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Davsgold, I've been out of the prospecting loop for a while so I'm only just now catching up and seeing these coils, not sure which sizes are available but for me something like a 7x12" elliptical would hit the sweet spot for getting into rocky washes and also hopefully getting a bit more depth on the ~1/4 gram type stuff. I have to head back home here soon though and it looks like these coils come out of Russia? If so its probably too late for me to get one. If there happens to be one already in the US which I could put on and take out for a day to some producing washes, do some basic tests on it, I'd love to make a video on it though and see how it works. I should be out for another few month prospecting trip later this year.

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On 4/10/2019 at 4:45 PM, davsgold said:

Hey JW, I see your giving the X-Coils a go.

Hi Dave, So far I have just used the 14 X 15 that once when I snagged those two small bits off ground that was no longer coughing up gold to me with the ML 14" standard coil & I have THRASHED that ground many times in many conditions. That impressed me no end. 👍 Then I had my vehicle problem & was vehicleless for a while. The 10 X 9 had its first outing with Simon on this mission. We were both so sure that those signals were going to be gold. Especially that first one where it was down a good 4" & I had to put your Davsgold pick to good use. Bloody tinfoil. Couldn't believe it & then it was followed by a 2nd bit 🤬 As Simon said the coil banged off on his first 2 little finds in an air test at a very reasonable height. Not that I am one to take much notice of air tests but those tinfoil signals banged out too. My next signal after that was about two feet away & was faint but a definite signal. Down about 10" & was a .22 short casing. That bloody signal had me going too. I was starting to get into what appeared to be bedrock & thought...here we go. But no. This weekend Mrs JW is heading up north to hopefully be at the birth of her 2nd grandchild. I will make the most of the weekend while she is away & hope to do an over nighter mission to give the X coils an honest run. Stay tuned.

I see Simon has sent me through the latest "Curse Of Oak Island" to watch. Cheers Simon. I really like this show. I know it drags on a bit but I find it fascinating. They are definitely on to something.

Thanks for your Email address. I will touch base with you tomorrow night on matters.  

Good luck out there

JW :smile:

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17 hours ago, jasong said:

Davsgold, I've been out of the prospecting loop for a while so I'm only just now catching up and seeing these coils, not sure which sizes are available but for me something like a 7x12" elliptical would hit the sweet spot for getting into rocky washes and also hopefully getting a bit more depth on the ~1/4 gram type stuff. I have to head back home here soon though and it looks like these coils come out of Russia? If so its probably too late for me to get one. If there happens to be one already in the US which I could put on and take out for a day to some producing washes, do some basic tests on it, I'd love to make a video on it though and see how it works. I should be out for another few month prospecting trip later this year.

The coils haven't got as far as the the USA yet, but I'm sure they will, and yes the do take a good while to arrive, just keep an eye on posts about the coils.

cheers dave

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Phrunt,  The photos and story are magazine quality....no no way better than that.  This article here is DP forum worthy my friend.  And the gold you two recovered is the extra icing on the cake.  Well done and I hope you keep at it.  Thanks for taking me there with you on this little short journey.

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Wonderful post with incredible pictures of your beautiful surroundings, and thanks for the photos of the historical cabin, nice they've put protective roofing, etc. to keep it intact, great idea.

Glad you're learning more about how to chase that sassy gold each and every time you're out.

All the best,


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JW, the whole thing about Kiwis, Canadians, and Aussies, and being able to tell the differences is child's play compared to trying to ID all of the varied accents in the US: now that's an enterprise that takes some patience, and I have in no way mastered it.

For a little accentual variety there's Cajun (Louisiana), Bostonian, Texan, Kentuckian, southern Utahan, Arkansan, the twang of Wyoming or Montana cowboys (the truly rooted, native individuals, not the later move ins, mind you) and this is just for a bit of the taste of the flavour of the range of varieties, and I haven't even brought up North Dakotan because I've only scratched the surface with my weak attempts. However, the truly amazing thing, all of those greatly varied accents are home grown in the same country! And yes, there's differences in accents in Canadians as well to add to the continuing confusion . . . Ever listened to anyone from Newfoundland?

