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Spring Has Sprung!!!!

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The ground is almost completely thawed in my neck of the Great White North and I managed to get out a couple of times to kick start my second season with the Equinox!!

The sweetest sound in the world has to be when silver rings loud and clear through your headphones and you just know it's gonna be great!!  My very first silver of the year was a 1942 quarter that had to be pried from a clod of frozen dirt while the 1944 dime and 1902 5 cent coin (fishscale or fishie) came out of rather soggy holes. The fishies are quite hard to come by and this one is my first. I have only ever seen two other fishies come out of the ground.

The Equinox 800 is certainly proving it's worth when I detected an absolutely pounded waterfront park and I was rewarded with two of the sweetest coppers around. The large cent almost looks like it was dropped the day it was minted....but we're a long way from the mint. 😏

Temps will be well into the double digits (Celsius) tomorrow and I can feel a great year coming on!!!!

All the best to everyone this year!!!!









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Wow, that's what like to see.  I will find Canadian in change but I've dug one but I live in Virginia and that's a long way from your town.


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Great finds!  I'm particularly impressed with the conditions of those two early one cent pieces (1914 and 1931).  I found a 1917 Canadian Large Cent last year but it is badly corroded.  I do understand your thrill with the silver coins.  Regardless of date (+mm) and condition, there is something particularly satisfying with finding silver.  Keep up the good work!


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    • By normmcq
      I asked and got permission to hunt an old yard in the older part of town.  I was told that it had been detected several times over the years and a $20.00 gold coin was found there about twenty years ago. I said that technology had gotten better and I would like to try my chances. I was very pleasantly surprised with this coin
    • By Ms.Molewacker
      Weather was just too nice not to camp this weekend here on the Wet side of WA. Off to a older camp ground that once had a apple orchard with a few old trees left. Zillions of pull tabs and can slow, but managed to pull a pile of coins including the 64 and 53 Silver Rosies. The silver came in on the first day, 20 minutes apart.  I don't think I have ever had a 2 silver day, and the nox was pulling deep for our stupid soil. 

      Thanks for looking, and HH

    • By Dan(NM)
      Just curious how many folks would do this to get a coin?    This was my first attempt to video a live dig, so please forgive the lack of professionalism 🙂  
    • By Walter S. Fowler
      Got out today with the Equinox 800 for a short hunt.  Not a lot of coins, but did find 1944s wheat penny and Malibu Castle & Showboat Fun Center token.   I believe this amusement park was active in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's in North Holleywood, Ca.  and closed and then burned to the ground in 1998.   Correct me if I'm wrong. The live round was a PMC .270 Win.  I have no idea how it got to where it was. Used my regular Park 1, recovery speed down to 4, and sensitivity up to 23.  Also, first time out with my Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer which replaces my Garrett (black) Propointer.  The F-Pluse definitely goes about 1 1/2 inches deeper on most coins and has a lot more features than my older pinpointer.  It is much more powerful and does require ground balancing to operate smoothly.  Anyone  have any experience longer term with the Fisher F-Pulse they would want to share? Thanks. 

    • By kac
      Found this seated liberty and possibly the remnants of a large cent, could barely see a ghost of something that might have been readable at one point in time..... possibly.
      Also found all the poison sumac they cut down the hard way so I now need to be more cautious searching.

    • By MidTN
      Found this magician coin back in the fall of 2018, and wanted to share.  Has a merc dime on one side and a wheat penny on the other. Still learning the MX Sport. Found it near a baseball field so I'm guessing some kid lost his dads coin. Would this qualify as my first silver or half silver?
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