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Record Silver Day With The 800

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Outstanding, luck was on your side driving past and seeing that going on.  I bet you're dying to get back there tomorrow.  What a post and a great story to go with it.

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Great place, I hope you get more!

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Fantastic!  Keep us posted on your next hunt results at that location.

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jackpot! I'm always keeping my eyes open for stuff like that. Here in California they will fence off some of the areas as soon as they start working on it. 


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They had it blocked off but they all know me so well, they had no problem with me going in. ?

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Right place at the right time, and you acted upon the opportunity.  Justly rewarded!  Looking forward to seeing these coins cleaned up as well as viewing what you find on your second sweep of that location.

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You gotta love that, congrats on finding that!!!

It reminds me of when I found a virgin scout/church camp and me and the guy I hunted with each found ~ 12 silver coins on the first couple of hunts, over the course of a month we dug over 100 silver coins, including four walker half dollars, couple dozen pieces of silver jewelry and sterling silver flatware, one gold ring and some cool relics.  Unfortunately the camp site only started in 1940, but ended in the 1960's so there were very few pull-tabs and very little clad, often days your silver count was equal to your wheatie count ?

Heck I'd run that 15" coil there, no idea how old your zoo is, but you might get some more barbers or break into a seated ?

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Congrats on a fantastic hunt!!!!  I've driven by a number of old street tear outs but unfortunately, too much traffic around and/or bad timing on my part. 

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Incredible luck, incredible timing, Dan.

And of course -- an INCREDIBLE job done by you, digging that many good targets at substantial depth!



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  • Similar Content

    • By RobNC
      I went out today for a couple hours to a school not visited previously. The old wood chip tot lot was the target area. All I ended up finding were 4 quarters, 2 nickels, 7 pennies, a small button off something, a rivet off some clothing or a shoe, and a strange metal piece that showed up in the foil range. There were indeed some junk items today but not in the picture (can slaw, a zipper, foil, a few pencil tops). I had the feeling someone else had been at this spot before because it was really quiet. Well they didn't get these! It's getting more and more difficult in these places and the finds are more difficult to pull. All the other counties around us where there are probably good things located within school grounds have a strict "KEEP OUT" policy and don't allow any kind of public activity on school grounds.

    • By phrunt
      My new T2 arrived this week so I decided I'd take it out for a test run today, I haven't bothered detecting football fields before, it never really crossed my mind to do so especially small town football fields that barely ever get used.  I think the last time I even saw people on this thing was about a year ago and they were riding a horse 🙂
      I guess back in time it was probably a popular place and my results today show this.  This is going to be more of a picture story as the pictures tell 1000 words! 
      I started using the T2 with Mars Tiger coil and within two minutes of arriving I had my first coin, then another, then another..... it was nuts, coins everywhere and very little junk, I was finding nice old coins, possibly one of my oldest in a while too

      Silver 🙂

      1938 British Penny

      The T2 was getting good depth, easily hitting on coins with good ID's, another silver!

      1948 Penny -  Now NZ currency, not British like the older Pennies, we used some British currency until 1967. 
      Prior to 1933 United Kingdom currency was the official legal tender of New Zealand, although Australian coins and notes were also generally accepted.
      The first New Zealand penny was minted in 1940. The penny ran until 1965, when New Zealand stopped minting pre-decimal coins in preparation for decimilisation in 1967.

      I have no idea what this thing is

      This is the football field I was detecting, under the goal posts and along the end of the field had a good collection of coins,  I guess from all the diving with the ball and coins in the players pockets, I don't know much about football, probably the only NZ male who has no clue about the game 🙂

      My oldest find of the day, a British 1912 One Penny

      It was quite deep down but the T2 banged on it real hard with a solid ID.  At this point I decided I'd go home and gear up better as this place obviously has a lot of good old coins.  I was only using my T2 with Carrot and Lesche digging tool which was hard work with all the coins being so deep.    I wanted a bigger coil to cover more ground but there was no way I was going to strap on the 15" Teknetics coil to continue using the T2 as it weighs a tonne.  I opted for the Equinox with it's 15" coil  and almost straight away after turning it on, another coin

      1950 NZ One Penny.  I left the bit of dirt on the coil up the top it came out of, I love when you get the impression of the coin in the soil.

