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Wow, incredible pictures and setting...and good story of your day out. What range does bigger gold come in at on the vdi for shallower depth gold ? Thinking of getting the equinox for my trashy areas..seems to me a small coil would be the way to go. 

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3 hours ago, IronDigger said:

Wow, incredible pictures and setting...and good story of your day out. What range does bigger gold come in at on the vdi for shallower depth gold ? Thinking of getting the equinox for my trashy areas..seems to me a small coil would be the way to go. 

A one gram piece I have can come up between 6 and 9 on the VDI's when within a good range, the deeper it gets the lower VDI it will give especially when on the edge of detection.    You would not be disappointed with the Equinox and the 6" would be perfect for trashy areas.

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You went to the edge and came back a success....very nice gold!


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Great story and photos. Good stuff mate 🙂

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Well Done,what a great spot for a day detecting.

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Nice hunt. Exciting when targets are popping up a lot. Did you ever try those settings in gold 2 yet?

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38 minutes ago, schoolofhardNox said:

Nice hunt. Exciting when targets are popping up a lot. Did you ever try those settings in gold 2 yet?

I experimented between Gold 1 and 2 last week on my tiny gold hunt, both performed exactly the same in that situation so I just stuck with Gold 1 this time, I believe Gold 2 might be a tiny bit deeper at getting a good target ID but I'm digging everything that's not a -8 or -9 ID anyway in this location as it's free of shotgun pellets.

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Fantastic finds.  I wished that the Equinox was around back in my younger days when I used to live in Georgia and would go gold panning.

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  • Similar Content

    • By phrunt
      My 12x6" X-Coil arrived yesterday from Russia, I was out prospecting with my Equinox when it arrived, luckily my wife was home for the courier.  I ended up with a skunk on the Equinox, I took it back to the place I found my 1.2 gram nugget last week.  I detected the living daylights out of the hillside I found the nuggets on hoping there would be another.

      There ended up being no more for the Equinox but now seeing I had my X-Coil I figured I'd give it another try.  I jumped in the car and started the journey, it was another stunner of a day so I did a few stops on the drive to soak up the view.

      Not a breath of wind anywhere.

      I figured my X-coil would like a photo shoot, being such a good looking coil 🙂
      I arrived at my spot and started hunting, I immediately noticed the X-coil wasn't as concerned by the hot rocks in the area as my Evo was.
      Here is an example of the areas hot rocks on the Equinox
      Here is the X-coil running on the same ground, maximum gain of 15, audio in boost and sensitive extra, hardly even notice the hot rocks.
      You notice the cars more than the hot rocks, when they drive past even though I'm a reasonable distance from the road they interfere with my GPX, this is always the case on any coil.  There was a bit of EMI noise but that's because my gain is on max 15 and I'd forgotten to airplane mode my phone before taking the video.  The hole in the video is where my nugget came from.
      The GPX using the X-coil was blissfully unaware of them being there, only the biggest ones would sound off, a majority were silent, about 90% of them didn't make a peep.  On my GPX with Nugget Finder EVO they were quite troublesome.  There was no knock sensitivity at all and I was running the detector flat out, gain of 15 (max) with audio in Boost. 
      This made detecting in this area quite enjoyable, I had been here now a few times so I wasn't expecting much but I really wanted to detect the exact hole I dug to get my 1.2 gram nugget with it as when I found that nugget with the Equinox there was another faint signal on the Nox coming in the -7, -8 range but I was never able to pin it down and ended up deciding it must be a tiny hot rock annoying it.
      It turns out I was wrong, as soon as I put the X-coil in the hole I had a signal, I scraped a bit and out it popped.

      My first X-Coil gold !!!! 0.287 Grams, a nice screaming signal too.
      I detected the rest of this little mound but didn't have any joy on the gold, the one interesting thing though was I found a NZ 1 cent piece, a long extinct coin.  What is interesting about this is the Nox missed it, there is no way I wouldn't dig it with the Nox as they come in at 21 on the VDI's, same as a NZ Gold coin.