All the best, and thanks for sharing your gold chasing adventures with all of the wonderful pictures that represent so well what you're up to,


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  • Similar Content

    • By phrunt
      KiwiJW, Mrs JW and I went on a bit of an unusual mission over the weekend. The NZ Minelab dealer contacted me last week saying he has a mission should I choose to accept it,  He knew someone who bought a nice house with a gold mine as it's backyard, she wanted to know if there was still gold to be found on it as she would buy a detector for a bit of fun.  She wasn't overly serious about making anything out of it, just liked the idea of knowing if gold was there as it would be a novelty to send visitors out with a detector.   She said we could keep anything we find if we managed to find anything, I was hoping for an old Chinese coin.
      JW had been to the area before although I don't think he had great success but with this being a private property gold mine that was quite well hidden perhaps nobody had hit it before.  Not to mention it was completely covered in scrub, over the past two years since buying it she had been clearing it only leaving the good stuff, amazing job for one very determined woman. 
      The Chinese miners planted out a range of plum trees, tobacco plants, briar rose for their tea and who knows what else.  They also planted these cool little plants they used for toilet paper, it's a shame I didn't get a photo of one.  Nice big soft thick cushy furry leaves, probably better than real toilet paper.  It was tempting to test some out.
      John brought his Caravan along, all the comforts of home

      We were able to park it up right next to the Gold mine. Coffees ready to roll.
      The mine was huge, daunting to work out where to start so I relied more on JW as he has much more of an idea about this sort of thing, so we jumped on our VLF's, JW on his Monster and me on the Nox.  I left the 11" coil on to give me more ground coverage in such a massive area.  JW manned up and used the 5" GM coil, not daunted at all 🙂

      It just keep going and going and going, imagine having that as your backyard.  I'd love it.
      We tried and tried to find gold, but nothing.... JW found an old penny, but promptly lost it again
      It was old sluiced workings and there was still a lot of the old equipment laying around, pipes and bits of the sluice gun.  The main part of the gun looked to be a feature in her town now.
      We went for dinner at the local pub that night with the lady that owns the mine and her neighbours who were very interested in trying to find gold.  Mrs JW fired up the Jukebox, in turn JW shook his booty to the tunes which the entire pub couldn't help but notice much to my and Mr's JW's amusement.

      When it was time to leave we went up and paid the bill and the publican asked where we were from and turns out he lived near me for 30 or so years and moved up to that area to run a trommel and a couple of diggers.  He did quite well but messed up with paperwork so had to end the mining so he bought the pub instead.  He informed us the area only had tiny flour gold so our detectors were useless.  JW already suspected this.

      I really thought we'd get something so armed with our new information JW decided it's time to go back to basics to avoid a skunk.

      She had a pond with a cool little hut in the gold mine too, turns out the hut also came from my town, she got it delivered. Very weird set of circumstances.
      JW tried a few pans, no luck, then he tried out some of the dirt rabbits left after digging their holes, and what do you know, he got gold!

      He got 1 tiny little flake 🙂

      The water was near freezing! He tackled another pan of rabbit hole soil and got another couple of bits then handed over the pan to me, I got 5 bits on my first pan of rabbit dirt, then another few bits on my second pan, including a big one.......... for this location.
      We called it quits and did a tour of the local area and it's mining history and found this old mini bucket dredge.

      Then a snow storm started to kick in so we made our way home, weekend over.... an enjoyable experience and I learnt quite a bit.
    • By vanursepaul
      Well we finally got thru obligatory rehab work, and we dryblowing work. 
      Drove the backhoe to the next area and decided to scrape a little while we were there...
      Glory be!!!
      10grams right off.
      Most were in the dirt above the cap. 
      Did a repeat the second day with 16grams🤠
      Got most of the gear  ready to go... piddling today...enjoyed Sunday with a couple of mates.
      Getting my camper all ready to go bush...
      I repaired some tears and old loose seams yesterday with a Speedy Stitcher... handy tool to have if you ever have to sew canvas....works like a charm 
      Built a new battery/propane housing frame on the tongue so I can boondock with 2 propane and 2 deep cycle batteries on hand. 
      Also got a Yagi antenna from Trent that should give me Internet... that will be crazy out where I’m going... 
      I already took the water trailer with 250 gallons down day before yesterday.
      Hopefully this area will keep producing well for us.
      Picture of me below shows how I love dryblowing.