      Another silver, 1934 Shilling

      This is the hole it came from, I always recheck my holes and I'm glad I did, another target in the hole, then another... this was crazy

      3 Silvers in the hole so far, 1934 Shilling, 1934 Shilling and a 1946 Sixpence, I was sure this was it but I did another check and off to the side of the hole, ANOTHER SILVER

      Another 1934 Shilling, 4 silvers in one hole, incredible!   Someone had a bad day.

      1964 Sixpence... the coins just kept coming, all old ones.  No longer are they made of silver in 1964...

      Nice and deep though
      My first modern coin, a $2

      But look how deep it was, it was deeper than a lot of far older coins.... weird!

      Another two in one hole, just one cent coins from back when NZ had one cent coins.

      Another coin leaving a cool impression of itself in the soil, just a one cent I think

      It sure a lot of ground to cover, I'll be at this place for weeks... plenty more coins to find I'm sure.  Time to head back to the car, with my coil to the soil.

      Another for the road 🙂 Double sided impression on the soil with this one.  I couldn't possibly put up a photo of every coin find as there were just too many, all in about 3 hours detecting.

      The good stuff

      The bad stuff... not a bad ratio, good stuff far outweighed bad stuff, unusual for me.... I'll be back there tomorrow.... and the next day.... and the next day 🙂
    • By kac
      Couple years ago I hit one of the swim holes not too far away and in a 10-15 sq ft area hit nickel after nickel......... Was thinking someone was trying to drown their kid by stuffing coins in their pocket and telling them to go for a swim.

    • By 2Valen
      What a day it has been, Working and then taking a break for an hour so I had to do a little hunting with the 800.
      Today I went back to a local park just to kill a little bit of time before I had to go to meet someone.
      I pulled into the park at about 4 pm and grabbed the 800.
      Turned it on and went to Park 1 with factory setting, did noise cancel, and started swinging.
      The first 3 hits were all aluminum and the 4th was a bolt from who knows what.
      The 4th hole made a noise that I had never heard before, a chatter and the ID number changed from a strong 36 to a 21 during the noise.
      I knelt down to start digging as the depth showed 3 arrows and I proceeded slowly to reach whatever was down there.
      Because of the chatter I did not truly know what to expect and moved the dirt slowly as to find the reason for the chatter.
      To my surprise I noticed an edge of something in the dirt, and I pulled more dirt from the sides of the edge so I could get a grip on it.
      I pulled it out of the ground and to my surprise it was a 1902 dime, it had seen better days but it was still a sight to see.
      I then hit a area where someone must of lost all of his change and someone else's at the same time.
      The more I pulled off the ground from under the grass, the more my pin pointer detected.
      I could not find a place to set the pin pointer without it going off. It took about 15 minutes to pick out the coins from the grass.
      I looked at the time and had to leave while having so much fun, but had to get back to work.
      All the coins in the picture ranged from 1902 to 2018.
      I think I am getting the hang of this detecting thing and can't wait to get out again. Just don't tell my wife because she gets mad.

    • By Tnsharpshooter
      Found this small 10k class ring this morning.
      And another junk ring.
      And few coins mostly nickels.
      Will try to return class ring.
      Has first name engraved .
    • By kac
      Dragged a buddy mine to an area where I found a 2 cent. Had my Tejon with larger coil this time around and got a small but nice hit near a pine tree, told him to dig it might be good.
      I looked back after a few minutes and saw a huge mound of dirt  so i went back and relocated it. Turned out to be a 4 leaf clover charm gold plated over zinc so I said want it? Might bring you some luck... he said no all pissed off.
      Continuing on i found 5 Indian heads with dates from late 1800's to 1908, pocket knife and a barber dime to top it off.
      The Charm is now hot glued to the Tejon 🙂
      What was odd is the Indian heads showed up as a 60 on his Garrett. Really strange as they usually show up 74-76 on those machines. Even on my Tejon they were pretty much on the pull ring if not on the fringe. Usually  skip those signals but for some reason they just sounded a bit better than a pull ring. Too bad the pine trees beat them up. Think a bit more baking soda and toothbrush will clean them up a bit more.

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