      No more luck at this spot so I went back into town to get some lunch as I had a plan to try another spot to see how the coil goes there.
      I'd decided on another occasion I was unable to use my GPX with EVO coil in this spot in the past, it's close to power lines which drive my GPX nuts there, it also has hot rocks that also set my detector off constantly.  I also can't use the VLF's here as the amount of shotgun pellets is just insane, damn Rabbit shooters.
      The X-coil was a different beast.  It still had the EMI issues but dropping my gain back from my usual 15 (max) to 10 mostly resolved the EMI with the odd UFO siren sound occasionally.  I guess being a smaller coil helped with EMI.
      By dropping my gain back I wasn't picking up any shotgun pellets at all, I was a bit worried at first as when I used my EVO here I was digging many pellets, I believe with the EVO I kept my gain at about 13 and put up with the EMI but I wasn't going to do that today, I didn't really want to spend my time digging pellets anyway so I ran with my gain lower hoping to find some gold bigger than a pellet.  The GPX was running really nicely, the shape of the coil was letting me snoop around in spots my EVO couldn't get.  Being long and skinny it gets into tight places well, it's also a dream for pinpointing.

      I could squeeze in between rocks and right up next to them too.  For my EVO I'd be going over the top of these, not between them.
      Also in the plant life it was great, again going between them.  These little plants are quite stiff, you can't just push them over easily but you can navigate between them with this coil.

      I felt I was detecting places that hadn't overly been done due to this, even though I was in flogged ground.
      I managed to pull a signal too, very faint but there every swing

      See how thin I can do my dig hole, the width of the coil...
      And this was it, gold number 2 for the X-coil

      It's heavier than the other one, just 🙂 0.294 grams!
      I was pretty worn out now so I decided I'd hit the lake front for a quick detect near Mcdonald's to try find enough coin to buy dinner.  It was a pretty nice time to be doing it.

      There is the beach I detected, my cars the first one on there, the silver one.

      I'd done this beach before some time ago and it was never great for finds, this time wasn't much different. 

      My days haul.  I do like my X-coil.  I ended up having to pay for my McDonalds
      I think one of my nuggets looks like me, especially on the non-zoomed photo above 🙂

    • By 1864hatter
      So today I thought it was about time I took my 2.5 year old daughter out to my gold claim. The claim is in reasonably rugged country with steep slopes and dense vegetation. Most of the gold is found as small nuggets on or near bedrock. There was one spot I could think of that was within 100m of the road where a river bank had been washed out and bedrock was exposed. That said I knew I'd have to cut a bit of a track through the vegetation to get the little girl through.
      We got to our location after a bit of a scramble down a short but steep slope with the aid of a rope. Was a bit of a performance with a backpack on my back and carrying my daughter. I set her up on a grassy bank next to where I'd be digging and surrounded her with snacks with which to entertain herself. 
      As luck would have it I managed to uncover three small nuggets by clearing the gravels off the bedrock and detecting it. After about an hour she'd had enough and we clamberd back to my car.
      Needless to say, I'm very proud that she's now big and patient enough to take gold hunting!    
      Oh, we got 0.8g total. However in this case the memories (at least for me) are priceless. 

    • By nugget hunter nz
      Thought I'd do we show and tell these are from summer 2018 mainly bedrock hunting in upper creek heads .. using my gpx4500 and goldmonster 1000 all the fines in the left container were from the monster apart from a couple that were gpx or nox800   the two in the centre are 1.7 and 1.6 grams  still yet to break the 2 gram yet hopfuly this year .. I'll be pulling alot of you tube videos up if you want to follow my channel its nugget hunter new zealand ...
      I have a modded gpx4500 but I also modded the shaft to a 3 piece gold big 2 shaft it makes it very portable and easy to carry into hills 

    • By phrunt
      JW asked me last night if I was keen to go back to my hot rock skunk spot for another go, I knew he'd do well there so I wanted to go to see the action, I didn't have too much faith in myself but I was determined to at least break the skunk.
      I arrived at JW's and he had a gift waiting for me, a Minelab melon warmer, perfect timing right before winter kicks in, maybe it's my lucky beanie.

