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First Nugget Hunting Trip Of The Year Yields One

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congrats on beating the skunk

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WTG!  Keep swinging and keep warm

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Great job, congrats sir.

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I still have a few secret spots over by you Steve, but the pass isn't open yet. This place I just went to also has produced large nuggets. The largest nugget found in Montana was found in the next gulch over. It was 27 troy pounds. The gold bearing gravels cover a 20 square mile area. I'm doing my research to get further up drainage into better nugget territory. I found a fault zone and will be heading back to investigate that spot on a gold bearing creek.

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I guess I was wrong. I haven't heard about these ones.


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good find with one of the best coils ever made...best of luck going forward!


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There's some detectable yellow over there...we just didn't find the hot spot....YET!  Had fun, we got LOTS of ground to snoop, and met some truly fine folks!!!!!!  Next time....!!!!

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    • By phrunt
      My 12x6" X-Coil arrived yesterday from Russia, I was out prospecting with my Equinox when it arrived, luckily my wife was home for the courier.  I ended up with a skunk on the Equinox, I took it back to the place I found my 1.2 gram nugget last week.  I detected the living daylights out of the hillside I found the nuggets on hoping there would be another.

      There ended up being no more for the Equinox but now seeing I had my X-Coil I figured I'd give it another try.  I jumped in the car and started the journey, it was another stunner of a day so I did a few stops on the drive to soak up the view.

      Not a breath of wind anywhere.

      I figured my X-coil would like a photo shoot, being such a good looking coil 🙂
      I arrived at my spot and started hunting, I immediately noticed the X-coil wasn't as concerned by the hot rocks in the area as my Evo was.
      Here is an example of the areas hot rocks on the Equinox
      Here is the X-coil running on the same ground, maximum gain of 15, audio in boost and sensitive extra, hardly even notice the hot rocks.
      You notice the cars more than the hot rocks, when they drive past even though I'm a reasonable distance from the road they interfere with my GPX, this is always the case on any coil.  There was a bit of EMI noise but that's because my gain is on max 15 and I'd forgotten to airplane mode my phone before taking the video.  The hole in the video is where my nugget came from.
      The GPX using the X-coil was blissfully unaware of them being there, only the biggest ones would sound off, a majority were silent, about 90% of them didn't make a peep.  On my GPX with Nugget Finder EVO they were quite troublesome.  There was no knock sensitivity at all and I was running the detector flat out, gain of 15 (max) with audio in Boost. 
      This made detecting in this area quite enjoyable, I had been here now a few times so I wasn't expecting much but I really wanted to detect the exact hole I dug to get my 1.2 gram nugget with it as when I found that nugget with the Equinox there was another faint signal on the Nox coming in the -7, -8 range but I was never able to pin it down and ended up deciding it must be a tiny hot rock annoying it.
      It turns out I was wrong, as soon as I put the X-coil in the hole I had a signal, I scraped a bit and out it popped.

      My first X-Coil gold !!!! 0.287 Grams, a nice screaming signal too.
      I detected the rest of this little mound but didn't have any joy on the gold, the one interesting thing though was I found a NZ 1 cent piece, a long extinct coin.  What is interesting about this is the Nox missed it, there is no way I wouldn't dig it with the Nox as they come in at 21 on the VDI's, same as a NZ Gold coin.

      No more luck at this spot so I went back into town to get some lunch as I had a plan to try another spot to see how the coil goes there.
      I'd decided on another occasion I was unable to use my GPX with EVO coil in this spot in the past, it's close to power lines which drive my GPX nuts there, it also has hot rocks that also set my detector off constantly.  I also can't use the VLF's here as the amount of shotgun pellets is just insane, damn Rabbit shooters.
      The X-coil was a different beast.  It still had the EMI issues but dropping my gain back from my usual 15 (max) to 10 mostly resolved the EMI with the odd UFO siren sound occasionally.  I guess being a smaller coil helped with EMI.
      By dropping my gain back I wasn't picking up any shotgun pellets at all, I was a bit worried at first as when I used my EVO here I was digging many pellets, I believe with the EVO I kept my gain at about 13 and put up with the EMI but I wasn't going to do that today, I didn't really want to spend my time digging pellets anyway so I ran with my gain lower hoping to find some gold bigger than a pellet.  The GPX was running really nicely, the shape of the coil was letting me snoop around in spots my EVO couldn't get.  Being long and skinny it gets into tight places well, it's also a dream for pinpointing.

