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Tarsacci Website Is Up And Running

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Here.  https://tarsacci.com/

Tarsacci MDT-8000 metal detector
Tarsacci MDT-8000 metal detector

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    • By Steve Herschbach
      Both the Fisher website and Teknetics website have been down for at least two days now.
    • By Tnsharpshooter
      https://garrett.com/sport/searcher back issue
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The counterfeiting issue is getting bad. eBay in particular is full of them. Amazon not as bad but they are there. If you Google for lowest pricing, you will find scammers. Be careful buying used now, could just be a front for a scammer.
      It’s pretty simple. Metal detector products generally have enforced minimum advertised prices. That’s the price you see most often and at all the legitimate sites. It’s the price I list in the Detector Database. Anybody pretending to be a dealer and selling the item for significantly less is likely to be a scam. Either accept that you have to deal with legitimate dealers selling at the higher prices, or find yourself a scammer selling for less. If all you care about is finding the lowest price on the internet, you WILL get ripped off. Well, not really. It’s voluntary.
      I am deleting all the links to these rip off sites when people post them. Outfits like King Detectors or Alibaba. The links below list a lot of them. I don’t mind identifying them by name but I do not want to advertise for them with links. Just accept that they are out there. Thanks.
      However, there can also be scammers selling at the minimum advertised price and really making a killing. All manufacturers have lists of legitimate dealers on their websites. You want to stay safe, stick with those. Just a tip however. They can sell for less than the advertised prices... just call them and find your best deal. Tell them you don’t need the “free stuff”, you just want their best deal. 

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    • By Luis
      I just got an email about a Garrett survey, aside from what the type of hunting is done, you are also asked what are the qualities you would like in a detector and coil types.  It seems what they want the opinion of future buyers.
    • By Steve Herschbach
      The Nokta/Makro AU Gold Finder is on sale currently at at least one dealer for $499.00 with two coils. The 56 kHz AU Gold Finder is a retro knobs style detector somewhat reminiscent of the Gold Bug 2 but with more advanced discrimination features. In what has become a rarity it can be hip or chest mounted, making it feather weight on the arm, and suitable for deep wading in water, especially with the water resistant control box. I'm not sure if this is a clearance price or what, but for $499 with two coils this is a good deal for anyone interested in a full warranty VLF nugget machine at a great price, especially if you like old style knobs. There is nothing over 40 kHz priced even close to this.
      I had one of these around for some time. It is a very capable machine, but when I did a house cleaning of my detectors a couple years ago I gave it to my brother, who still has it.  As an FYI all Gold Racer coils are compatible with the AU Gold Finder, so there is quite a coil selection if your count aftermarket. Just be aware that Gold Racer cables are shorter and so not as suitable for the hip mount feature.
      AU Gold Finder More Information
      AU Gold Finder Straight Shaft Modification

    • By Steve Herschbach
      Sad to see a couple older forums closing. The excuse tends to be social media but this forums rapid growth says there is more to it than that. In any case, MyTreasureSpot is closing by the end of the month....
      and Treasure Depot sometime in June....
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