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Mike Hillis

A New Ring To Look At.....

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Wow, Mike, awesome ring.  I'm sure you found it in a high traffic area.  The F75 LTD is a goo machine too.

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You don't have an acid test kit? From what I ran into platinum runs higher on vid than white gold. White gold should be really close to 14k.

I like the ring holder, I use similar ones for potato chip bags 🙂

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That is a good looking ring, Indeed!

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  • Similar Content

    • By Mike Hillis
      Was out scouting a new site Sunday morning and found this little gem....10K with about 12 diamond chips.   
      Only got to spend about 40 minutes there before the people ran me off (read : when people show up I leave).  I have a feeling this is going to be a good site.  I'll have to get there earlier next time out.
      Again....F75LTD DST, default settings, 1N tone, solid 24 TID.

    • By The Seeker
      I did a short beach hunt at one of my favorite spots and pulled the silver ring under a big pile of rocks.  I couldn’t find anything else in the wet sand so I move to the dry sand and my first target was this little gold.  This is by far my smallest piece of gold. Good luck out there.

    • By GB_Amateur
      😛 Made you look!   OK, there is a dectecting story behind this, and actually more typical finds below.  The theme is that sometimes you're out detecting and find things you weren't expecting, and even things your detector might not see (or could see but wasn't needed).  Two weeks ago I was out a new site (park).  Someone I was walking past asked me if I had found any mushrooms.  "No, but then I wasn't looking for them, either."  So I go back this week, detecting again, and while peering down at the ground while swinging my detector, there plain as day was this morel.  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morchella)
      Actually, around here they sell for around $25/lb when fresh.  So in those units it's worth a bit more than a US silver dime (but I'd rather have found one of those).  My wife fried it up for me -- two small bites after all the water was out of it.  Pretty tasty nonetheless.
      This sorta reminds me of another hunt I had a couple weeks ago, this one to a school built in 1959.  I was thinking "that's about 10 years for silver coins to have been dropped" so I was hopeful for those or maybe some Wheat pennies.  Less than 30 minutes after starting a survey hunt (the school grounds are many acres in size) I got a high but inconsistent tone.  Looking down I could see some silver, and dropping to my knees started pulling out a chain with a pendant, then seeing more silver, another chain and two rings.  About a foot away I saw something white that turned out to be a porcelain elephant, likely part of some kind of jewelry box.  Why was all this jewelry (every piece marked '925') laying on top of the ground in a schoolyard??  We can only speculate.  I did dig another sterling silver ring (on the right in the pic below) about 6 inches deep in another part of the schoolyard later that same day.  Although I've been back two more times and found lots of clad, nickels, and copper Memorials I still don't have a single old coin from this site.  And I haven't found any more jewelry, either.

    • By Skate
      I got a call early this morning to find a ring for a lady in Oxnard. Big diamond ring, silver is the metal, stamped .925.
      By the way I found it haha. Obviously using the nox.
      I'm curious what you think the Nox pegged it at.

    • By Walter S. Fowler
      Got out again today with my Equinox 800. Did not find a lot of coins, but did pull 1942s wheat penny and 14k gold ring.  Stones in ring tested as diamonds at least according to my diamond tester. I used my usual Park 1,  with recovery speed lowered to 4.  Ring came in at solid 12 at about 5-6 inches.  Excellent day. 

    • By Walter S. Fowler
      I was able to go out detecting with the Nox 800 for the first time this year several days ago.  The weather has been bad in Northern Nevada this year and I had minor knee surgery in early March. I didn't find a lot of coins , but did manage to find an unreadable date wheat penny, a tiny gold ring, and beautiful 17" necklace(unfortunately not gold.).  The gold ring measured in at .9 gram and was by far the smallest gold ring I have found in 16 years of detecting.  The Nox sniffed it out at about 6 inches down with a solid "9" .  The ring was so small it was even hard to locate with my pinpointer , but finally managed to capture it.  I was using my standard Park 1, recovery speed 5, iron bias 1, and sensitivity 18-20 based on conditions. 

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