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Not A Fan Of The GPZ 7000 Yet.. But Hope To Be Soon

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I almost never took my GPZ coil off the ground and wore out several skid plates. Lifting off the ground is to deal with extreme ground. Generally not required in the U.S.

From https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/254716/KBA 24-1 Basics of the GPZ 7000 Technology Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT).pdf

"In any of the above settings, it pays to swing the coil an inch or so above the soil surface if the soils are considered saturable (VRM). Saturable means that a detector ground balances well if the coil is raised and lowered down to about a few centimetres above the soil surface, and for the worst saturation, down to several centimetres, but not if the coil is swung up and down to a height lower than these saturation ‘height thresholds’ (e.g. down to the soil surface.) In addition, the degree of (VRM) soil saturation is considerably less for Difficult or Severe than Normal. As the metal detector coil is moved towards a soil, the transmitted magnetic field in the soil gets stronger. This causes a (very) small degree of VRM signal ‘saturation’ that happens to cause the resistive signal relative slope of the tilt to change. This is why the amount of VRM soil saturation is far less for Difficult and Severe than Normal. Soil saturation often requires the user to operate the coil several centimetres above the soil surface for best results.

However, whilst soils do have resistive signal that are very accurately log‑linear, unfortunately this is not perfectly accurate for some soils, and, because the GPZ 7000 has such very high sensitivity, even miniscule deviations in the straightness of the line of the log‑linear resistive signal will cause ground noise signals. Severe is less sensitive to these miniscule deviations than Difficult. Whilst the GPZ 7000 does not have a dedicated ‘salt’ detection setting (saline soils), the best Gold Mode setting for salt soils is Extra Deep."

That article was later refined into this newer article on the GPZ and bad ground....

https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/254714/KBA 27-2 Gold Detecting in Difficult Ground Conditions.pdf



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1 hour ago, Steve Herschbach said:

I almost never took my GPZ coil off the ground and wore out several skid plates. Lifting off the ground is to deal with extreme ground. Generally not required in the U.S.


I found the same thing. I always scrubbed my coil except in very hot ground (some areas near Stuart Mill/ St Arnaud and some areas around Maryborough)- I just lifted coil a little and it worked perfectly. I find exactly the same thing works with flat wound coils on the GPX.

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I have checked in on this thread whilst at work today and had time to ponder.  It's been a hard day 😉

There is a possibility that all the gold is gone.  It was only shallow and the GPX got it all.  But based on Steve H, JP, KiwiJW and heaps of others writing over time how the GPZ re-ignited patches that they felt were dead and buried - it seems unlikely that your little patch has flat-lined just yet. 

This quote intrigues me.  

14 hours ago, Jin said:

Only a few bits showed some wear most was prickly and sharp and hasn't traveled far. 

These bits are supposed to be the domain of the Z (or an SDC)!  These are the same bits that the GPX series supposedly struggle on.   So that just brings me back to the feeling that something is not right with the settings or some part of the set-up. 

If heading back to this same spot I would use:

Ground Mode - Normal (as long as it is usable). 

Gold Mode - High Yield. 

Threshold - 27 ish.

Sensitivity - only take it to a point where it is just starting to get unstable and then go back 1 setting.   I do understand that running hotter can also be advantageous and Steve H has outlined his insanely hot settings and Kiwi gets away with them too (and I've used these to clean out patches of tiny bits).  But just to start, this is where I would go and allow myself to listen for the tiniest change to that flat line threshold - rather than trying to listen for the 1 dollar coin in a tumble dryer full of 5 cent pieces 🤣

Volume - about 8.   

Volume Limit - about 10.

Audio Smoothing - Off. 

Ground Balance - Semi - auto.  


I know you also mentioned here and in your email that you tried Extra Deep.  From the GPZ manual - 

Extra Deep

This setting is specifically designed for searching for deeply buried nuggets. Large, deep nuggets (typically ≥ 50 grams) produce complex and subtle audio responses, so this setting should only be used by skilled operators. Shallow targets may be missed with this setting when compared to the ‘High Yield’ or ‘General’ settings. This setting is not recommended for general use.

The bold bits make me think 3 things. 

You mentioned that you reckon the run of gold is shallow.  So maybe not the best mode.   

A good mode for nuggets bigger than 50 grams (wouldn't that be sweet!).  Has this patch produced anything near that range or bigger?  

Complex and subtle audio responses - may be getting masked by the hot settings background noise?


Lastly, I would take the SP01 out of the equation for a bit.  This is in no way a slight at Pat or Nenad.  Regardless of brand I would suggest the same thing.  It is a matter of eliminating possibilities where something might be falling down.  Maybe the filter choice is not right, maybe the SP01 is faulty, maybe the WM12 is faulty, maybe there are battery issues, connections, etc.  I would just go back to the basic set-up and see what happens.   Boosters can be great but the basic Z and WM12 combo works pretty well too.   

Most importantly, don't give up on the GPZ yet.  It may be an ergonomic nightmare, have limited coil choice and be the price of a small car but it is an awesome gold finding machine and if I knew I had the time and the disposable cash I would have mine back in a heartbeat  😊


I hope something in all that dribble helps you to find the yellow stuff  😉




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Cheers guys, all good information and much appreciated.

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The biggest issue is the intrusion of Saturation/VRM into the threshold without the user realising it. Careful coil control is required to keep the coil right on the edge of the Saturation response so that it does not colour the threshold. Anything that colours the threshold impacts on depth because a disturbance in the threshold is the only way we can hear a target in the ground.

