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I noticed that Nokta has posted the English language PulseDive User Manual on their website.


It looks good!  They asked me to edit it and I had very few corrections and suggestions for it.

If you find any errors, let me know and I will pass them along to Nokta.  They might not accept all user suggestions but they have been very good about that in the past.


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    • By kac
      So I have the Green headphones and have them currently paired to the Multi Kruzer but it seem that if I pair the pin pointer to the same headphones then the headphones won't be paired to the detector? Either or and not both? If that is the case it is kind of a bummer but not that big a deal. Audio on it isn't super loud with the waterproof cover on.
    • By B0SC0
      From what I have experienced, you can only silence the audio on the probe with Z-Link.
      The vibrate will still sound on the probe.
      If this was intended to be a stealth mode, it's not.
      If there are people near by, they will hear the vibrate moter making noise.
      Kind of defeats the purpose.
      I would like to see a complete silent mode at the probe and audio in the headset.
      Your thoughts?
    • By Jason China
      I would like to ask you about the practical skills or experience of using Nokta Makro Pulse Dive in shallow water. Apart from a facial mirror, I just bought an 8-inch coil because it will attract a crowd of spectators to conduct metal detection on the beach, so we can get rid of the crowd by walking lightly
    • By Bohemia Miner
      "AT Pro Pointer = TRX"
      I did an Air test last night.  The TRX  found a 1 grain piece of gold 1/2" from the tip.  The Carrot wouldn't find it at all!

    • By Bohemia Miner
      Can anyone tell me what Frequency the Pro-Find 35 operates at?  I can't find it anywhere.
      Is the search field off the tip like the TRX or 360 like the Garrett?
    • By Bohemia Miner
      Other than the Falcon MD 20 Probe, does anybody make a Prospecting specific Pin Pointer for small gold?
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