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Gerry in Idaho

Rye Patch Nv Field Training With Gold Detector Purchase

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There are quite a few newer folks on the forums and some are about to purchase a gold detector.  I want to give you an update.

My Field Staff Experts and I will be offering our 1st of 2019 season a 3 Day Field Training on Gold Detectors, Friday April 12th - Sunday 14th.  I was just notified a couple can not make it and one other from back east won't either.  This means I have 3 openings right now.

Any customer who purchases a gold detector from me of $2500+ can take the class for free.   With the GPZ-7000 promo going on right now and you getting the additional 19" coil (valued at $1500).  Purchase one of these from me...ATX Deep Seeker, GPX-4500, GPX-5000, SDC-2300 or GPZ-7000 and you get a variety of classes to choose from.  Yes I also offer a 15% Military discount on Minelabs.

How good is our training?  Just ask the folks who have taken the class (some of them are on this forum).

Please do not think you are going on a gold hunt.  Our training is for Educating you on the proper use of your detector.  Each of my staff members and I will be plugging in our headphones into a splitter with your phones and into your detector while teaching you the sounds to walk away from and the ones to investigate.  We'll be explaining how to tell ground noise from a genuine target doing the details over and over.  Each of us say the same thing, but in different words/tones, so after 3 days of instruction, you actually start to understand.  From past experiences, the most gold is usually found on the last day, as you are starting to put everything together.  We teach much more with the detectors, their technologies but I won't go into detail.

Contact me direct with any questions.


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Gerry, I’m excited about being one of the instructors during the upcoming class. Folks, this is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow your nugget detecting skills, master your gold detector and experience advanced instruction unique to Gerry’s field training...don’t miss out!

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It’s been several years since my GPZ 7000 purchase from Gerry (and before that the GPX 5000), and even with his instruction, it would take me more time to really feel confident behind this beast of a detector.  Gerry and his staff are absolutely the best option to consider adding - if you are in the market for any of these machines.  They got me “up and producing” much quicker than I had expected to be, given all the variables you’re dealing with.  

They will get you up and running too, and in many cases you’ll be finding those prized yellow targets, they honestly will.  These instructors have incredible time and experience on every machine, and unless you already bring that kind of knowledge to your purchase - they are essential, if not one of the best reason to buy thru Gerry.

The better the detector IMHO, the more you need advise by those that have driven it, and figured it out before you.  Finding this yellow medal is tough, and learning what to listen for essential, understanding what some of those critical variables are are equally important, unless you’re just plain lucky.....   It’s the edge you can’t really get just by reading about it, you have to hear it, and have it pointed out to you.   Lean on his and their knowledge.... it works.

And No, this is unsolicited and not a paid commercial for Gerry, he’s just really great at this.  I’ve hunted with some of his staff, like “Lunk”, and that man is a human gold vacuum in the field, but he’s earned it all by his devotion to it, much as Gerry has.

Anyway - that’s my 2 cents.  Good luck out there!


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Like Dave I have been to a couple training session with Gerry's team. Yes, Gerry promotes his products and you have to respect that because field training isn't cheap. But these training sessions are the difference between bumbling along getting frustrated and actually knowing how to detect for gold.  If you come to the training to learn rather than expecting to find gold, you will come away from the 3 days knowing your machine, understanding settings, knowing about coil control, understanding how to pinpoint and dig targets, and maybe having some strategy for future detecting. You see gold and listen to how gold sounds. You will spend time plugged in with folks who really know how to find gold. You will be in the company of folks with a common interest. You might find gold during the training, but don't count on that. In my experiences several people have found gold, but not everyone in the training. But everyone gets a chance to listen to targets as they are being dug.

Camp on-site if you can and if the weather cooperates. AND no  this post was not solicited. Just a satisfied customer.




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      It has been common knowledge among those paying attention that Nokta/Makro has been working on a new simultaneous multifrequency detector for some time now. The Simplex+ has been specifically stated as being the potential housing for the new unit when it appears. This post from 2/17/2020 reconfirms work on the new model:
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      The development of the HDD builds on Minelab's success in technology development and product innovation for use in military programmes.
      Codan is particularly pleased to be of service to the ADF and to provide an enhanced capability that currently does not exist. Once the HDD enters into service with the ADF, we are confident that other militaries will seek the same level of capability, broadening our market for countermine products.
      The contract supports Codan's stated strategy of growing its profitability by improving and broadening our product offerings while ensuring our value propositions remain relevant and leading-edge.
      Previous to this award, in March 2014, Minelab was selected by the Department of Defence's Rapid Prototype Development and Evaluation (RPDE) programme to receive
      $1.0m in funding to further integrate metal detection and ground penetration radar technologies into a lightweight and compact mechanical platform. In December 2014, RPDE provided an additional $1.3m in funding, and Minelab subsequently produced an advanced prototype of the HDD.
      Cooperating with NIITEK Inc., the HDD will combine Minelab's new Multiple Frequency Continuous Wave metal detection technology and NIITEK's advanced ground penetrating radar. The HDD was designed taking into account the comprehensive requirements of the ADF, supplemented with feedback from Army User Groups. It will include advanced detection technologies as well as new standards of compactness and ergonomics.
      On behalf of the Board
      Michael Barton Company Secretary
      Minelab Mineshark

    • By Ridge Runner
      I was gone part of the morning but when I got home it was a pleasant surprise at my door.
       My I believe new Simplex was waiting for me. It came on a two day priority mail that I believe that Dilek had something to do with. It came back double boxed like I sent it .
       Life is great when you’re dealing with great people and a great company. You know up front who you want to spend your money with.
       Dilek I sent you a personal message but let me say it again. Thank you so much !
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