      I could squeeze in between rocks and right up next to them too.  For my EVO I'd be going over the top of these, not between them.
      Also in the plant life it was great, again going between them.  These little plants are quite stiff, you can't just push them over easily but you can navigate between them with this coil.

      I felt I was detecting places that hadn't overly been done due to this, even though I was in flogged ground.
      I managed to pull a signal too, very faint but there every swing

      See how thin I can do my dig hole, the width of the coil...
      And this was it, gold number 2 for the X-coil

      It's heavier than the other one, just 🙂 0.294 grams!
      I was pretty worn out now so I decided I'd hit the lake front for a quick detect near Mcdonald's to try find enough coin to buy dinner.  It was a pretty nice time to be doing it.

      There is the beach I detected, my cars the first one on there, the silver one.

      I'd done this beach before some time ago and it was never great for finds, this time wasn't much different. 

      My days haul.  I do like my X-coil.  I ended up having to pay for my McDonalds
      I think one of my nuggets looks like me, especially on the non-zoomed photo above 🙂

    • By mn90403
      Paul ... where are you?
      This one is worth a bit less than $100,000.  That won't change your lifestyle much.
    • By phoenix
      I got this piece yesterday down about 6" and until I cleaned it I was 99% sure it was another bird shot. Over the years I have been surprised how many of my bird shot have turned out to be gold. 🙂

