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The New Coils For The 23 And 7

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15 hours ago, Rob Allison said:

I'm sure everyone would love to own a SDC for backpacking, exploring and finding the small gold and then having a $8000 GPZ 7000 to punch down deep.  That being said, that investment is nearly $12,000 US. 

You hit the nail on the head, Rob.  I think this is the underlying gap that Minelab is content with and that we are not.  I love my GPZ, but it is not a good fit in many environments.   And so we are forced into experimenting and tinkering with our equipment.  I *do* believe this will put a bit more pressure on Minelab to reconsider previous decisions with what options they will offer.  But time will tell.

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5 hours ago, Steve Herschbach said:

My comment had nothing to do with you JW. You seem very concerned that people think you are not happy with Minelab. I am not sure what that’s all about, but again, my comment was not aimed at you. I’m honestly am no longer involved in any of this anyway and so will leave it all for the rest of you to sort out. The discussion here has convinced me my desires are for naught, and so I will export my data out of XChange and delete the program from my computer as I won't need it going forward. I am satisfied now with what the VLF world has to offer and will focus my efforts on getting better performance in the under 4 lb, under $2K GBPI category from anyone willing to build them. I will let you guys work on "max performance" while I advocate for detectors "for the rest of us". It's the only area left in detecting where I see easy low hanging fruit left to pick for the company smart enough to exploit it.

Thank you Steve, & I wish you well in your endeavours. I know that Minelab will be following these type threads & it is more to them that I want to make the point that I do love their gear & I hope they aren't feeling ill of me for using these russian coils & reporting what is working for me. All I, & most of us I am sure, want is to maximise our detecting experience with the gear we have & choose to use, whatever else comes along that can, might, may improve that. I always was a sucker for more coils & experience has shown me that each one has it place.

Best of luck out there

JW :smile:  

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I’m very lucky because I live in a country where I have the opportunity to actually pay for my detectors with the gold I find, in fact it is this potential that drives the demand for product which I then sell in our shop. From a gold perspective I’m pretty sure the Australian recreational market/demand for Minelab tech is bigger than the US market. This is down to a few factors, the main one being our soil conditions and the opportunity the Minelab product provides us and secondly the vastness of the detectable locations with ready access. No one in Australia seriously uses anything else other than Minelab if they want to regularly find gold, and I’d say Minelab know this. 


......... Steve, IMHO the GPS functions in the GPZ are a carry over from the CTX. I do not even use the GPS function because to my mind it is a resource hog, I would rather my GPZ focus on the act of sensing metal not telling me where I am. If you look at any online GPS forum they are full of hacks on how to deal with data and mapping associated with GPS! Minelab make metal detectors and I feel they should just focus on improving them not worrying about a thing as complex as a GPS!

Steve I hope you haven’t misunderstood my comments about the GPS, the GPS in the GPZ is a carry over from the CTX 3030 and as such was never going to be more than what it was, discussions I’ve had on this subject over the years indicated to me ML were better off focusing on what they do best rather than provide a band aid carry over that is not really suitable for the application, especially if they have no intention of ever improving/investing R&D on it. Hence why I refuse to use it.

In answer to others comments in regards to aftermarket coils for the GPZ, it is pretty clear from my perspective ML put a chip in the coil connector for a very good reason which is to circumvent counterfeiting, therefore anyone hacking that chip or modifying it in any way is breaching the intention behind its use, ethically that is a problem for me. 

Minelab have demonstrated they are willing to outsource coil manufacture, they have been doing this in partnership with Coiltek for years now. So why to date haven’t any of the coil manufactures put the case to Minelab so they can access the chip? There is obviously a big market there just waiting to be tapped into. Maybe they have but have not reached the level of quality and performance required for ZVT? 

Lastly Steve I sincerely hope you hang around and continue to have input on this discussion, in my opinion Minelab turned a corner with the introduction of the Equinox and I truly hope this direction change will flow through to future gold centric detectors. I’m not sure about your price point desire but I now know thanks to the Equinox they can make a really nicely balanced metal detector. 


