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Lone Star Digger

East Texas Here

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Glad to be here! Been out of the hobby for a bit, but back now. Just ordered a Nox 800 to get restarted with. Looking forward to checking out the forums!

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Welcome, Lone Star Digger!  Glad to hear you've found some time to renew this fascinating hobby.  You've made a wise choice with the Equinox.  Keep us in the loop with your upcoming finds.


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Welcome to the forum Lone Star!

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    • By Pea Eye
      Been doing MDing a long time with a Whites XLT. Just purchased a Equinox 800 and WOW!!, What a difference! Still carry the XLT as my back up. Love that Tool as well.  Well,....Just wanted to say Hi.
    • By LE.JAG
      Hi to all,

      I just signed up on Rick's advice
      so, I live in France and I mainly explore the beaches
      and a little land // and soon the nugget // Easier by here to find gold coins than nuggets 🙂   

      I used many detectors
      the greater majority were PI
      of which 9 pulsepowers / the rarest and most powerful
      was goldquest ssv3 / aquastar / Goldscan 5 / Goldscan 5c

      I know Alexandre Tartar for a few decades
      and I test his different machines since
      whose famous Manta became AQuamanta
      and finally: Fisher Impluls AQ ....

      See you soon on the forum
      And some finds of the last months, with the impulse AQ

    • By Bolo
      Hello All:
      Been having some good opportunity for beach time but need something to do so thought I would get a metal detector Yahoo 
    • By Erik_in_Mission
      Hello to everybody. Iam new here.😁
      Thank you for the quick and simple registrationprocess. 
      Iam a total newbie with detecting, honestly i newer did it before.
      A friend (hes from Tanzania)of mine and me want to search for some Gold in his country cause there are many places where you can find something. I think its the third biggest goldexporter in africa.
      Now i started to reseach about which detector we could use for our project. So i came to the conclusion to buy this a GPZ 7000 from minelab. At first i was pretty sure  about this decision but now i found out there are also machines called soil-scanner or soils radar (here a website i found: https://www.idc-detektor.de/webshop/3d--radar--professionell/3d-bodenscanner--radar/   , sorry its in german).
      So i really need experts who can help me. People who have experience/practice with these things and can help to take a good decission so that i dont missuse my money for a machine which is not really working. 
      Please help me also to use the forum in the right way. I dont what do disturb someone by posting something in the wrong place.
      Thanks for your support and special thanks to the inventor of this forum.
      With friendly regards.
    • By Busho
      Hi everyone. New, naturally that's why im saying hi. 
      Detect for gold and relics as a hobby. Have for 20 yrs now, maybe longer I dont keep count. Live in the bush in Vic Australia. Have a 5000 and 800 Eqx.
      Will ask a few questions on the Eqx later. But for now just hi!
    • By AussieDigs
      Hi all,
      i should have introduced myself first instead of posting ‘which detector’. Sorry all!
      I’m a 60 yo kid living in the heritage listed gold town of Beechworth, Nth East Victoria, Australia. I should own a detector right? I do alot of camping and usually its in old gold fields. I really should own a detector aye?
      Being a beginner in a very ‘hot’ region with alot of trash, through some research i have decided to start with a new Fisher Gold Bug Pro which is on its way.
      My hobbies start with mostly trailbike riding. Its something i still thoroughly enjoy. I spend alot of time searching/looking for old mine shafts/sites by way of the bike.
      cheers all.
      Yes, there is a mine in there!

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