      We've gone to this spot the past couple of weekends, JW has been absolutely killing it at this spot with his X-coils getting double digit gold every time.  I had been skunked both previous times but this time was different, I was determined to break the skunk, the past two skunks were getting to me so I was going to find gold and gold I found, as Meatloaf would say, two out of three ain't bad...
      It's a nice spot, I enjoy being there wandering around

      The grass growth was bad, consistent with this year at every spot we go, it's been a bit wetter than usual

      That little plant in the bottom left of the photo is lethal, it doesn't look dangerous but it will stab you to death with its sharp spikes.  I found out the hard way.
      I started off using my GPX but the hot rocks were driving me mad, as you probably remember from my last two posts about this area I'm really struggling with this area and it's green hot rocks.  On the GPX they come up such nice signals, especially when they're underground, surface ones are simple to deal with.  The smaller they are the more annoying they are.  I quickly got sick of digging hotrocks so swapped over to my Equinox. 
      The Equinox although is just as bothered by the hot rocks can at least tell you they're hotrocks with the -8 and -9 on the VDI's.  I prefer to use my Equinox in all metal mode, I don't like how if you notch out numbers it just nulls the audio but you hear broken audio from any overlap in the VDI's that cross to another number. 
      Here is a video of the Equinox on this ground with no discrimination - I'll put better quality videos up later, Googles taking forever to process them.
      I put up with all metal mode for a while but gave up and notched out -9 and -8, not long after that I found my first bit of gold.  A nice 6 to 7 on the VDI's

      Not too shabby, It was quite deep too, I didn't bother to work out the depth but I'd say about 7",  a decent weight too

      You'll notice on all my dig holes in this post I clear the surface around them, that's to get rid of as many hot rocks as possible as they can disturb the signal and effect the VDI's
      That was it for me for some time,  I spent the next couple of hours detecting around and found very little, the good thing about this spot is its relatively junk free, there are just bucket loads of hot rocks to make up for the missing junk 🙂
      JW walked past on his way to another spot and I asked how he's going, I think at this point he was at 6 or more, I can't remember exactly but I wasn't surprised, it's the x-coil factor....
      Lately my best gold has come from the most unlikely places, so what's exactly where I went to explore next.
      My GPX was behaving nicely, I'm not overly certain what people consider a smooth running GPX is but this is mine in sensitive extra with gain of 15 and audio in boost, the signals it's getting are the hot rocks.
        Going over ground and finding a small underground hotrock
      Going over my .3 of a gram nugget I just found, I throw it in an about 6" deep dig hole from someone else.
      I gave up on the GPX again due to the hot rocks and lack of discrimination and went back to the Nox with 11" coil.  I was in Gold 2 with sensitivity 25, all else defaults but -8 and -9 discriminated out.
      JW wandered past as he was going back to get lunch, I'd already had mine so he said you may as well stay detecting, it's lucky he said that as I was about to give up on this spot but decided I'd stay a bit longer.
      Soon after I had a solid 15 on the VDI's, never changed.. absolutely solid.  I thought maybe I had an old coin or something but no, it was my biggest piece of gold ever!!!!!

      Look at that lump! You'll note I got my Carrot out for this one, I thought it was an old coin so I used my Carrot to locate it, which it did a quick job of.

      Down 3/4 of the depth of my carrot.

      Oh yea! my biggest ever! 1.208 grams 🙂
      A few foot away I got another nice signal, a very repeatable 5 on the VDI's this time

      Only about 2-3 inches down


      A very good day to me, but no match for JW and his X-coils! 🙂
      Some may wonder why I used the 11" coil on the Equinox and not the 6" when prospecting.... to me there is not that much difference, the 11" will find tiny gold, I wanted the ground coverage and the extra depth as I've seen from JW's experience the gold at this spot tends to be deeper.  The 11" isn't that far behind the 6" in sensitivity to tiny gold.
    • By kiwijw
      Hi guys, After my Anzac day post, which most of you probably saw before Steve took it down as it was non gold related, you will have an under standing of what Anzac day is all about for us Kiwi's & Aussies. After a morning of remembrance I decided to head out to a little local spot of mine just down the road to try the 15 x 14 X coil on an old area that had dried up for me with the Zed. I thought this would be a perfect test for this coil. It also involved taking the E-mountain bike.

