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Wanted Wtb: Broken Or Working Pinpointers

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I need to replace my current pinpointer (I think it's a Bounty Hunter), but I don't want to use a 9V battery with my new pinpointer. I will probably buy a Minelab Pro-Find, Fisher F-Pulse, Whites TRX or the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT (aka: the Garrett Carrot). But if I buy one that uses a 9V battery, it's staying in the package until I have a functional method or operating it without a 9V battery. Because using the Minelab or Garrett Carrot is my preference, I will plan on examining the feasibility of running either with AAA batteries (lithium, NiMH LSD and alkaline).

Therefore, I need a pinpointer to work on when trying to size everything, but I don't want to work on a fully functional one, in case I break it during development. So I'm looking for anyone who might have any of the following pinpointers:

Minelabs Pro-Find 35 (primarily)
Garrett Carrot Pro-Pointer (maybe)

I'm willing to pay $5 per propointer + your actual cost of shipping. I can pay via Paypal and will add $1 to cover the fee. If you feel a higher price is warranted, let me know why and I may be willing to give you more. For example, if you have a Garrett Pro-Pointer and the only thing wrong with it is a broken switch, I'd be willing to pay more than $5 for it.

Oh, and I'm only looking for sellers in the USA (to save on shipping costs on my end, that's all).

Thanks for looking!

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Update: Now only looking for Pro-Find 15 or 35 pinpointers. Now willing to pay $10 and up (plus shipping), depending on unit's condition.

EDIT: I'm also willing to buy fully functional units, too. We can negotiate prices.

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