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Mike Hillis

A New Ring To Look At.....

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Wow, Mike, awesome ring.  I'm sure you found it in a high traffic area.  The F75 LTD is a goo machine too.

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You don't have an acid test kit? From what I ran into platinum runs higher on vid than white gold. White gold should be really close to 14k.

I like the ring holder, I use similar ones for potato chip bags ?

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That is a good looking ring, Indeed!

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    • By Mike Hillis
      A little gold chain from my last time out...... More details in the Minelab forum as it was an ETRAC find.
      26" long, 15 grams of 14K gold.
      Chains really give me gold fever as they weight adds up so fast.
      PS....the dime is for size comparison.

    • By kac
      Top left appears to be bronze, back part is broken off and worn thin. Was fairly deep in the woods under some thick pine roots. I can't really see any inscriptions other than faint hash marks and something embossed on the front.
      Other has a solder seem and seems to be brass base with high copper content. Might have been plated at one time and also was found away from any signs of trash also under roots.
      No idea on the age.  Anyone have any clue on them?

    • By strick
      Been getting into the water more then I have in past years...I'm enjoying this type of hunting. Been hitting two spots...One is just a secluded swimming hole not effected by big currents and waves...easy peaceful detecting with no competition that I know of...little bit of trash here and there...the spot is maybe 40 yards wide by 40 yards deep...you can get up to your chest here if you like.  The other spot is the opposite...A lot of people visit this spot as it's an actual beach on the delta....it can have a fast moving tide, gets lots of wind, big currents and waves...chest deep is too dangerous at times...theres no competition here as well but the the kicker is there are 12 bazillion bottle caps and pennies in all states of decay. It's tough hunting with the Nox at this spot...The small swimming hole I've officially declared hunted out and most likely wont be going back...No great finds to report...the small earring is 14k..the rings in the second Pic are junk (but gets the ole heart pumping anyways) the women's solitaire ring ..got me all excited till I got home and could see that it was 10K and the rock is a CZ... The wife even turned it down   Beats working any day...Happy hunting to you all..

    • By Gerry in Idaho
      I don't need to say much here, other than the White's 24K Gold Detector performed as expected for me.
      Here is his story.
      Boise, Idaho
      "To Whom It May Concern:
      This past Saturday I was helping a co-worker build a fence in his yard. Several hours into the project we stopped for a break. I pulled off my gloves and walked to my water bottle. No more than 30 seconds had passed since taking off my gloves when I noticed a weight differential on the hand where I wear a custom, 1 ounce Gold nugget ring, made in Alaska and given to me by my Grandfather after graduating from college. He has since passed away. The ring, a token of the affection he had for me. Upon realizing the ring was not on my finger a fear coursed through my whole body. Maybe you know it. It's the feeling you get when you lose your wallet or any other valuable possession. It is a horrible feeling. The ring had come off of my sweaty hand when I pulled it from the glove. I immediately let my friend know it was gone. Also helping with the fence were his son and neighbor. We spent the next 3 hours on our hands and knees searching. The search quadrant where I had been was not big. We were incredulous at being unable to find it. At the end of the 3 hour search, I gave up and started mentally preparing myself for the loss. Needless to say, I could not rationalize or minimize the loss away and I was feeling beyond terrible. I started going over what I would tell family members when they most certainly would ask why I was not wearing the family heirloom, which I never take off. At this point my friends son suggested I call an expert (Gerry) who he found doing a simple google search for "metal detectors," to consult on what the best course of action would be. I was not optimistic. My thought was, if 4 people searching for 3 hours in a small area could not find it, then who could? Nonetheless I called Gerry. Right away I could tell by the questions he was asking he knew what he was talking about. I scheduled a time later that day for him to come over with his equipment and perform a targeted search. To me, this was akin to throwing up a "hail mary." Fast forward two hours and Gerry arrived. Right off the bat I could tell he was a good person. He showed empathy, explained his process, went over the area with me, got a description of the ring and went to work. A small spark of hope was ignited. No more than 15 minutes later HE FOUND IT! To say I was ecstatic and overcome with joy does not even come close to describing the elation. After giving Gerry a bear hug and attempting to express my thanks verbally, the ring was safely back on my finger. We visited for another 15-20 minutes, getting to know one other. Gerry gave me advice on how to prevent this happening in the future, which I have already implemented. I imagine all this situations are different and have their own set of challenging variables but in my case Gerry came through for me and in extension, my family. My thanks to him in unending and I will not forget the service he provided. Of the many takeaways I gathered from the situation, perhaps the most salient point is, there are professionals out there who know what they are doing and can help in this sort of a situation. If you lose something, don't just write it off or give up hope. Don't struggle on your own. Give Gerry a call and consult with him. His personal and business integrity are unflappable and he will give it to you straight. If anyone would like to learn more about my experience, feel free to email at my personal email address, XXXXXXX. Thanks, Gerry! Words alone do justice to communicate my gratitude. "

