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Is a fisher M97 a good metal detector? One was just given to me. I am wanting to get into metal detecting with my grandson. 

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The M97 is as basic as a detector gets. It goes beep, you dig it up. No discrimination, so lots of metal dug. It might be fun on a beach but in most places it will have you digging too much trash.

Fisher M97 Owners Manual




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Welcome to the forum Akaskipper

It will be fun to learn about metal detecting using it, especially as Steve has said at a beach on the dry sand where digging is easy and causes no damage but you would quickly want to upgrade to something better with discrimination that can tell you if a target is ferrous junk or non-ferrous.  That detector won't work on the wet sand.

You can move up to detectors that can give you a good idea of what's under the coil with their Target ID numbers, to the point you can be very confident a target 10 inches down is a specific coin. 

I'm sure you and your grandson would love metal detecting but a detector like that is probably going to disappoint you unless you don't get disheartened digging a lot of junk.

Fortunately really good detectors are going quite cheap at the moment, prices have fallen a lot over the past couple of years due to intense competition.

Don't be shy asking questions, there will always be someone here know the answer for you.

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Welcome to the forum.

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You could look at one of the Garrett Ace machines with the DD coil. The Concentric picks up too much trash as the Rx is too large.

Also Whites Coin Master is also a pretty nice machine.

I would avoid a machine that has a needle for the target id as they are so slow responding it is really difficult to pinpoint or even know what it is doing. I had one on my old Bounty Hunter and found it to be annoying at best.

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    • By Bob'ke
      Hi All,
      Today I found this "introduction" of a mini/pocket md on the YT channel of "Sondelsüchtig". 
      A "new type of" metaldetectorsensor/coil with a smartphone app/screen.....  Is this the future? Don't know, but I thought some of you might find it interesting to view.
      It is in german, but the video "speaks" for itself.  Sondelsüchtig means "addicted to detecting".  And € 399,00 = us$ 448,60. "Handy" is a smartphone.
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    • By GB_Amateur
      Also called RF detectors and depth multipliers.  Invented in the 1930's by Gerhard Fisher (founder of Fisher Research Labs, now part of the First Texas conglomerate), this type of detector seems to not have changed much in operating characteristics in 80+ years.  From what I've found there are still three competing models in production:  Fisher's current Gemini-3 model (now 30 years old) https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/fisher-gemini-3-r27/, Garrett's Treasure Hound Eagle Eye Depth Multiplier (quite a mouthful) which is an add-on to their aging GTI 2500 standard style metal detector https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/garrett-gti-2500-r44/ and White's TM808 https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/whites-tm-808-r38/ , a spinoff of a collaboration between White's and Discovery, another Sweet Home, OR company that appears to now be defunct. 
      The Fisher unit, operating at 82 kHz, seems to be the most closely aligned survivor of the early design.  Garrett's 'latest' depth multiplier (easily the most expensive at $1300 retail when combined with the GTI 2500) with its 7.2 kHz operating frequency advertises its advantage of being in the VLF range, ignoring ground minerals. White's unit (operating frequency = ?) has ground cancelling controls.  Unlike today's deep PI's and ZVT which can also go deep, these 2 box transmit/receive (T/R) detectors ignore small objects -- an advantage when the sought after target is large and in a trashy area. 
      That's a brief overview of the current commercial climate, but what I'd like to know is how much different these three units are when it comes to operating characteristics.  Specifically do the differences in operating frequency and/or ground adjustments translate into better performance under certain conditions?
    • By cjc
      Finally a thaw here had a chance to run this detector in the iron at some old sites. Very impressed with the new coil --makes the machine considerably deeper than even the Impact and Kruzer. Superb audio as well--I can really hear everything in the ground--set at disc zero the heavy iron areas become obvious telling me where to buzz around for masked targets. Or I can just jump it up to 4 or 5 to knock the spikes out. With this detector I can hear anything non-ferrous mixed in really well. The 3 Tone mode is also great--it's speeds up the response to bring up even more signals from these worst sections. Never really felt the need for a pinpointer but with the way this machine gets down into the spikes I will need one now. Really liked the overall performance of this detector and will be out there again heading for the worst sections soon as it warms up a bit. cjc
    • By Steve Herschbach
      From this post by Tom Dankowski:
      “Because there is a lot of good data available (now) on the Tarsacci MDT-8000...……. I am going to lift the restrictions on "seasoned detectorists only". If anyone is interested in the MDT...…. just give me a holler. The cost (including shipping & taxes) is $1539”
      Tarsacci MDT-8000 Data & User Reviews
    • By hermann
      Hi there,  I am hunting for nuggets in Australia, I've been detecting for over 20 years.  Now I'm thinking about buying a Nexus standard MP detector,  Does anybody out there have experience with this detector?  I would love to hear their opinions.  THank you in advance,  Cheers,  Hermann.
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