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1944s Wheat Penny And Malibu Castle & Showboat Fun Center Token

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Got out today with the Equinox 800 for a short hunt.  Not a lot of coins, but did find 1944s wheat penny and Malibu Castle & Showboat Fun Center token.   I believe this amusement park was active in the 1970's, 1980's, and 1990's in North Holleywood, Ca.  and closed and then burned to the ground in 1998.   Correct me if I'm wrong. The live round was a PMC .270 Win.  I have no idea how it got to where it was. Used my regular Park 1, recovery speed down to 4, and sensitivity up to 23.  Also, first time out with my Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer which replaces my Garrett (black) Propointer.  The F-Pluse definitely goes about 1 1/2 inches deeper on most coins and has a lot more features than my older pinpointer.  It is much more powerful and does require ground balancing to operate smoothly.  Anyone  have any experience longer term with the Fisher F-Pulse they would want to share? Thanks. 



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Good to see you sharing your success and info Walter.  This fine forum will help you learn and build more confidence with your NOX.  Finding a wheat back cent used to be the norm in years past, but I honestly can say it is tough in certain towns today.  Interesting rifle cartridge and its location.  Those strange finds always makes you wonder how?

Thanks for sharing and we look forward to more success stories.

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I doubt you will get much F-Pulse feedback due to the thread title so thought I would toss in that my Fisher F-Pulse has been my go to pinpointer since I got it. Though the new Nokta PI pinpointer looks like a possible option to consider at this time.

Nice finds! :smile:

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Thanks Steve.  Looking at the YouTube reviews of the Fisher F-Pulse pinpointer, but more importantly your original writeup of the F-Pulse was what influenced me to get it.  What has been your most effective way to ground balance it, if necessary?  Per the instruction manual there are several different ways to ground balance it.  I tried both methods myself and they both seem to work.  Thanks for doing such a great job on the forum. 

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I pull it out, put the tip to the ground, turn it on. That’s it. If it seems over sensitive poking around just touch the button again to rebalance/detune.

One thing I noted recently is that the pinpointer sensitivity drops off rapidly if the detector coil is too near the pinpointer. The detector silently suppresses the pinpointer sensitivity. It shows up starting at about two feet but is very noticeable at a foot. In other words, if the coil is next to the hole the it will affect the F-Pulse sensitivity. This was with Equinox in Multi. It is probably not an issue with some detectors and some frequencies. Bottom line was I am going to research this more and compare with different detectors, other pinpointers, etc. I have no idea how prevalent this is but it is an issue with at least some detector and pinpointer combos. My quick fix is I now make sure my coil is at least a couple feet away from the hole and pinpointer when working them.

I will start a new thread on this soon and may ask others to try their detectors and pinpointers to get more info. All you have to do is put the detector on a bench, coil in air. Turn pinpointer on over two feet from coil and air test the pinpointer with a coin. Now get closer to the coil with the pinpointer and air test again. Any sensitivity loss with the pinpointer will be apparent.

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You have brought back memories for me Walter. I had a home in the San Fernando Valley and spent lots of fun time there. That token was from the Malibu Grand Prix. Other notable places of fun during that time were Busch Gardens, now Anheiser Busch Breweries and Devonshire Downs Race Track, now Cal State Northridge. How that 270 round got there is crazy. But, you never know... could've lost it's way during construction back in the day. In any event, good finds.


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      Got permission to hunt a new campground, they tell me no one has ever asked. 😈 Talked to the Assistant GM and he got permission from the boss. Carte Blanche again!! 🥳
      This place is huge, a lake, lots of playgrounds, volleyball, you name it. Over 1,000 campsites. I feel honored.
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      Went out for a couple of hours this morning. I find that the 2nd day after a big rain (we got 8"+ in two days) is better than the day after. It was a nice day, pretty cool and the deer flies are finally on the decline. I loaded up with Cutter and headed out to the steamboat landing, I have been mowing small portions of it for access to the river and to hunt the dirt as well. Can't do the whole thing, it's quite a few acres.
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       Equinox 800, 15", Park 1, 7 recovery, 22 sensitivity

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