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21 minutes ago, kiwijw said:

All I, & most of us I am sure, want is to maximise our detecting experience with the gear we have & choose to use

I agree with that 100% JW.   My comments were not directed at anybody. I`ve seen quite a few people on different forums say "my detector is out of warrenty anyway"      The thought I have had for a long time and I wanted to express it is, if Minelab is going to void warranties I expect they will also NOT repair detectors that have had unsanctioned coils hanging off them. I think people should at least consider that.    Dave

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Thank you JP, this seems to generally addresses some things that have been left to our imaginations for years and tells me enough to feel comfortable in my gut decision to hold off for now and watch how things develop. It does sound like Minelab has not abandoned the serious gold prospector entirely, which was why I was considering going with one of these aftermarket coils, so we'll see what comes about by the time I sell this GPZ and get ready to buy my 3rd when the need arises again. (I feel like I'm in some ways mirroring Steve here now that I've read his response too, and in some ways not)

While we definitely don't have the kind of gold you have in Australia, I manage to scrape by on minimum wage or thereabouts on what I can find over here, sometimes I get luckier, and there are a few others doing the same. A GPZ is not a luxury item for me as it is for some here. It's a business expense which I take a loan out to purchase, and resell when I am done using it to pay off my loan. I do it because I love the freedom and lifestyle of being alone exploring the mountains and desert and having the right tool for job enables me to live a life like that at least part time. I buy one when I feel I can pay for the depreciation plus make money on top of that. That's why I ask the questions I ask, it's a tool for me and I have to be confident that what I'm using will pay for itself and more. "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" when it comes to new products to me, I won't buy something unless I'm confident it'll pay itself off and so I ask a ton of questions and I appreciate all the people who take the time to answer some of them.

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2 hours ago, jasong said:

It does sound like Minelab has not abandoned the serious gold prospector entirely

Codan, Minelabs parent, does around $230 million a year in sales, and about 70% or $164 million of that last year was metal detectors. The vast majority of that was gold detectors, mostly in Africa. You can rest assured Minelab has not and will not abandon gold prospectors - it is the business. Coin type detectors are not the driver for Minelab by a long shot, even with Equinox out there.

Here are the sales distribution numbers for the total sales....

Codan FY18 Global Sales



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I believe that for sure, I guess what I'm referring to is the GPZ in specific though. My impression is that a lot of prospectors in Africa are using stuff like the Gold Monster and older PI's more, but I really have no idea. I know they are serious prospectors too, more than I am since often there is no option for them but to find gold. I'm just basing that off what people tell me whom I speak with on my Youtube channel mostly.

There is some interesting stuff happening out there which is only just now starting and may or may not lead to more. A lot of global people who never use forums contact me through my videos which is pretty cool. One guy I just spoke with has permits to prospect recently opened areas in Northern Iraq (Kurdish territory) and will be essentially detecting in a war zone as they are still fighting ISIS, a place that has never seen a metal detector before in a non-military sense. He's just a young Kurdish kid, and is going to set up an Instagram page to update his progress. People like this contact me almost daily for detector recommendations, and often I refer them to your gold detector review page. All kinds of people from all over, - Papua New Guinea and a few other places in Oceania, Peru, China, etc.

The large majority, I mean close to 99% if I guessed, want to know what to buy under $500 though. So I'm assuming there aren't a ton of GPZ's being used by the locals in these places and so I really started wondering what it's future was going to hold there.

So I'm guessing Minelab generally has goals to target that price range and market since by far it seems to have the largest growth potential. I just wanted to make sure they didn't forget us.

*On a side note, what exactly does Minelab manufacture in Idaho?

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Thanks Jason, I appreciate that. Nice to have you back by the way. Believe it or not the number one sales area for the GPZ 7000 is..... Africa! People there were paying as much for a GPX 4500 as a GPZ 7000 at the height of the rush. There is more money in Africa than people think. They of course offer a full range however for those that cant afford the more expensive units - Gold Monster was made specifically for Africa. Selling to the "first world" countries was more an afterthought egged on by people like me.

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Hey Guys,

   What ever happen to the 11" GPZ coil that Minelab promised?  I'm 99.9% sure when the unit was first released they mentioned a future  11" and 19" coil release, beyond the stock 14x13" inch.  Correct me if I'm wrong? 

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    • By strick
      Something I've been wanting to do for a while now..I got another x ray  generator couple weeks ago and wanted to try it out on my DR System.. Heres most but not all of the coils I have. 
      1. CTX 6"
      2. TDI Pro 12" double mono 
      3. CTX 17' 
      4. XP Deus 9" 
      5. Miner John 8x12" mono
      6. x cal 8" 
      7. Gold Monster 6" 
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      9. Nox 6" 
      10. Nox 11" 
      11-14 GPZ 7000 stock coil 