    • By Againstmywill
      With the kids away at school once again, I had the itch to go out. I went to the ball diamond where I have found a silver ring and a class ring. My Garrett carrot was sounding off when I turned it in, so I decided to go back home and get my backup. (Turns out the battery was toast even though I just changed it the last time I was out.) I had sensitivity turned down to about 15 and was running in Park 1 using 50 tones. Recovery speed was at 7 and the horseshoe was engaged. After 5 digs, I got a very consistent 15. It sounded different from the countless other 15's I have dug that were pulltabs. Perhaps fuller in sound would be a way to explain it. Anyway, about 2 inches down was my ticket for the excuse train to be done sweating for the night. I left 10 minutes after starting knowing that this was going to be hard to top before dark. The side stones are diamonds according to my tester. The middle stones have a more purple hue to them when light is passed through. Any ideas on the stones would be appreciated. It looks like it would be  very heavy ring, but the portion that holds the stones is hollowed out quite well. I invited my brother-in-law, but he was busy. I made sure to send a few picks so he will want to go out next time. 

    • By Skate
      I kind of hesitate to bring some of my ring finds for customers because I know some folks think that it's not hard to find a ring when someone tells you where they lost it and ringfinders like me are glorified hustlers. I wanted to share this one because it was truly a quest and the ending was worth every step and every swing of the detector in the 95 degree heat and dust. I got a call from Michael last night saying he had been helping coach his young daughters cross country team at Rancho Santa Susana park in Simi Valley. He went home without his platinum wedding ring. As fate would have it they had run all over the park (It's huge!) and even up on the hills across the street. He thought he could have lost it in the bark area, a couple grass areas, along a 2 mile path and finally the hills across the street. We started with the bark area which was about 300 yards long by 25 yards or so at it's widest. He said he had sprinted in this area with the kids and the ring may have flown off there. Unfortunately for me it didn't as I canvassed the whole area in about an hour and a half just swinging my nox while kids played soccer next to me. I was looking for that 12-13 double beep as it was going to be on the surface. I turned my sensitivity all the way down so I would only get surface signals which helped speed things up. I was also the idiot who forgot to bring water so I was starting to sweat through my clothes hoping I could hijack and unsuspecting soccer players water while they weren't looking.
      We finished the bark area and detected a path on the way to the grassy area #1. I gridded it, found 2 nickels that had promise given the signal I was hunting for was 12-13 nickel as that's where all my men's platinum rings have come in at. We declared grassy area #1 done and went to grassy area #2. About a half hour in I began to sense he was giving up and truthfully I was beginning to think this wasn't going to end well. I was starting to to tell him the other things he could do to find his ring(police, craigslist, pawn shop) and I had literally covered all but a 10x10 area of the grass and something told me to search it even though it really wasn't an area he thought he'd lost it at. Again I want to emphasize I felt like I was being led/pushed to go search it. I got over to it, started gridding and I got a nice double beep with a 12-13 VDI. I had my shades on so I couldn't really see the grass and I was just pulling out my Deus propointer to verify the signal when Michael reached down and started screaming "you found my ring, you found my ring!" Before I could even speak he put me into bear hug and he started shaking and crying with joy that he had his ring back. He had a hold of me for at least a minute and then we prayed, gave God thanks for the recovery and he got it back together and called his wife.
      If you've never found something another person has lost you're really missing out on one of the greatest experiences of your life. To me metal detecting isn't my hobby, it's my ministry. Most of my customers are women and they have a tendency to be very emotional so you can imagine I was taken aback by how important this ring was to him as he said over and over that it represented his love for his wife. Finding this ring today was a needle in the haystack recovery that God led me to. I'm not trying to get all spiritual but it's just who I am and how I roll. I hope all of you have at least half as good a weekend as I am.

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