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Northern Michigan Reppin

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Been detecting for a few years now. Don't get out as much as I like but this year will be different. Just waiting for the warmth now. Thanks for having me. 

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Welcome, msuwhat!  I think your nick already alienated half the members of your state (non-US readers, Michigan State University and University of Michigan are bitter rivals) but you knew that when you chose the nick.  😁  By 'northern' do you mean Upper Peninsula?  Gotta love that native copper.

Make the most of your short summer and post your finds here for all of us to admire.


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Welcome aboard! Best of luck!

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    • By Lone Star Digger
      Glad to be here! Been out of the hobby for a bit, but back now. Just ordered a Nox 800 to get restarted with. Looking forward to checking out the forums!
    • By Toecutter
      New to this site, I currently swing a Quest pro and a ATpro, just ordered the NOX 800 last night, the info on 800 was what drew me to this forum, glad to here!! 
    • By Redrock
      Hi all, my name is Paul.  I've been away from metal detecting for quite awhile, a lot because of being a full time care giver for my mother for the last 3-5 years.  2018 was a terrible year of family loss, of both mother and brother, and now sister was diagnosed with Leukemia, and fighting hard.  She is in remission, but still has a ways to go with stem cell treatment, hopefully this will cure her along with her ITP disorder as well.
      Sis, and I are looking to move out of the state of AZ, for favor of returning to our child hood roots of the Pacific Northwest, possibly Oregon or WA.  Were tired of the Desert, even though we live in beautiful Sedona Redrock Country, we take it for granted, and want to get our feet wet again, and we miss the water terribly.  I've been a flyfishing guide, for the last 7 years, but have had to put my fly rod down, for preparations to move.  Would love to hook back up guiding again, after we move.
      With that said, looks like the end of the year, and we will be uprooting from here.  I love metal detecting, and have wanted to get back into it.  I own a Explorer 2 and have had other detectors in the past.  Recently acquired the Equinox 800, and have started the learning curve, watching a lot of videos, reading the manual over and over, taking notes, etc...  Have not put a lot of time on it, but have found a lot of clad.  I got it to mostly for when we move, so I can hunt the beachs finally, which has been my main desire.
      Really like this forum.  Thanks...
    • By vanursepaul
      I am relaying many thanks from the Fiji Kids to all who helped the Fiji Kids School Project 2019.
      All students are doing well in their studies. 
      These kids are humbled that you would bless them.... and so am I.
      Continued prayers are coveted.
      Now, time to go get some more 🤠
    • By Ms.Molewacker
      Hello All!
      Afer getting a new EQ 800, searching on the net brought me here - great info! 
      I'm up in Yacolt WA, on the E Fork of the Lewis river.
      HH all!
    • By AllenJ
      I've lurked, and even posted a few times, I guess I should introduce myself.  I'm Allen and I contracted gold fever in March of 2018 .  I'm 56 years old and a computer analyst for a local law enforcement agency.  I enjoy this and a few other forums, there is so much good information that is helping me in becoming both a better metal detectorist and prospector.  
      Hope everyone is having a great day.
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