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Care To Share Your 7000 Settings?

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We've all had our 7000s for a few years now.  Much of the time we keep the same settings.  I'm going back to areas where I've used my 7000 and other detectors and not finding the small gold or the deep gold that I see some of my friends finding.  I haven't asked them recently about all of their settings.  I'll ask the general question now.  There is no RIGHT answer.  Maybe we all can learn something that will let us find a few more nuggets in our worked out patches.

During my most recent gold trip I set up my 7000 like this:

HY, Normal, Sen 8-14, Volume 8, TH 26, TH Pitch 53, Volume Limit 13, Audio Smoothing varied, GB Manual, Ground Smoothing Off or Find Patch, BZ Booster

Using these settings I've found 15-50g meteorites at 8 inches but no gold (maybe I didn't get over it).  Hot rocks were manageable and few.

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MN sounds good to me, not too far from the default, only thing I have diff is I have found semi-autos the go so far and despite all the rhetoric forget about the quick GB button, just leave alone, none of that crazy daily even hourly quick GB let the Z have its head. Its not stupid and doesn`t need huuuuuman continual interference.

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Great thread Mitchell. 

Well the Z is gone but I still remember the settings  ?

The changes I made were very much due to JP's information he posted on here.  I genuinely credit JP with my 3 largest pieces of gold - 6gm, 9 gm and 11 gm pieces.  Not monsters but they made me happy.  

Why do I credit him with that?   Because he suggested Difficult/General for the medium sized bits at a bit of depth.   I'd not felt comfortable with Difficult/High Yield as it just seemed to lose sensitivity.  There were small pieces that just didn't make any noise in Diff/HY and I tried to stay in Normal/HY but that is hard in my ground with hot ground and hot rocks.  

So when he suggested Difficult/General I gave it a go over a little spot a mate and I had found a couple of real tiddlers and we had gone over it pretty well.  But, it was also a spot that I knew had seen multiple over ounce pieces found - including a 6 ounce piece.  Difficult/General turned up the 11 grammer first.   I was playing with targets before I dug them with Difficult/High Yield - not a peep out of this one.  Or the 6 gram. ?

Long story short, I continued to use the Difficult/General combo.  Found that it targeted the larger targets better, gave up very little on the smaller pieces and handled the hot ground/rocks easily.  

Ground Type - Difficult.

Gold Mode - General.

Threshold - 27

Volume - 1 (once I had a B&Z booster)

Volume Limit - 8 (B&Z booster)

Audio smoothing - Off

Ground Balance - Semi Auto

Sensitivity - as high as possible but with stable threshold

That's my basics.  


However, when cleaning out areas with little bits.  High yield and a really high sensitivity would ping the tiny bits.  I don't think you could stand the unstable threshold all the time and the noise probable hid some pieces but for the most part the little bits 'lit up'.  With these settings I really think the Z was finding bits equally small as the SDC can.  Was continually amazed by the small size the Z could hit.  

Sorry if I've rambled a bit.  Might be feeling a bit nostalgic about the Z  ?




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2 hours ago, klunker said:

No settings will eliminate the need for careful operation of the detector and intense concentration.

KL, that`s got to be closest to the truest setting that applies to everyone and every detector. Most settings are individual but that settings universal.

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It seems over the next month or so before my trip I should be using General.  I'll have to make a couple of trips with that in mind.


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As hot as possible for the conditions while still staying stable. No need to memorize settings really, just the philosophy. Adjust accordingly as you travel. 

For most of the US West not right next to EMI/civilization and not on basalt or serpentine, BIF, (or similarly hot or pyrite/magnetite/galena/etc laden bedrock) I've been able to run HY, Normal, and 18-20 sens. I keep my threshold lower than most though because sensory adaptation is real and affects us non-computer humans more than some might think.

When it comes to 1 grain to 1 gram stuff, General will miss a lot that HY will hit like a bell.

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that is why taking a break or changing the tone or volume can make a difference for the better...

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I just sometimes sit back and think of I'm missing some deeper targets because of what settings I don't run. I 99% of the time run....

High Yield


Sensitivity 16 or so

Low smoothing

Semi Auto GB

I just like a quiet machine. Maybe I need to break out of my comfort zone ?

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I don't use 1 set of Settings as the sites,, soil moisture and size of gold I am chasing are usually changing.  But to help those who hunt Rye Patch and areas like it, these settings might help.  Please realize they are just a guide and if you meet me out there, I could be running something different.

The photos are the last time I hunted RP for 5 days straight.  Total of 34+ grams with a couple nice chevrons.

These settings I use most of (not all) the time at Rye Patch and in areas with little mineralized soil and the ground is dry.

Gold Mode: High Yield for best depth on nuggets up to an ounce.  Also great for Specimens and Meteorites. 


Ground Type: Normal for most ground. If the ground is extremely noisy or you are new to detecting, then try Difficult as it runs much smoother.


Sensitivity: Depending on soil conditions and sound of machine, but I like 9 & 10.


Volume: 8


Threshold Level: 38 to 40 depending on your hearing and headphones.


Threshold Pitch: Personal preference but I use 53


Volume Limit: 12


Audio Smoothing: Low or sometimes OFF if you are familiar with old GP's.


Ground Balance Mode: Auto

Hope this helps.

Gerry's Detectors
Gold Detector Field Training






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      First i tried a high sensitivity and the target signal popped out nice and loud. Then I started detecting the surrounding area and felt there was so much other ground noises going on that the quieter signals may be masked. Eventually I found my sweet spot where the detector was quiet as a mouse and i had no problems hearing a slight change in the threshold no matter how small it was. This was at a sensitivity of only 3.
      I then went back over the 2 gram bit and it still gave a great response using sensitivity of 3 (although slightly less than when the sensitivity was a lot higher).
      When i started detecting and raising the sensitivity up around 6 -8 a lot more ground noise came in. Now im used to ground noise as i used to use my gpx in Normal timings most of the time. But after reading how the zed is a different beast and not to drive it to hard i decided to try less aggressive settings to see if less is infact more. Obviously im new to the zed and have much to learn so will continue trying different things until i get my head around things. 
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