      There was a good area of schist bedrock with little growth but more than what should have been there & more than I had ever seen there before.

      So I slowly got into my stride. There were power lines not far away & they were giving me a bit of grief. Even a dusting of snow on the hills in the back ground.

      Something these coils do not like. But I persevered with it listening intently among the noise for a different signal "noise". It came pretty quickly on the outside edge of a schist bedrock drop off. I had never got a signal here before with any of my other detectors. It ended up being very deep into the schist. Having to smash into it.

      The detector & coil is sitting on the top of the bedrock & I smashed out down into the shoulder of that corner down to forming that lower ledge when the signal had finally moved.

      .44 of a gram

      Going very slowly over this bedrock it wasn't too long before I had another faint little signal. This proved quite difficult to locate as you will see where I have smashed into the schist between the coil & the pick. Until I got into that crevice & that was where the signal was coming from..


      Small bit of gold .14 of a gram

      First piece was in that schist face in the foreground & that 2nd bit where the detector is sitting.

      I then went on to the edge of a schist bedrock drop off into deeper ground. Got a nice signal that had me taking out a fair bit of loamy top soil. MMMm....maybe not. But then I got into a couple of crevices & the signal was down in there.

      Signal ended up being in that deeper crevice next to the coil. A .75 gram piece.

      Nice bit of character. Looks like a little elephant with out a trunk, or something.

      That was it apart from detecting & tree root, & breaking my swing arm in the process.🤬

      I called it quits at that.

      I was happy with that considering I had got nothing off here on numerous other occasions with the Zed.

      Loving this 15 x14 X coil. It speaks my language. GOLD 👍 I have yet to be skunked with it on 7 outings with it. That is telling me something.
      Good luck out there
      JW 🤠
    • By kiwijw
      Thursday after work Mrs JW had the caravan all packed & ready to go. So after a shower & change of clothes for me we were off. Didn't get to our destination until after dark. Got all set up & chilled out. Even chilled out in the morning as awoke to frost & a heavy fog. So no rush to get up the hill detecting.  The day became a stunner & this pic below was taken when we came down for a late lunch & a chill out.
      The first spot I headed to was where I got those 12 bits the previous weekend. I had stuck with the 15 X 14 X coil due to the open & deep ground. going over this again & very thoroughly I didn't get another bean. So moved on to other old areas.
      Mrs JW doing what she does now when she tags along. Sits in her camp chair reading her girly mag & doing the cross word.
      Tried the clay gravels of an old timers dam Brest. I had got gold off here previously but nothing on the last few attempts with the Zed.
      Humpdey dumptey sat on the wall....
        Got three little pieces in the foreground just below the thyme bushes in the above pic.
      First shallow scrape.
      Easter Fridays effort. 7 small bits for the 15 X 14 X coil
      Saturday we decided to head off & go check out the New Zealand Jet boat Sprint Champion finals. On getting there it was raining & windy so we turned around & headed back & I got a few hours detecting in. Stuck with the 15 X 14.
      Didn't take any pics of the digs but managed 4 little pieces.
      I went to top up my detector battery that night but had the wrong 12 volt plug for the charger. I had grabbed the Gold monster one & it wasn't compatible. Strangely enough it charged the WM12 but not the detector battery.
      Any way, sunday came around & I said to Mrs JW that I would just go until the battery went flat.
      First signal
      Tiny bit of quartz with even tinier gold in it.
      Just targeting the bald areas as much as possible. Although I did go over the grass areas.
      A fly spec size bit of gold.
      And another
      End result for the weekend. Top row Fridays, middle row saturdays & bottom row sundays.
      I was pretty chuffed getting those small size bits with that 15 X 14 inch coil. The detector battery died sunday so monday we headed back home after getting a bowl of wild mushrooms. Yum.
      Didn't try any of the other of the X coils. I just couldnt take the 15 X 14 off. For ever hoping for a bigger deeper one. Didnt come. Maybe next time.
      Best of luck out there
      JW 🤠
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