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56 minutes ago, klunker said:

Looks like they have metal eyelets and the soles are bonded with no stitching which is where most of my boot failures

Nope ... no metal anywhere (not even the eyelets).  It's nice to know you can walk through cactus and not have them pierce the leather.  Jumping Cholla are all over my neck of the woods... and the gold likes to hide where the others don't walk.

There are other brands of non-metal shoes on this website as well. Search "non metallic".  There are many choices.  I went on the cheaper side with the Avengers.  I kick rocks out of the way all day long, like I am playing rock soccer.  The ceramic toe helps protect the toes.

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9 hours ago, Adam H said:

Can you provide a link to the exact model please.

Looks like the whole range is here Adam   https://www.oliver.com.au/boots/elastic-sided-boots   Not sure if some might have metal in the toe cap.   Some do have a composite/non metallic toe protector.   ?

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phrunt, the boots illustrated are the exact ones I wear and swear by. They are the ones you want.

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I go through boots faster than toilet paper. Drives me nuts!

Always had a mind to buy a good solid pair of hunting boots and ask a cobbler to change out the eyelets with non metallic ones. Most don’t have any other metal to them. They can be resoled too. I have hunting buddies who have a decade plus on their boots. Anyone with knowledge know if it’s a feasible thing to change the eyelets out?

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