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    • By Againstmywill
      I found this at the same place the 1899 Barber Dime came from, the old farm where I grew up in Wisconsin. It appears to be brass, and the thin strip of metal makes a "bwonggg" sound when plucked. Any guesses?

    • By Steve Herschbach
      How many of you have a non-human prospecting or detecting buddy? Dog, cat, burro, reconnaissance bird... whatever. Post a pic and tell us about them. Here is  chance to brag about our best friends! 
    • By Hard Prospector
      Well my Sand Shark is about finished so time to shop for a new dedicated (salt water ) beach detector. This machine will be dedicated to wet sand and/or surf only environment. Currently considering the ATX and TDIBH,, any suggestions / input would be appreciated.............Thanks!
    • By alaskaseeker
      Anyone hunting near Bristol this August?
    • By phrunt
      Fancy an Equinox 800 for $200 USD?  Look no further, you can now buy a proper Chinese version!

      It looks like they've now made Fake Gold Monsters too, Mine Lab ones 🙂, it really never ends does it, now people even have to be careful buying a trusty GM1000 😞

      And the Mine Lab SDC 🙂 I guess Mine lab is safe to use but Minelab isn't.

      And to top it off they sell a detector more expensive than the GPZ!  The high performance Titan Ger 1000! $14,500 USD!!!

      I think the lesson to be learnt from this is to buy from Authorized Dealers, and if buying second hand, try verify it's authenticity with original receipts or any way you can.
    • By Jin
      I read a lot of old mining reports or literature relating to the 1850"s - 1870"s when most of the better gold was won. Sometimes I come across information that is really exciting as you know with cross referencing little was mentioned elsewhere about these finds (nuggets - big nuggets!!) So hopefully few people if any have prospected there.
      The only problem is these areas are often almost impenetrable. There either so steep you can barely walk or so over grown trying to get into the area is almost impossible. My biggest fear in these situations is not getting lost but getting bitten by a snake many miles from help. Some of the tiger snakes here even climb trees or lay in the ferns at head height. Which only leaves the winter time to venture in. however during winter the snow is likely going to be a problem. It's really a month or two window of opportunity each year were you have a chance at getting in. 
      Anyway I've got one gully id like to try (many miles away from any gold workings/activity) but im pretty sure its overgrown with blackberries. I recon it would take a a good mile to even get into this gully from a nearby road. Not to mention hacking away at the blackberries with a machete.
      Ive located several areas like this and usually wait for a bush fire or controlled burn to clear the spot but sometimes this dosnt happen. 
      It almost feels like one has to start looking in areas like this where most rational folk would dare to venture to find areas that haven't had lots of attention these days. Sometimes i wish id chosen another hobby, lol
      (Note: I carry a PLB, two way radio, mobile, snake bite kit, lighter, whistle, compass, 2 ltrs water, GPS & spare batteries and sometimes a lever action shotgun for wild dogs. I always communicate exactly where im going and have regular check ins.)  
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