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Steve Herschbach

One Kilogram Gold Nugget Discovered By Artisanal Miners

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TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Jan. 29, 2014) - African Gold Group, Inc. ("AGG" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:AGG) is pleased to report that local artisanal miners have discovered a one kilogram gold nugget at the Company's Kobada, Mali gold project.



Location of find and photo of 1 kilogram nugget

Previous 2.7 kilogram nugget found on property


Location map from http://www.africangoldgroup.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=145&Itemid=61


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Hey Steve, wouldn't you just love to have the freedom we had in WA in a place like this? I'd happily donate most of the gold I found just for the opportunity to have a crack at it without having to worry about security etc.



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They are two different worlds, West Africa and WA, but there is a fair chance I'll be back there and Mali is one of the places they are looking at.

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    • By Gerry in Idaho
      While on a recent gold hunt at a new site with the up and coming 24K I was not having much luck at finding gold.  After 4 hours and no heavy yellow metal, I changed gears and decided to see how I liked the digital readout ID system on the machine.  Well I can tell you this.  Yes the numbers might move around some, but when it locks on to the right with a high number, you better dig.  The site must have had a building, as there was iron, glass and even broken brick scattered about.  I used the small 6" coil to get between iron trash and try to sniff out the high conductors and it worked.  It actually did better than I expected and I should have saved the other bullets and buttons, but they were nothing special or neat about them.
      Pocket Watch is certainly a keeper.  No it is not gold or even silver for that matter, but at least it was a timely find.  The pistol bullet is an oldie for sure.  The ceramic tube was odd, as I could not figure out why the detector kept hitting on it?  Then I realized there was a copper wire going through it.  Still not 100% certain what this find is, but I think it had to do with electrical wiring and or insulator of some kind?  If you know, chime in.  The coolest discovery to me was a really nice ornate bottle top.  It's a screw on type made of lead and looks to be a crown.  But it has white glass on the inside of the cap.  There again, if you have an idea, please share you knowledge.
      So if I can be at an old mining camp and pick these treasures among iron, I feel a Relic Hunter could do the same thing.  What about Urban Detecting for micro jewelry in a tot lot or volley ball court?  I think you could pull a few ear rings, belly studs and toe wraps from those sites as most folks who hunt them find the larger coins and rings.  Heck, their machines might even miss a dainty ankle bracelet too.
      Moral of the story.  A gold detector is best at finding gold, but realize it also has other capabilities that can allow for more fun/finds. 
      What are some of your favorite non gold nugget finds with a gold detector, I'd love to see them.

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      Upon looking up the new meteor impact that just happened yesterday in South Africa, I came across this article. I guess its confirmed Pyrite, and not gold....
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      I read this story about a little 'color' in a stream in Greenock.  People talking about some flakes but then they talked about seeing them from a distance and then they showed this guy with a colander and he had a hand full of REAL nuggets.  What a hoot!

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