    • By kiwijw
      Last Saturday Simon & I headed back to the location of my recent success with the X coils for the third time. This time it was third time lucky for Simon scoring three pieces & getting a personal best as well. I was very happy for him as it had been a while between drinks for him & he certainly puts the effort in. All three found with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. Using the EQ to combat the hot rocks. Worked for him.
      I ended up carrying on from where I left off last time with the X coil 10 x 9. I dropped Simon further up & headed back to my spot. Still using the 10 x 9. Again I was playing mountain goat & detecting steep banks & rock faces. Straight off I got a nice little hit. Turned into a shot gun pellet. gosh, hadn't got many of those here. Climbing a steep bank detecting up an old tailing race I got another sweet little hit just to the side of the race in the bedrock. Tailing race is the gap at top center coming down to the left bottom corner. First signal was bottom right just to the left of that clump of grass.
      Signal lived on down into that crevice.
      Bing go
      Working my way up the tailing race & the banks either side I got nothing more. Bloody hard on the legs & ankles. Got up to the top & a bit of flat ground. Sticking the coil over & down the edge of the drop off I got a faint signal.
      This is going to be difficult to dig. Using the pick I just scooped a blade load of material at a time lifting & dumping it up on top until the signal was no longer in the hole.
      Number 2
      Ended up getting another signal in the same hole.
      Piece number 3
      Ended up dropping down the bank & traversing along it. Another nice little signal.
      Piece number 4
      Along a bit further, yet another signal.
      Another piece of gold.
      Then things dried up on me. 5 pieces of gold & only the one bit of rubbish. Gosh, I was liking those odds.
      I then decided to head up the gully to where I had found a few bits with the Zed & ML 14" coil. On my way I passed Simon who had crossed the creek & was detecting a flat bedrock shelf that looked very promising. I had got gold off it back with my GP 3000 but nothing with the 4500 or Zed * ML 14" coil. Simon was using the EQ 800. I stopped & asked how he was doing. One piece he said. Cool I  replied. Skunk broken. Good on you. Where abouts? Over there, he pointed to an area behind me. How about you? He asked. Five I said. FIVE Simon exclaimed, surprised.
      I wandered over to where Simon had found his bit. I saw his dig hole & had a bit of a wave around in the area. Bloody hot rocks. The X coils love these hot rocks. I gave up on that & carried on to where I wanted to go. Another thing these X coils love is concentrations of iron sand. Another spot I had to move on from. Heading towards an outcrop of bedrock where I had got a couple of pieces with the ML 14 " coil I detected at the base of this outcrop before working my way up on to it & where I had got the two with the ML 14" coil. I got a sweet signal in the dirt.
      No bedrock & the signal had moved. Not liking the looks of that I was prepared for a boot tack or some other bit of crap. But no. gold it was.
      Re scanned the hole & another signal.
      Another bit of gold
      I ended up getting another two pieces from this area & none were on bedrock but just in among the dirt. The last two just came from me digging deeper hoping to get down to some more, & did. It is probably going to be worth while to go back & dig some more.
      I then worked my way up to where I had got the two bits with the ML 14 " coil. I saw the old opened crevice of one of those finds & scanned over it. Nothing. Just below it though I got a faint little blemish in the threshold. No way I thought. Digging down on to it the signal improved.
      Top open crevice is the old dig from the ML 14" coil find.
      The one just above the X coil, & down pretty deep was this
      I was gobsmacked. The ML 14" didn't get this.
      Then a few feet lower down another very faint but positive hit. I thought this was just going to be a hot rock as there was a bit of depth of gravels.
      The previous find is just behind the detector.
      I ended up getting down to the schist bedrock & the signal was still in the rock. Had to smash into it & chip it out. Still the signal was in there.
      Finally I had moved it from that hole in the rock diagonally down to the left from the scoop.
      I couldn't believe it, but there it was. Another one missed by the ML 14" coil.
      Working up another bank I got another very positive hit.
      Bedrock to the right & left & a bit deeper ground where I got the signal.
      Down to the bedrock & the signal moved.
      That was my lot. I headed down to have a late lunch & a bit of a break. Caught up with Simon to tell him I was heading back to the wagon for a drink & a bite to eat. He said he had had lunch as he had his pack with him. He stopped detecting & was going to come back to the wagon with me. I told him to keep detecting & I will go get the wagon & drive it up to here. I did just that & when I pulled up & started having my lunch, Simon came walking over to me with his gold jar in his hand & a big smile on his face. I wound the window down & he said, "I'll show you what a consistent 15 on the Nox  is". He handed me the jar. Bloody hell. It was a good chunk of gold. The biggest of the day & ended up being a personal best for Simon. I was so happy for him. After my lunch I headed to the bedrock shelf that Simon had finished with & had got nothing. I ended up getting driven nuts by hot rocks so gave up on that. Decided I had had enough & walked back to the wagon. Simon followed my lead & we both met back at the wagon. Simon had found a third piece not far from his big bit. Well & truly broke his skunk, & with the EQ 800 & 11" coil. 👍
      My total was 13
      For just over 3 grams.
      Loving this X coil. Cheers
      Good luck out there
      JW 🤠
    • By Steve Herschbach
      Published on Apr 21, 2015 - Found this 3.8oz beauty in the goldfields of Victoria using the GPZ 7000. It was nearly dark but I couldn't resist a few more minutes detecting. It gave off a strange signal because I believe it was standing upright. Pay close attention at the 7:45 mark, you can actually see and hear the nugget as its dropped inches from the coil!!! 
    • By Condor
      We've been out every morning for a few hours since Sunday practicing for the summer of Aussie Gold.   Today was my day on the big gold.  I was detecting a desert wash bench zone, and got what the Aussies call a Zed Warble.  Down here in Sunny Yuma the Zed Warble usually means an old rusty bent nail.  A bit of digging down to the hard pack maybe 15 or 16 inches.  I switched detector down to Sens 1 to try and pinpoint, bit it was still overloading with the warble tone.  Dennis and I took turns breaking up the hardpack and scooping out the hole till this nugget rolled on out. 
      The small stuff I found over the past 2 mornings, I think I'm going to throw them back for seed on the big ones. 

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