The GPZ has two receive windings, a bad operator can tilt (left to right tilt) one winding into saturation and remove the other causing an imbalance or if you like throw the windings out of Phase. Any variation in signal created by this will impact on depth, it has to because it lifts the noise floor. This is why I ALWAYS use Audio Smoothing on OFF, this lowers the electronics noise floor, then I focus on maintaining a smooth coil swing and height variation occasionally coupling the coil to the ground to see how much saturation there is and adjusting my swing height accordingly. 

There is no point getting the coil closer to the ground if the saturation level then masks a deep target response.


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Firstly, I scrub the ground (because I can where I am at)

Secondly, I run more conservative settings with my sensitivity down in the 5 or less, area.  Everything else is pretty much like Northeast runs.  What I found is that when I went back to my patches, I got nothing more until I lowered my sensitivity.  When I did this, the ground noise went away and I heard deeper targets.

Overall,  when I switched to the ZED, I find many more smaller targets that the GPX5000 was not sensitive to get.  If you have pounded areas with your larger GPX coils, don't plan on the ZED getting too much more.  It all depends on your patch, I guess, and what you've already pounded it with.   I *do* find the ZED more sensitive to improper handling and requires (in general) a slower sweep than the GPX. 

But I still love that I can get almost everything I need with this one coil.  My only gripe is that the 14" coil does not fit in all the areas I want to put it.

Good luck!


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    • By phoenix
      I`m sure some will remember when the 7000 first came out I was not a big fan of it, but here it is 4 and a bit years later it`s obvious to me the fault was with the operator, not the detector. Just lately I`ve lifted my game again with the 7000, I`ve cranked the gain a bit and cut target volume down to almost nothing and I now always work very slow, and it amazes me some of the pieces I am now getting at depth that I had previously missed.                       This is not a big piece by any stretch of the imagination, but for the most part, I am detecting ground that in the last 40 years has seen literally thousands of detectors.   This one was the tiniest break in the threshold and down about 6 or 7" in very hard ground.  Hopefully there is a big bit waiting for me 🙂

    • By kiwijw
      Just my 10 cents worth on after market coils. I know this thread was about the coils for the 2300 but someone mentioned the Russian coils for the Zed. I made a small mention last week about me taking delivery of three of their coils. The 10 x 9, 12" round spiral wound & the 15 X 14. Last weekend with Simon I got skunked with the 10 X 9. I had great intentions of trialing all three this weekend but got off to a good start with the 15 X 14 & just stuck with it. Actually it is my 2nd outing with the 15 X 14 & it is proving to me to be doing a very good job on ground I have pounded to death with the Zed & the minelab 14" coil that had stopped producing gold finds.
      I will do a more in depth post later but just to show you how well this 15 X 14 Russian X coil did for me on ground that was no longer coughing up gold with the ML 14" coil. The depth were staggering. I bang on about how blown away I still am after 2.5 years of swinging the Zed & the ML 14" coil but this 15 X 14 coil is  next level. It runs quite a bit more sensitive so I am putting up with a bit more ratyness.  I tried to stay in my usual settings of High Yield/Normal & sensitivity up at 18-19. We had quite a bit of heavy rain the other day which made for much easier digging but it livened up the ground a bit. So wasn't able to handle the ratyness all the time. I have got into a good understanding of my Zed running in these high end settings I am pretty good though at dealing with it but it can get fatiguing with all that commotion & reading & deciphering the signals in between it all. But it pays off.
      3.3 grams at a good 14 inches. My biggest for ages.



      Some of the small ones were at around 4-5 inches. & 2  were just .06 of a gram.

      So small for that big coil at that depth. I think so any way.

      Total of 12 for 5.5 grams

      I am loving this coil. It has changed the face of my detecting for me on old flogged Zed ground. Ye Ha. Bring it on.
      Good luck out there
    • By flakmagnet
      It is unusual for a WM 12 to take over 24 hours to recharge? That is what I have recently been seeing when I recharge it after being out for about 6 hours of detecting. Does that mean the batteries need replacing? If so, how is that done?
      I will also take a look at the 7000 threads, but I don't remember seeing anything on this.
    • By afreakofnature
      My Z’s GPS will not connect to the satellites.  I have left this on for days now for it to connect and did a factory reset and left in for a day. No luck.  Anyone else have this problem and maybe a solution.  Probably gonna be calling Minelab but my warrenty is just out of date.
    • By Jin
      When you connect the zed up to install updated software does it tell you if you any updates have been previously installed? The machine I just brought has only been used a few times (3 years old) The chap I bought it off didn't know much about prospecting so I'm presuming no updates have been done. 
    • By mn90403
      We've all had our 7000s for a few years now.  Much of the time we keep the same settings.  I'm going back to areas where I've used my 7000 and other detectors and not finding the small gold or the deep gold that I see some of my friends finding.  I haven't asked them recently about all of their settings.  I'll ask the general question now.  There is no RIGHT answer.  Maybe we all can learn something that will let us find a few more nuggets in our worked out patches.
      During my most recent gold trip I set up my 7000 like this:
      HY, Normal, Sen 8-14, Volume 8, TH 26, TH Pitch 53, Volume Limit 13, Audio Smoothing varied, GB Manual, Ground Smoothing Off or Find Patch, BZ Booster
      Using these settings I've found 15-50g meteorites at 8 inches but no gold (maybe I didn't get over it).  Hot rocks were manageable and few.
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