a fake.  Talk about a letdown 😪.

      Found this today in the grass at a Park.  I was using my Equinox 800.  This is the best thing that I have ever found metal detecting.  It weighs 43.5 grams and is marked 18K.

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      Rang in a solid 28, so I had a good idea it was going to be a ring. The field has a TON of trash that rings up in the 20's... mostly buried aluminum can pieces and random car parts. There are large power lines that cause interference with the wireless module which causes it to drop out a lot if I am walking in a certain direction. If I turn around, the issue goes away.
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      Going to be interesting, I was able to mark off this location with a stray crab pot. See if it worked the next trip back. Winds and tides are going to be crazy for several days, so I'll be surprised if all is where I left it. This beach has one little Hot area, I've tried using land markers but it still takes me a hour or more to find it since it is so small and I am a ways off shore. The spot sure holds the right targets and they can only be heard if your moving slow. I had planned on taking the Fisher "AQ", never worked out, one side of "My skullies"' headphones was acting up so I ended up using the Excalibur. Hope to get back out after the 8th, can't wait!


    • By Joe Beechnut OBN
      A friend took me out on his boat Friday in search of Gold and Silver at a spot that is very hard to get too. Fours hours and all I had was several silvers but I could smell the gold.. It was close...just never found it.... Saturday I forced myself to get out of bed and go in search of that yellow stuff again (alone this time). Different beach...Water was calm.. and the tides were not the best but being what they were it forced me to hunt in the right spot.  Not a lot of targets but got into a little area I could feel it again, then about 16 inches down, out came a 12 gram 10k gold. Hunted for a while longer, then as I was walking in, "out of the blue" I got another signal. Out came a 5.8 gram X10k. Old stamp.. Final total (both hunts) 7 hours,... 2 10k golds, 13 Silvers. I've had a very "Blessed" week, 5 gold rings total (30.58 grams of gold) , 24 Silver coins..in 4 hunts, about 16 hours. Three different beaches. Winds and Tides are off this week, then that crazy day light savings time is coming.😒
      Both John and I had a good time, and interesting, I had a chance to see how well the Nox 800 with stock coil did against my 10 inch coil Stealth Excalibur. In short, I have nothing to worry about from the Nox's. No doubt the best machine to have on fresh drop beaches, but when the targets are very deep, I'm not even sure the 15 inch coil on the Nox would help.
      Wish I could get back to the one spot, the AQ would kill that place I believe, Here...when you digging a lot of silver.. the gold is right there with it. It was just to deep for the Excalibur at the first spot.
      Good Luck to everyone out there and Be Safe! 

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