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T2 Circuit Board Wire Question And Possible Emi Upgrade

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The pot's don't appear to be grounded, my best bet might be the Headphone sockets


It has two headphone sockets, would that metal surrounding the the little 3.5mm be a grounded do you think?

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My Copper tape arrived today so I'll give that a shot instead of the paint this time to see the difference, I have two Gold Bug Pro's, one of which I'll paint, the other can have the copper tape... then I will be able to do side by side comparisons.


According to the manufacturer these are the benefits of it

●EMI shielding of plastic enclosure parts
●EMI shielding tape/gasket
●Shielding of all non-conductive materials
●Ground plane
●Antistatic floors (ESD floors)
●Electrical connection between surfaces
●Shielding in housings and Faraday cages
●Temporary shielding during tests
●Mounting transparent foils, windows for EMI/RFI shielding
●Cable shielding (tape wrapped around cable)
●Temporary shielding during emissions and immunity tests
●The tape has Dual conductivity so current will flow through both sides and the adhesive.
●Tape is resistant to oxidization and discoloration.
●Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


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15 hours ago, phrunt said:

The pot's don't appear to be grounded, my best bet might be the Headphone sockets

It has two headphone sockets, would that metal surrounding the the little 3.5mm be a grounded do you think?

Its a bit hard to say without looking at the circuit. Some audio has a floating outputs where none are grounded. You'll really need to look at the board and see if you can spot some sort of ground. It will probably be a wider track, connected to some of the negative pins on electros, go to the ground pin on some of the ic's etc. 

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