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      Condor and his trip/notes was the inspiration of my post.  He too realized the easy gold is gone, but we go for the Adventure too.  Thanks Condor for sparking my old memories.  At least you can say.."I did it".
      Spring 2006 three buddies/I decided it was time to quit talking about it and just do "Australia" with a detector for gold.  With many details left out, but a quick overview.
      Yes I made it home (America) and am alive.  The venomous snakes, iguanas (4 foot poisonous lizard), attacking kangaroos, wild goats and monster sized spiders/centipedes could not stand up against the rancid ripe odor of an un-bathed light skinned Yankee running across the dehydrated desert flats with detector in hand.   I just returned from an enjoyable 1st time trip to Western Australia and the richly red iron soils of the Outback areas of known golden fields Kalgoorlie/Leanora.
      Even though I caught some serious plane crud on the 16 hour flight from LAX to Sydney, AU. and it lasted hard the 1st week and a half before I got a little better...I still managed to have fun.  The Outback is one of a beautiful and secluded primitive place this mother earth allows us to play with many sites, sounds and wonders to gather and ponder in the mind. I would love to return some day, but would do things a little more different and be set up for gold hunting more for the serious BUSH and not be seen for a week at a time.

       Most areas we detected had been hunted really hard (just like here in the US such as Rye Patch, NV.) and we would find the crumbs that others missed do to their lack of detector knowledge and skill.  We did manage to find an occasional small site that was off the beaten path and get a few nuggets.  The Minelab GP-3500 with a Commander 15” MONO elliptical coil ran flawlessly and found most of my nuggets.  In fact all 4 of us were using GP-3500’s and were amazed at how well they ran in the much heard of highly mineralized Australian soil.  I did manage to find 4 small patches that produced the majority of my gold..

      In no way do I base the success of this trip on recovered gold, but as usual, I hoped for and expected more. Of the 4 detectorists (including myself), we found approx 110 nuggets and one 5 oz specimen.  I managed 62 of those nuggets and the specimen.  To give you a weight total, we had a combined wt of approx. 4 ounces and then the 5 ounce specimen.  Of the 4 ounces of gold nuggets we all found, my total wt was just over 64 grams (2 ounces) for the 62 nuggets, so you get an idea of the size with an average of my nuggets being around 1 gram each.  The largest nugget (not including the specimen) was 3.9 gram and there were 2 of those found.

      Yes I was hoping for a few larger nuggets and even expected that we each could find a 1/4 oz'er but that never happened. Does that mean the trip was a bust?  Most certainly not and I assure you, it was an amazing trip that I'll fondly remember for the rest of my life.
      Moral of the story to add to Condors trip.   Over 10+ years ago, 4 good American nugget hunters with the newest detector technologies did not find what we had expected and hoped for in the gold category.  4 of us Americans did something most dream about but never do and we'll remember the Australian Outback...and those girls wearing pasties, for the rest of our lives.  I always wondered if there was a nugget under one of those pasties?  Maybe go back some day to check.
      Thanks for caring.
      Gerry in Idaho