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      Several people have them.  What is your favorite X Coil and why?
    • By Norvic
      Out early this morn. to a shallow patch that produced nuggets up to 3 grams, the very first patch I found with the Z when it was less then a month old. 4 hours of detecting with the new 10" X coil, like both the 15 & 12 I found I could run the Z in normal on some fairly hot ground. Gold...…………. WOW it gets them small and that`s all it got small scraps, 10 to the gram stuff.  Now the 10 " runs a little noisier then the 12 & 15, thus I dropped the sensitivity to 8, no knock sensitivity at all, I was amongst rocks and tall grass. 
      The patch I run this on, was the initial patch I run my modded SDC with the 11" Coiltek Extreme, by doing so I thought I`d be able to perhaps see some difference in the ability of the Zs 10" X coil vs SDCs 11" Extreme coil, not so, both are top small gold coils.
      Whilst retrieving a nugget, the Zs threshold disappeared, I found the machine had turned itself off. I took the battery off and put it back, restarted the Z and no further troubles. Whether this was caused by a bad battery conx, or is related to the X coil I don`t know. I have never experienced an unexplained turn off before, thus will be keeping a eye on this should it occur again, I was using my sons Z as mine has the 12"X on it, back in the ute.
      Am I impressed with the 10" X coil, I sure am, it is a top addition to my coil armoury, will see much use amongst rock and narrow gullies where the larger coils will not go, although I do prefer the 15" X which has replaced the ML14 as my go to coil on the Z, I love nothing better then new patch hunting, just haven`t the patience for the clean up of patches, although they are there for the days my legs can`t do the yards.
    • By Norvic
      Have now got many hours of swinging, but I still am getting surprised at their performance, they`ve both put some weight in the pocket. Stability does not suffer at all from swinging against rocks or grass and importantly they are an advancement on the 2 ML coils in their depth and sensitivity capabilities. They have nice flat areas on top for pushing soil around with finger to isolate nugget. Also surprisingly they act a wee like mono coils (they aren`t) in that you can push any side, front or back vertically into hole or dug out soil to centre and retrieve the nugget which helps a lot in time it takes to retrieve signal. I`ve found I am using them both in normal much like I found one could with the ML19 but not so with the ML 14" which I found I had to use in difficult most the time on the ground conditions in my area.
      I run general/normal/10-15 sensitivity/semi-auto/ 7 volume/24-25 threshold which both X coils maintain nice and steady except for the odd wet tree root, hot rock, charcoal or ant hill as per norm. All pros no cons at all so far, have become so confident and pleased in their ability have a 10" in the mail, should be here next week. They have lifted my Z game, I place results way ahead of warranty concerns, had no trouble making the patch leads for my & my sons Z. I have no affiliation with our dealer or the Russian manufacturer, just am a very happy user of these quality coils.
    • By Condor
      Dave took 5 hrs out of his prospecting day to meet me and check my coil and Patch Lead.  It turns out the Patch Lead was faulty, Minelab Chip probably fried.  After talking with Dave, I probably used too much heat on the soldering iron and damaged the chip.  My philosophy of more power, faster results may have been misguided.  
      Fortunately, I didn't sacrifice a $900.00 coil since I had already sacrificed the coil when I inadvertently drug it behind the Rokon for several miles.  So,  I sent my working coil off to have it professionally done for a new Patch Lead.  More delays, but a cautionary note to all considering this route.
      Some interesting insight from Dave that might be helpful for those waiting for more testing.  Dave has a years worth of Anecdotal Evidence on the effectiveness of these X-Coils.  He shared some of his observations and it's quite impressive.  He's more than satisfied with the results but has no interest in engaging in internet claims, debate or justification.  The demand exceeds supply already.  
      The coils are now available in the US, drop shipped from Russia and he's set up to accept PayPal.  They're produced in small batches, so a wait list is already starting.  
      I believe Jasong is due to receive his coils soon, if he has not already.  I look forward to hearing what Jasong has to say after his own testing and observations.  
    • By Trent King
      We have had one here for a month now and have been unable to use it 🤷‍♂️.  Tried the patch cable made by Steve first, zed says coil not connected 🤔, checked points with a multimeter all seemed correct.  Decided there had to be something wrong with our patch lead so sent it off to the mob in kalgoorlie to make a ‘proper’ one,  finally got it back and tried again, same problem 🤦‍♂️
      I’m a bit disappointed as we wanted to run it over some ground on the ugly nugget patch where we have got several multi oz pieces, but the mines department here only let you keep a certain amount of ground open so we are forced to rehabilitate it without getting to test as we need to move areas.  Hopefully Yank 2 can get a replacement before his trip is over so I can try it on some other ground we have.
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