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Eqx 800 First Outing With Monster 15x12” Coil Scores A Ko In First Round 2.5 Minutes In.

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First outing with the bigger 15”x12” coil for Equinox.  At first today not as windy but as the day progressed super duper windy.  Hunting same site basically where the 3 silver bits/coins were found this past Friday.  I used the coil for aprox 2.5 hours.  Not a bad feel using this coil on Equinox.  A minesweeper for sure.  Only run in field 2 speed 5 iron bias 0.  Sens at 23 and detector was very stable.  I think it helps to have some Nox time under your belt land hunting using stock before one embarks using this monster coil.  Second target of the day about 2.5 minutes into actual detecting sweeping time another BINGO.  Another Spanish cut bit real small.  Even smaller than the one I found with Deus Hf elliptical coil some time ago about 500 yards from where I was today.  Buried undisturbed it read 14/15 on sweeps.  When plug was dug and inverted signal jumped to 20.  My friend Scott got target out of plug and sure enough another bit. 

I apologize for the wind.  But figured these bits don’t come easy.  Had to show some video.
On a side note.
I changed to stock coil and the wind got real stiff. Like 30 plus and even higher gusts.  I couldn’t hear very well using my wi stream module and Walkman style headphones.  Remember now I have quite a few hours of hunting using Wi stream in this site.  So I turned on the Bluetooth and proceeded.  I instantly could tell/hear the delay.  After 10 minutes they went back in the truck and I again put wi stream setup back on and kept going.

Not all finds shown in this short video today.
Will post a few pics.
Also I talk iin this video.  The detector used to try and see if it can hear the bit before dug was actually a Kruzer 14 detector with 11” dd coil of off my Anfibio multi.  I said in video in one spot  it was a Anfibio multi.  Not true.

This big Coil seems can strike small targets.

Here is pic of Spanish bit.  Quite a bit thinner than US clad dime.  Clad dime in pic for scale.  Likely this bit off of a 1700s era coin.

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Rest of finds.  Nails at top.  The rest is nonferrous.


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Small finds pretty are impressive for a large coil. I use the Nel Big but find it difficult to get a clean spot to properly gb it. Also find it a bit heavy for all day swinging but the extra depth is hard to walk away from.

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      Took the ole Nox 800 for a spin back in same site I have been hunting for the least week or so.  Only ran the Wi stream module with the Walkman style headphones.  Field 2 speed 5 all used to detect.
      I surprised myself big time.
      Pulled a for sure 2 silvers, one a cut reale, the other a whole coin Spanish, and I think I actually dug a hammered silver if you can beleive that.  All 3 dug about 15 feet in a triangle from one another.
      Not all finds videoded.
      The first cut Spanish bit I thought I videoed but file got corrupted somehow.  Did turn camera back on though and showed the first.
      The rest of the Spanish shown in the video.
      Nox rocks,  I have spent loads of time where these silvers came from.  And never did dig one in the past here.  With any detector.  Granted I dug a fake bit a few days ago down the hills somewhat from where I was today.  But this bit thicker as it come from fake Spanish dollar I think.
      The bits and coins today extremely thin.
      Loving the Nox with the Wi stream module.
      Enjoy the video.
      Will post a few pics.
      I tried to alter lighting so some detail could be seen on these when using iPad to take pics.
      The bit chopped in half 1778.
      The coin is 1767.
      Look closely at the coin I think younsee see some lettering and numbering. Coin is worn badly.

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