      Gerry's Detectors


    • By Sofia-Europe
      Making convoy of 2-3  vehicles  will be much better & saver
         than solo    
      Let's shake this Yukon & Northwest Territories  FOR A BIGGER NUGGETS : CREEKS , HILL , ANY SUSPICION PLACE WITH TOUGH ACCESS  😎
      Not looking for panning  gold in my case
       I can’t get my expenses anyway with panning  gold  😎
      So Im playing Bingo here
      It is going to be a lot of nuggets or I will have unforgettable memories  for life which is ok  
      Im getting ready from now.
      It is going to be risky & dangerous expedition , rethink twice before  YES I’m coming
      There is the plan for gold nuggets & meteorites  in undiscovered areas far a way from City’s
       1-2  Off road reliable vehicle ( installed winch will be nice)
      Firearms – Mandatory  !!!  good caliber will 45-70   many grizzles are there too 🐂
      You’ll need  to carry  at least 10 jerry cans of gas or Diesel  (200 Liters) + full tank of gas
      So we do not have to waste time in looking for gas stations  
      Satellite phone- it is up to you  & gps if you have one would be better
      Metal detector – gpx will be best  or whatever you have
       Leaving my place in Ontario on May 10th 2020 to Yukon.
      It will be around 10 days driving to Yukon so We can meet  somewhere  in Yukon
      My trip will be 4 months long , if you guys want to get success then you have to stay long time
      And get the risk too ! 
      I know it is expensive expedition   but you never know what you can find
      There is priority – No ones have it done before , why ? money, time, risk , work and so on
      That’s why the chance is big  
      Otherwise you are spending money and wasting time for nothing  (2-3 weeks not enough )  
      If you have  $$ to burn &  if you are crazy enough   then       Welcome   😊
    • By Condor
      I'm late getting out week 4, but unfortunately there wasn't much to report.  We've had wind, then some wind & rain, then some really fine days.  We lost a day here and there between weather, then the meeting with Dave on the X-Coil.  We had 2 long days at the very southern end of the lease and did a great deal of exploring.  We found a few crumbs.  Dennis actually found 12 nuggets that weighed a total of 1.2 grams.  It was enough to keep us busy and always thinking we were one coil swing away from a really good strike.  We just couldn't get that coil over the big stuff.
      I'm using our backup GPX5000 with the 14X9 Coiltek Elite coil while I'm waiting for my Patch Lead to be completed.   I was amazed at how quiet that machine can be.  I cranked up the RX and cranked down the Stabilizer just so I could hear some noise.  I found 3 tiny crumbs, 1 of them in one of my own boot scrapes from last week.  Clearly, the 5000 can find tiny gold.  My Patch Lead is delayed for another week, apparently one of the 5-pin connecter screws twisted off during reassembly.  I'm satisfied I'm not missing much if anything with the 5000, but I really want to get that 17" X-Coil in motion.
      We're making our move to a new lease tomorrow so we've got a full day of packing and hauling Camp Yank.  The flies remain a constant distraction during midday.  I bring out the bug hood the minute one dive bombs my eyes or nose.  They are persistent little buggers,   Dennis is a lot more tolerant.
      Paul made it back safe and sound.  He's chomping at the bit to get some of this $1400 an oz gold out of the ground.  Their backhoe is up and running again, so good things should start happening soon for their team.
      Sorry for the short and relatively uneventful report.  Maybe next week, it's all about the possibilities not the probabilities that keeps us swinging those detectors.  
    • By IdahoPeg
      Been back from wintering in Florida for over a month, and the weather finally got nice so headed to northern Nevada to meet up with some friends and nugget hunt. I got there a day before the others, so took off on the quad to look for new spots. Love the freedom the atv gives me out there, and the scenery is great!

      I explored some higher ravines and washes, and actually got a nice little .68g nugget a couple inches down at the edge of a wash. Unfortunately, after quite a few hours hitting the area pretty hard, that was the lone piece.
      We looked for new patches about 60-70% of the next week, and hit a couple old ones the rest of the time. Lots of skunked days. I did get 3 more pieces at a pounded patch, and another while detecting an alluvial fan off the mountains for the first time....Chet got one there too, but the gold was so scattered and random...no patches to be found. While wandering around I noticed this little guy....he wasn’t shy at all, jumped from rock to bush, and waited patiently for me to turn my phone on to get his pic.

      Here’s my take for the trip....much smaller than usual for my Nevada outings. Very tough hunting, but a great time anyway. Enjoyed some delicious meals with the guys(Tom is an incredible camp chef!), Chet had repaired and souped up my dry washer over the winter so it’s ready for action up at the cabin, and George found some amazing crystals and gave me a couple cool ones. Brian even made a cameo appearance, and as usual found some nice gold in a short time!

      So the sun sets on another detecting adventure....can’t wait for the next one!

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